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Found 11 results

  1. Rgmiles1982

    Advice needed!

    Hi All. I have always dreamed of living in Oz having visited a number of times. I have a young family and my wife has now said she would consider it. I have a few questions. 1. On the points test, where is asks about qualifications. How do i find a list to see if what I have is recognised and therefore allow me to potentially allocate points for that element. Also does a degree for example have to be in the area in which you work? Thanks in advance Rob
  2. Hi, I am going to lodge my PR application before this weekend and need urgent help/suggestion with a few things: 1. I am a PhD from UNSW, Australian and I have claimed 5 points for meeting Australian Study Requirement and 5 points for Specialist Education Qualification in my EOI. Now I need to furnish documents against these claims. My question: Is my PhD degree award along with transcripts sufficient for each of these requirements? If not, what else should I include? 2. Do I need to fill and attach form 80 and 1221 as a part of additional character requirements? Are these forms compulsory and must be uploaded at the time of lodgement? 3. Regarding character requirement, the border.gov.au website says that "Do not arrange for police certificates until we ask you to" but people have told me that they will definitely ask for police certificates at the time of visa decision and hence you should provide it upfront along with the PR application in order to save visa processing time at the later stage. Some have suggested me that provide police certificates even without waiting for their email asking for it. What should I do? Should I just apply for police certificates before I lodge my application? Any clarification regarding these points will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot. Regards, Pradeep
  3. Collythekid

    Vetassess Processing Times 2014

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this, very good site! I recently (the last couple of days) have uploaded and sent off my Vetassess application. I am a Construction Project Manager. I hold a Masters, a Degree and a Diploma in Construction Project Management and I have 4 years Australian Experience as a Construction Project Manager. In Essence, I am by all means a Construction Project Manager. I have uploaded about 25 documents proving employment and all of my Educational Qualifications and results I am reading very nervous posts from last year stating 12-16 weeks process for Vetassess. My visa is up in April 22nd so obviously I need a quick turnaround on my Application. I have posted them a Urgency request form but I'm not too sure if this form is just kinda stapled to some page and left on someones desk for 3-4 months or if they actually hurry the process up. I rang them to confirm that payment has been made and when I check my Vetassess application online it says lodged but please wait 2-3 weeks for documents to be received. I understand they had a backlog before christmas but I am informed that they have no migrated their entire system to digital to quicken up the process. Anyone have any experience lately with them or any issues with them. I'm so baffled by the posts on here for 12-16 weeks process, it's not rocket science. Your help would be greatly appreciated folks! Many Thanks, Colly
  4. Katie Carter

    The IELTS test and the point system

    My husband is the main applicant for a skilled 189 visa however, he is taking the IELTs test for extra bonus points but he is underconfident about how he will do. I wish to take the exam aswell in the hope that my points will also count towards the visa application. Can anyone clarify for me the following, will my test results gain points (provided they are proficient or superior) for the visa or am I taking an unnecessary exam that won't be counted in the points test. As you can see my quality of grammar is very rushed in this post haha! my apologies!:biglaugh:
  5. Hi All, I would like to know about the points which can be claimed under the category "Other Factors" Partner Skill Qualification 5 Points [h=4]Partner Skills[/h]You can receive five points if your partner meets requirements at the time you are invited to apply relating to: age English language ability a suitable skills assessment in a nominated occupation on the same Skilled Occupation List used for your application. You cannot receive these points if your partner is not included on your visa application, or if they are an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident. Does this mean that, at least satisfying one requirement will give you the 5 points or you have to meet all the requirements to claim the 5 points? I really like to have a feedback soon Thanks
  6. Hi all So I heard from our agent last night our EOI had gone in...Hurrah...then an email this morning saying they've claimed the required 60 points but if we can prove hubby's ACCA 'educational procedure' then we can claim 5 more, sending me a PDF showing that ACCA is equivalent AQF Bachelors Degree?? They already have a full ACCA transcript, ACCA and FCCA membership certificates, positive skills assessment letter from CPA....IELTS certificates...what else is there?!! Now I'm not a migration agent but I'd already calculated our points at 65. It appears they've claimed only 60 points, as they've decided ACCA is only worth 10 points! I don't understand why - our skills assessment letter from CPA states in writing it is comparable to an Australian Bachelors Degree. Every ACCA I've ever found on these forums claimed 15 points with no issue. I don't want this to delay a visa invite...!! Aaaargh!! They said it's 'up to us' if we want to claim the extra 5 points but overclaiming points is never a good idea (DOH of course not). I appreciate their cautiousness if they're not sure as I know it's case officers who decide on points allocation but still....so frustrated! I'm sure ACCA is worth 15 points!!!
  7. talemu

    points for 189 visa

    Hi guys, Is DIBP accepting a paid full time (37.5hrs/week) research assistant experience in a university as a valid experience to claim points? I have the following experiences - 1yr + 8 months Junior Electrical Engineer in a Telecom operator - 1 year research assistant at university - 4 months paid full time trainee at a multinational telecom vendor My masters is being assessed by Engineers Australia. Also the first two experiences are before my masters, I have a related engineering before my masters. Please advise me, if these experiences could give me 5 points? Thanks in advance.
  8. Guy Bourne

    457 Requirements

    Hi, My current employer has kindly agreed to send me out to Australia and to sort out my Visa. The only issue being that they're as new to this as I am. We have an Australian subsidiary which has applied for the ability to nominate and we're reached the stage where the nomination and the individual application has to be logged. I wanted to make sure that I was understanding the required steps and clarify a few points where I've seen conflicting views on the internet - The ©SOL I'll be nominated under will be the Specialist Manager NEC (139999) - This requires a completed VETASSES evaluation? - I don't require a points test? - As a UK resident applying for a temporary visa I do not require a health examination unless requested - I only require character references if requested - As a UK resident I'm covered by the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement and do not require additional health insurance. Obviously with all the above I'll have to submit the necessary paperwork (passport/degree certificate/transcript/proof of paid employment/CV/Work statements etc.) Am I missing anything here? Cheers! G
  9. Hi everybody. I am new to the forum and want to find out how to prove the years of experience while applying for 175 or 176 GSM visa? My brother has applied for a RPL from ACS and is expecting a positive assessment soon, based on the correspondence till date. The RPL requires 6 years of experience. His total experience is 9 yrs+. In order to obtain the 15 points for overseas work experience, he needs to prove his relevant work experience to be more than 8 years. We believe ACS will certify that he has more than 6 years of experience based on the RPL reports. What is the way to establish the balance years if ACS does not mention that in the assessment result? Any suggestion/opinion will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance becky
  10. Hi, I have been looking at the points test on the skill select website. To be able to apply for independent skilled visa you need 60 points and for state sponsorship 55 as you will be given 5 for applying for it if selected bringing you to 60 points. I have just less than 3 years since I was qualified back in the uk as an electrician. But almost 9 years overall experience working in the electrical industry as apprentic, electricians mate and electrician. Plus been in australia for 2 years working as a TA and A grade electrician I won't be getting any points for my experience back at home, but as long as I can make it up to 60 points from the other questions will I qualify for the visas ? Any help would be appreciated Thamks
  11. My OH is abricklayer and has been for over 13 years. We were hoping on getting the 15 points for 8 years in employment. But we are struggling to get the whole 8 years together.1st of all in the last 8 years he has worked for about 10 to 15 different companies,had a lot of days off due to weather and some companies don't even exist anymore. I don't know what to do. Any bricklayers out there that have submitted their visa app. already and can give us advice on what they supplied as evidence??? Please help. Tanja