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  1. shaunfreo

    Extension of visa deadline

    The PR visa doesn’t expire the RRV does you will need to apply for another RRV and meet the criteria for that who knows what leniency the government will allow
  2. shaunfreo

    British visitors during corona virus

    All well and good but try getting a flight back to the UK
  3. shaunfreo

    What are the requirements to immigrate to Australia?

    I wouldn’t even bother at the moment there are kind of more important issues
  4. shaunfreo

    Info for anyone applying to renew UK passports

    I am applying while in UK that same. Screen came up but it said send passport rang the helpline and they confirmed perhaps it’s different rule if applying while in UK if applying from Australia they must accept colour copies
  5. When you apply now to renew a UK passport, if you are a duel national with a current passport from any other country ie Australia you have to send that passport with your expiring one to the passport office , apparently it’s a new thing to check that you have the same name on the UK passport to any other passport you have. And they don’t accept photocopies or even scanned colour copies.
  6. shaunfreo

    Bridging Visa A not active can l travel

    I think you need to apply for another visa to travel outside Australia the BVA doesn’t allow it, I think it’s a BVB you need , hopefully another member with more up to date knowledge will confirm.
  7. shaunfreo

    Visa 887 Application - Residency prove docs

    Which state ?
  8. I think They do for 489 but not 190 if I read it correctly i think you may be under the misapprehension that this process is quick, generally it isn’t, if you have applied you will just have to wait and see what happens but good luck
  9. Have you considered applying for 489 in South Australia, you get an extra 10 points, they are sponsoring some nurse category’s, and if I am not mistaken you could work anywhere including Adelaide, where there would be more job opportunities
  10. Are you not able to apply for 189 or 190 ?
  11. shaunfreo

    187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa Questions

    No idea what your question has to do with this thread, I would suggest seeking advice from a migration agent
  12. shaunfreo

    can i apply vic 190 if i am not in the state

    And I have to say I hope it does get seen , i get really pissed of with these people who try and circumvent the system, when others try so hard to do it properly
  13. shaunfreo

    Payment gateway for receiving donations

    I have no idea what you are talking about, are you sure you are on the blog site
  14. shaunfreo

    can i apply vic 190 if i am not in the state

    Just do it by the book , I wouldn’t employ you as a nurse if you are prepared to do something which is a bit suspect, not really in keeping with the code of conduct required by AHPRA also your English is not that good I hope your spoken is better than your written!!
  15. shaunfreo

    Nursing registration and work visa

    For the 189 you don’t need a job before applying for a visa , just a positive skills assessment, for state sponsorship you will need to check what the requirements are for each state re having a job , some may require it , also for 190 some states like Victoria require at least registration in principal with AHPRA before you apply for 190 most employers now will require your visa to be granted before you are considered for employment, there isn’t a shortage of nurses in Australia, and most employers will only consider applicants who have the right to work in Australia already