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  1. Well, your maths is right. As I wrote in the original post, my provider also charged a $75 exit fee. Your mileage may vary.
  2. Because you're leaving Australia after being on a temporary visa.
  3. As far as I can tell the "withholding tax" is a flat rate, rather than income-related. Still, I suppose it's a somewhat better deal than for someone living temporarily in the UK and paying National Insurance, who would never get any of that back, ever.
  4. In case it's of use to anyone... I left Australia in March and have just received a refund of some of my Super. You are eligible to claim a refund if you're on a temporary visa and then leave the country. It's known as "departing Australia superannuation payment" (DASP) Timeline: Left Aus at end of March Submitted claim for DASP 6 June* online at https://applicant.tr.super.ato.gov.au/applicants/default.aspx?pid=1 Received e-mail request 10 June for a notarised copy of ID to be sent via post Got copy of passport 'notarised' in a UK post office and posted to Aus on 23 June Received partial refund** into my still-operational Aus bank account on 11 July. * I was told by my employer in Aus that I should wait a couple of months for my final contributions to the Super fund to go through after leaving the job. My last working day was 1 April, which meant a tiny contribution went through in the April pay run. The Super stuff happens a month in arrears anyway -- or at least it looks that way scanning my online statement on the Super's website. ** You don't get it all back. Even though it's already had some tax deducted when it was paid into the Super, they still took off 38% (!) before the refund. The Super fund itself also deducted a $75 "exit fee".
  5. mungbean

    Previous Countries of Residence

    "Residence" means where your home is, @championak
  6. In the case of IKEA I would disagree. Have moved house many times and disassembled/re-assembled plenty of furniture -- Billy Bookcase and others included.
  7. mungbean

    Arrived in Sydney

    Remember that 1-hour wait next time you go through Heathrow! (Or even better, never again go through Heathrow.)
  8. mungbean

    Arrived in Sydney

    People are very welcoming here, I found. When I first arrived, One of my (many) AirBnB hosts told me she was clearing out her kitchen, and put aside a box of pots and pans for me. In the end, another friend did the same and I didn't need them all. Was given fans, bedding, all kinds of stuff. Where are you looking at staying, Metoo?
  9. mungbean

    Arrived in Sydney

    Well, an hour is pretty good for an international airport. You can get through immigration here super-quick if you have a biometric passport, only to wait 45 mins for your luggage... Welcome to Sydney!
  10. mungbean

    Internet service provider

    Where are you, and what do you want to do?
  11. mungbean

    Where to live ?

    Exactly the same here... right down to the action plans to use up accrued leave. (It shows as a liability on balance sheets apparently - one for the bean counters) And then there's people with huge amounts of Long Service Leave as well Does this stuff apply to everyone, regardless of whether you're a primary school teacher, nurse, accountant or whatever?
  12. mungbean

    Leaving tomorrow don't think I can go!

    Same here - my mum's 70 and she loves her iPad. Don't underestimate the power of the Internet to keep you feeling connected. I would also say go for it. If you don't like it, hit UNDO. Life is too short to sit inside your comfort-zone.
  13. mungbean

    Where to live ?

    From what I've seen so far, everyone gets 20 days earned leave and that's it. Is it the same for absolutely everyone, due to "Fair Work" regulations, or does it depend on what "award" you're on? Back in the UK I got 35 days annual leave (although I was always too busy to take it all), but 20 seems pretty mean.
  14. Australian shipping firm Discount Freight under investigation over vanishing valuables An Australian international shipping firm is under investigation after gaining an unwanted tag for continually losing people's prized possessions. Discount Freight claims to offer the "best prices" and "best quality freight services" between Australia and "190 countries". But Fairfax Media has found that, for more than 10 years, the firm has been playing cat and mouse with scores of irate customers, many of whom paid for a "door-to-door" worldwide delivery service – and never saw their possessions again. In other instances, the firm has taken payments for services, then failed to collect the items. (cont'd) http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/australian-shipping-firm-discount-freight-under-investigation-over-vanishing-valuables-20150916-gjo6wo.html
  15. mungbean

    UK TV in Australia

    Been using ibVPN for about 5 years. US$4.95 a month. Mainly using iPlayer and occasional 4OD. Don't actually have a TV - all Internet.