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  1. shaunfreo

    UK leasehold flats vs Australian strata

    Generally the way it works is you pay quarterly fees which pay for maintenance of communal areas, building insurance, liability insurance, and repairs. The amount payable can vary depending on many factors, for example if there is a pool, gym , the size and age average here in Queensland is around $4000 up to $10,000 + per year There is what is known as a body Corporate Committee which is made up of owners who decide on all mattes , agree budgets ect, most are run by strata management companies (who charge a fee) who will communicate via the Body Corporate.There is usually a general meeting every year. The key thing when buying a strata property is to check recent minutes of annual meeting, look at the financial records to check sink fund payments ect this gives an indication on how well run the development is. If you buy via a real estate agent they have to disclose this information to you, its usually on display at a home open. So the key difference is you are an active participant and not just giving money to a leasehold company for whom its about making money.
  2. shaunfreo

    NHS pension- asset/income test for pension

    You get the lump sum which is taxable in Australia if you are in Australia i think its within 6 months of receiving it, then the annual amount you put on your Australian tax return as foreign income and its taxed here, you wont pay tax twice. It can be paid into an Australian bank account.
  3. shaunfreo

    Mental health nurse

    Are you registered with AHPRA yet? If not that would be the first step as it can take a while to do. You can look at the career website for health jobs in WA health.wa.gov.au
  4. It permitted in Queensland but many agents won’t do it
  5. It is technically possible, the question is finding an agent that will do it. Obviously you need to get through the application process have proof of employment with proof of income, (paying in advance isn’t always an option) provide references and sign a form saying you are renting without seeing. Most people rent temp accommodation when they arrive. As you say the market is pretty difficult at the moment, you could always give it a go and see what happens
  6. shaunfreo

    DAMA far north QLD

    Happy to give you any information you need
  7. shaunfreo

    DAMA far north QLD

    I Live in Cairns FNQ, and am a Midwife, the local Hospital Cairns Public Hospital is always desperate for Midwives. The only Private hospital here is also more than likely stopping maternity services soon and all that activity will transfer to cairns public. They do under certain circumstances sponsor overseas applicants look at this link it will give you the information you need. https://www.cairns-hinterland.health.qld.gov.au/careers/international-applicants Mind you be aware the climate up here can be challenging its great now in the dry season, but if you struggle with humidity it may not be the place for you.
  8. shaunfreo

    Tip on travelling

    I stayed in the Aerotel terminal 1 a few weeks ago, it’s airside so no head to clear customs, nice big rooms with showers you book in 6 hour blocks cost $221aud for 6 hours which did include a meal
  9. shaunfreo

    Just received Citizenship what happens to my 190 now?

    Also remember now you are a citizen not only is your 190 cancelled but also the resident return part so you need an Australian passport to enter Australia if you leave for whatever reason.
  10. shaunfreo

    Flight via USA

    Yes if holding UK passport As well as holidaymakers and businessmen, regardless of the project, travelers who need to make a stopover in the USA are obliged to submit an application for ESTA transit authorization Taken from the ESTA info site
  11. shaunfreo

    Extension of visa deadline

    The PR visa doesn’t expire the RRV does you will need to apply for another RRV and meet the criteria for that who knows what leniency the government will allow
  12. shaunfreo

    British visitors during corona virus

    All well and good but try getting a flight back to the UK
  13. shaunfreo

    What are the requirements to immigrate to Australia?

    I wouldn’t even bother at the moment there are kind of more important issues
  14. shaunfreo

    Info for anyone applying to renew UK passports

    I am applying while in UK that same. Screen came up but it said send passport rang the helpline and they confirmed perhaps it’s different rule if applying while in UK if applying from Australia they must accept colour copies
  15. When you apply now to renew a UK passport, if you are a duel national with a current passport from any other country ie Australia you have to send that passport with your expiring one to the passport office , apparently it’s a new thing to check that you have the same name on the UK passport to any other passport you have. And they don’t accept photocopies or even scanned colour copies.