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    12 hour shifts at the moment.
  2. dmjg

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Patterson River sunset
  3. dmjg

    What books could you just not finish.

    over 600 pages of calculus goodness. But hard work for a second year chemistry student
  4. 6BC79447-6045-41F7-A5B9-3654EF23F0E8.MOV
  5. dmjg

    Is midnight 12AM or 12 PM?

    Set it as either. Wait two hours, if it’s ok, it’s ok. If not, reset it to the other
  6. My little boy and I are going on the Saturday. Both of us are looking forward to it
  7. dmjg

    Is midnight 12AM or 12 PM?

    One second past midnight is am. One second past midday is pm. Use the 24 hour clock and it doesn’t matter anyway
  8. dmjg

    1 day in Perth

    Perth for a weekend in November for a wedding. we will have a car and the Saturday to ourselves. Starting in Joondalup and ending in casino for dinner. what to do in the meantime? im hoping she won’t demand shopping, shopping and more shopping. freo is an option. Swan river cruise another option. Sunday will be at Joondalup beaches if hot enough so no need to do that. Any ideas what is interesting/different to do in central Perth? Thanks in advance.
  9. dmjg

    1 day in Perth

    Fremantle markets for knickknacks to give the kids and brunch, followed by a walk around the town. She managed to squeeze a bit of shopping in in both places. Whippersnapper distillery in Perth for a tipple or two and a rest on the grass in kings park. Although, compared to parks in Melbourne, I’d call most of it scrub. Into the centre for a wander (and shopping) before heading out to the casino for dinner. The West Aussie in the group got a bit miffed when I said we were eating at the casino as it’s the only place in Perth open for food after 9pm.... Organised a surprise for the OH this morning, JetSki from Hillarys. Bouncing along was great fun as neither of us have ever done it before. Tired now, heading back to the plane in a few hours. Thanks for the ideas
  10. dmjg

    3 Days in London

    Hi All, We have three days free in London for a flying visit for the BIL's wedding. It's just the two of us as the kids are staying in Melbourne. We have already done all the touristy things like The Tower, Big Ben, Belfast, Cruise, Bus Loop, Hamleys, Hyde Park, Greenwich etc. Other than a trip to Harrods we have no other needs. What do people suggest for something out of left field? Short or whole day? Staying in Leytonstone. Ta, Dan
  11. dmjg

    3 Days in London

    I tried to convince her to go to Windsor, but she preferred more shopping......
  12. dmjg

    3 Days in London

    Back now. OH got there a few days ahead of me, and I had to battle across London in peak hour by myself. With 36 hours sans sleep, the OH dragged my into Oxford street to find a suit for the wedding. Got back eight hours later....One hour to try and buy my suit and six for her to try on shoes! Across London for five hours to Boden for her to buy a dress and shoes... Then back east to dump shopping and back east to a game at Wembley. Into Covent garden for the day followed by Aladdin at some theatre or another. Drinks in bar under London bridge. Family day and hen/bucks do next in Clapham. Full day to Bombay Sapphire Distillery which was great, did the cocktail masterclass. Wedding day then off the next day. Nice little food market in Belham on the Sunday served up a nice brunch before having to leave for Heathrow. London in less than a week.
  13. dmjg

    3 Days in London

    Saw that in Melbourne, it was fantastic
  14. dmjg

    3 Days in London

    Cheers Keith, forgot to put all the museums in my list of 'done'
  15. dmjg

    Toilet paper recommendations

    That's what we buy. A pack of 48 lasts more than 3 months. Works like it's supposed to. The only issue is that you need to have a large amount of storage space to accomodate your purchases
  16. We did, but Centrelink kept sending us out letters telling us it would stop. I would ring them and explain the uk immunisation schedule and how we were catching up, they then would ask for a letter from the doctor backing this up, which we would provide. They then claimed everything was good and we would hang up friends. A month later a letter would come claiming he wasn't up to date with immunisations and ........ A month later........ Im not sure any of them could or would read notes from previous phone calls.
  17. dmjg

    Sim only deals for data usage

    Vodafone red sims are good. data, unlimited calls & texts, and they can also come with unlimited calls to ten other countries too (uk being one) $30 upwards
  18. dmjg

    What to bring...such a conundrum!

    Bring everything. You've purchased it once, why purchase it again. unless it's on its last legs, then chuck and replace
  19. dmjg

    Aussie moving back to the UK

    One question about the dual citizenship, when and how did she get it? Sometimes it can't be passed on......
  20. dmjg

    Aussie moving back to the UK

    You can't be denied entry if you are a citizen, whether you have a passport or not. but if you dont have one you can be delayed until immigration is sure your partner and kids have the right to stay. your partner has the uk citizenship document. I have one too, no idea where it is though. It proves uk citizenship, but the kids have nothing. id get the passports now. Much easier after a 24 hour set of flights to walk through than get held up for however long necessary checks may take......
  21. dmjg

    How do you like your eggs?

    Add another slice (without hole) to each side.......