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  1. Yes Victoria definitely has the same thing,signed up by us but this part was not given to my solicitor or theirs. We’ve got a copy.
  2. They did a final inspection 4 days before we moved out. So not much good. We were still in the middle of moving out.
  3. Both utterly useless I agree
  4. Melbourne. Yep I’ll just sue the agent.
  5. I No no one asked for it apparently!
  6. Yes it is standard in Australia but for some unknown reason was not given to the purchasing people. I didn’t want to leave a broken oven so thought I was doing them a favour by taking it out. The dishwasher is the same as the washing machine just needs to be unplumbed. If we had known we would have left it there but we were not told a thing by our agent.
  7. The lawyer has said nothing about suing the agent but I definitely will. The oven was not working and this was stated right at the beginning of the sale. The stove wasn’t removed just the oven. The dishwasher I don’t think was a problem as we needed one for our new house, all this was upfront and above board. We never tried to hide anything. But obviously now it’s a problem. Thanks for taking an interest
  8. YES it was Cal from people with experience or knowledge
  9. I know you don’t know anything about it, with respect , and don’t expect answers from everyone, just those who might know something. Very simple really.
  10. I know Cal! Most people will have an opinion. I am simply asking if this has happened to anyone else? That’s all.
  11. Yep. My lawyer says I need to pay. I was just asking if anyone else has had experience with this. That’s all.
  12. Hi ive recently sold my house. I completed the REIV checklist in advance stating what I was taking eg. oven ( as was broken) dishwasher and a few other things. However, it wasn’t until the new owners moved in when quite understandably they were upset as these items were missing. The agent failed to give the REIV checklist to my conveyor and theirs. I’ve had letters from their solicitor to say that I must now pay for these items as they were part of the sale. The realestate agents have been utterly useless and have left me “ high and dry”. I guess I have no option to pay then sue the agent for not doing their job. They’ve had their $35k commission and I feel abandoned by them. Any thought from people who know about this stuff? thanks
  13. Already done that. I’ve lived here for 12 years so I know the score but just wanted to know if there were any private rentals.