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  1. shaunfreo

    Aesthetic nurses

    Whatever you hope to achieve you need a visa to come to Australia and as a nurse you need to be degree qualified, get a positive skill assessment, apply for registration with AHPRA , then if you can do that perhaps you may get a job as an aesthetic nurse but until you have registration as a nurse the rest is irrelevant
  2. shaunfreo

    Aesthetic nurses

    My mistake I didn’t read it fully ,
  3. shaunfreo

    Aesthetic nurses

    It’s very different in each state and I am thinking you you meant anaesthetic , aesthetic means something very different , the peril of predictive text
  4. shaunfreo

    Do you have to stay in Oz for 2 years out of 5?

    The requirement is 730 days in the five year period which is two years , the days as I understand do not have to be consecutive, if you are in Australia when you apply and do not meet the 730 days but can demonstrate on going commitment you will probably get a one year RRV initially if you haven’t met the 730 days already
  5. shaunfreo

    Am a bit tired of questions about RRV

    I think my initial post has been a bit misunderstood, not suggesting people shouldn’t post questions, and of course many applications are complex and need professional advice, and I am sure they will be directed to seek that advice, but I just noticed a lot of enquires about RRVs were relating to fundamental rules like qualifying time, the fact that so many believe that their PR has expired because the RRV has expired simple stuff not the more complex situations. I agree with Marisawright these forums can be difficult to navigate , but on many forums you will find links In say FAQ or read me first sections British expats forum a case in point then if posters don’t find the answer they are looking for they can place supplemental questions anyway W russell has provided those links so that could be a great help to many
  6. shaunfreo

    Am a bit tired of questions about RRV

    No they are not all straight forward I agree , I did say that in my original post and perhaps the site could be made easier to navigate, i agree it’s not easy which is obviously why people find it hard to find other posts on the same subject
  7. shaunfreo

    Am a bit tired of questions about RRV

    The thing is guys they do give advice on this topic endlessly to different posts I thought it would be a good idea if there could be one post which gives a broad outline of the rules which we could all direct enquires to I don’t see how that is doing agents out of business if anyone requires further help they can pay for it gawd I didn’t think this could be so controversial, I guess I will just shut up I obviously haven’t been a member long enough or posted enough posts to have anything worth saying
  8. shaunfreo

    Am a bit tired of questions about RRV

    I just thought that given there are so many questions about RRVs , which are not straight forward in many cases it would be helpful to direct enquires to a post which gives the correct advice I know long term members give the best advice they can but unfortunately it’s not always correct
  9. Please please can a reputable migration agent put together a post regarding RRVs what is required, ect eligibility, so we can direct the endless enquires about them to that post There seems to be so many are enquiring about them , and the information given is not always correct looking at previous posts
  10. It says on the home affairs website that you need to be resident for 2 years (730 days ) it doesn’t specify if time outside Australia for short periods is included or excluded I would imagine to be on the safe side to add all time outside onto the 730 days so for example if you were outside for 14 days in the 2 years apply after 745 days , perhaps someone with more info can enlighten you
  11. shaunfreo

    advise please

    1. Only you can make that decision, getting registered as a nurse, and passing the skills assessment is not an easy process , and you would very likely take a drop in position 2. Kids usually adapt but it does depend to some extent how old they are 3. So much depends on where you choose to settle, Australia is expensive especially in the cities, so financially you could be worse off, many people live on $50,000, but in many places that would be tough with a family 4. The process depends on many things but around a year ++ is a good estimate but possibly longer depending on how many points you have, and what visa you apply for
  12. shaunfreo

    midwife APHRA registration with supervision attach

    The problem is usually the continuity of care component you are required to have a specified number of women who you have followed through (ante natal , intra partum, and post natal) you don’t have to have delivered them though there is a certain number I think it is 20 women but do check as AHPRA change the requirements frequently, and it has to be on your transcript of training as a specific component most uk and I would think Irish training incorporates this element as standard and it’s not necessarily considered as an extra and is just part of your training program As to whether hospitals will support you in obtaining the requirements, most it seems will not why would they , there are hundreds of Aussie trained midwives who already meet the criteria and can only get temporary contracts some big hospitals in capital cities might but it’s doubtful Its not just direct entry midwives who have this problem, but any midwife who can not show the required continuity of care component Anyway good luck
  13. shaunfreo

    804 and an expired medicare card.

    I would imagine that the public health system is paying for the op but will be done in a private hospital, but she should still be a public patient.
  14. shaunfreo

    Pharmacy Tech ANZSCO 311215

    Look at my previous post replying to your other post perhaps as it is your sister who will be applying she needs to do some research herself, after all it’s a complex process and only she knows her own circumstances best of luck and as Marisawright says She May need to contact an agent to assess her eligibility as it may not be straightforward
  15. shaunfreo

    Pharmacy Tech ANZSCO 311215

    And I would add it’s really annoying to put up two separate posts relating to the same issue in your first post Your sister works in a pharmacy, and now it is clear she isn’t a pharmacist