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  1. @wrussell hmm that’s naughty of them! We hopefully it won’t be that long! Do they fly them over to do the assessments is that why it was put on hold? If so now they are open then can have them hear for an x amount of time and get through the assessments. He’s done the 1st stage online chat so hopefully won’t be too long for the face to face practical!
  2. @wrussell oh no really? That’s not the news we wanted to hear! Was that vetassess? It was our agency that told us there was a back log not vetassess themselves. We wouldn’t be backing out our application but that is a ridiculous time to wait! Especially when people have already paid. Is that from last year?
  3. Hello, My husband has this week successfully completed his stage 2 technical interview. Is there anyone else out there who is going through the process currently and can inform us as to the timescale for a date for the practical assessment? We have been told there is a large backlog to deal with and to expect long delays. thank you in advance.
  4. Hi Sparkybaz, Thank you for getting back to us. We are currently waiting for an interview for his technical interview, with covid and Christmas it’s come at the wrong time! Hoping to get a date in the new year! Thank you for the information! He going to look through and brush up on his knowledge ready for the new year thanks again
  5. My partner has recently had a successful outcome for his documentary evidence assessment and I am booking on to my technical interview. I was just wondering about people experience with the interview as I can't find a lot of information about it on the vetassess website. How long does the interview usually last? What sort of questions will be asked? and is it quite a formal interview or informal and relaxed? Thank you in advance for any information.
  6. Rhian

    Permeant residency & Pet relocation

    No my partner is an electrician so not a doctor or nurse application
  7. Hi, we started our permeant residency visa in January and nearly half way through. Just wondered with the current situation what the lead time is on visas and how long they take? Also do people have any good recommendation for pet relocation companies for two border collies from the U.K. to Australia