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  1. stevegallagher

    how does Brexit affect my move??????

    I think those who have secured a Visa should be alright however I expect the number of people looking to apply for overseas visas, Australia included will increase dramatically.
  2. stevegallagher

    July 2015 - EOI Invitation round

    No I didn't get chance to change it and wouldn't risk doing anything like that heard of some bad outcomes with that sort of thing. Did you get your stuff certified?
  3. stevegallagher

    July 2015 - EOI Invitation round

    I now have one before and one after. Why do you ask?
  4. stevegallagher

    July 2015 - EOI Invitation round

    Mine was all relevant but I reckon it can't hurt to put all of your history on although if it's a pain then as long as what you have is enough to satisfy requirements then it should be okay. I'm sure somebody with more knowledge may be able to add to that.
  5. stevegallagher

    July 2015 - EOI Invitation round

    I also got invited on the 2nd of August - wasn't expecting that so quickly being an accountant on 65 points. Rather typically just 2 days later CPA got back signing off on all my prior work experience so my points would have gone up to 70, either way I'm delighted and will be getting onto submitting the application/arranging health and police checks next week. Congrats to everyone else who got an invite and fingers crossed for everyone else for the next round!
  6. stevegallagher

    Statutory Declarations Regulations 1993

    It's good you have somebody willing to sign it nobody I spoke to was so I took Captain C's advice and went to the Australian High Commission in London bit of a trek but very easy once there.
  7. stevegallagher

    July 2015 - EOI Invitation round

    Well that went well the guy just signed it and stamped it. Total cost £10 plus train fare!
  8. stevegallagher

    July 2015 - EOI Invitation round

    Well I'll be sure to let you know how it goes and I've left it unsigned as I read that somewhere or other. I've been wondering recently what with the pro rata arrangement for accountants what level of points are actually needed for an invite, I guess that's something only the Immigration Service would know?
  9. stevegallagher

    July 2015 - EOI Invitation round

    Thanks CaptainC, I've spoken to CPA who have kindly allowed me to resubmit data so I'm going to take your advice and head into London to have the statutory declarations I've put together authorised. Providing this all goes well that should put me on 70 points.
  10. stevegallagher

    July 2015 - EOI Invitation round

    Actually whilst I'm here, I had my skills assessed by CPA way back in 2013 but following some rather unhelpful prior companies I was only able to get one out of ten previous roles validated so have not been able to claim additional work points at this stage. CPA did say that I would need to make an official statutory declaration confirming certain details and I was wondering if anybody else had encountered anything along these lines?
  11. stevegallagher

    July 2015 - EOI Invitation round

    I submitted mine last night with 65 points... It would be interesting to know how much of a list has built up since the Accountant ceiling was reached. Best of luck to everyone, exciting times!
  12. stevegallagher

    Leaving it all behind

    You may have already thought of this but try asking for a year long sabbatical I was in the fortunate position of being a contractor when me and the Mrs left for a 1 year WHV but she was in a permanent, solid job so she asked the question thinking she'd never get the time off but they actually agreed which was lucky indeed. Other than that I'd suggest giving it a try to get a job in the fields you are in, don't know too much about IT/Teaching but I didn't seem to have too many issues applying for contract roles despite the 6 month restriction on working for one employer.
  13. stevegallagher

    Are we being ripped off?

    That's because a barrister will charge you an upfront fee before they will even speak to you!
  14. stevegallagher

    Accountant moving from UK to Aus

    Hi Joe, I'm a qualified CIMA accountant and worked in Adelaide and Melbourne as a Project Accountant and then a Senior Management Accountant on a working holiday visa in 2011/2012. At the time I had around 2-3 years PQE and I found work reasonably easy although I thought the recruitment process was a bit less hurried than the UK but with similarities such as it being tougher to find a job around Christmas. In terms of the visa I am currently half way through the process but it's not too difficult I don't think providing you have the points - you have your skills assessed and do a straight forward English test (IELTS) and then submit an expression of interest. Can't comment on what happens after that as I'm not there yet but I've heard that it could take weeks to several months depending on the number of points you have to be invited to apply for a visa after which you have your criminal and health checks. In terms of lifestyle I much preferred living and working in Melbourne to being back in the UK (I'm in the South East but I'm originally from Yorkshire) and I'd very much like to return. Feel free to send me a message if you have any more questions regarding salary or more personal specifics and I'd be happy to help you out with recruiters etc. if you end up there before me! Where do you live at the moment? Kind Regards, Steve
  15. stevegallagher

    Where to certify documents?

    I have recently had a successful CPA skills assessment and to certify mine I asked qualified accountants that were work colleagues. I did have issues getting experience signed off and personally I think they are very picky for a body which has an affiliation with the accountancy body I am with but I appreciate there are valid reasons. Best of luck!