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  1. Dec05

    Shipping crystal to Oz

    Hi all, I have some really nice crystal wine glasses, decanter etc. I'd love to get them shipped over - I priced replacing them in oz and it was very $$$ They are in Ireland at the moment & I'd like to get them to Sydney - is that realistic - has anyone done this and if so can you recommend your removalist ? Am not having much success so far with google...
  2. Dec05

    Recommend stopovers for quick family holiday

    Yes, we are in Sydney. Definitely want to the have the holiday part on the return leg to Oz. This is our first trip back since we moved to Sydney 2 years ago so a few relaxing 'holiday' days en route back to Sydney might help with the inevitable turmoil
  3. Dec05

    Recommend stopovers for quick family holiday

    Hadn't considered round the world tickets - haven't looked into them yet really. It's first trip back since moving to Oz so every one will be keen to see family friends etc so we will be doing the holiday stop over bit on the return leg. It might help with the trauma of getting back on the plane Kids would love Florida of course.
  4. Dec05

    Recommend stopovers for quick family holiday

    Fab ! Thanks for the replies. Had a quick look and seems perfect. Singapore airlines have a good rep too - haven't flown with them yet. Will start researching! Thanks again
  5. Dec05

    Recommend stopovers for quick family holiday

    Thanks for that. Was thinking the legoland water park which I think is nearby. Any tips on accommodation
  6. Hi all, We will be flying back to UK for a few weeks in September and I'd like to grab a few days for a family holiday on the way back to Oz. Does anyone have any recommendations for a family with 3 pre teens ? Seems a shame to fly around the world and not grab the chance! I'm just not sure where to start looking really so would love to hear what others have done. TIA
  7. Dec05

    Christmas Panto

    Thanks Amber. I know - Christmas in July - why bother
  8. Dec05

    Christmas Panto

    Hi all, I need some advice please - my 8 year old misses the Christmas Pantos we used to go to in Ireland - is there an equivalent here in Sydney ? I have googled and found one in July (???) but she would love to go to one at Christmas - we are in Sydney if anyone knows of a nearby musical society doing one. Thanks!
  9. Dec05

    Frozen Potato Croquettes

    Dunno - I'm not a pommie
  10. Dec05

    Frozen Potato Croquettes

    Hi, So here is the update.... I got these from Woolies - pommes noisettes https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/4961/birds-eye-pommes-noisettes They were much smaller and crunchy on the outside rather than a crumb, but the kids loved them, so a winner I'll get the Aldi ones the next time I'm shopping there, just to see - and complete my review Thanks for all the ideas everyone, it was very helpful. I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.
  11. Dec05

    Frozen Potato Croquettes

    Hi, Thanks for the suggestions - I saw those ones in Woolies alright but my kids like the crumb outside apparently. I'm not doing a traditional dinner, too hot !!. Going to have ham, salads, melon, pavlova - yum yum. But the kids mentioned last night how much they loooove croquettes and its the only part of the dinner they like. So I thought I'd pick up a few. We don't miss any products or foods from home at all, enjoying the new diversity actually. So typical that the one thing I'm looking for isn't available Thanks again, really looking forward to it now !!
  12. Dec05

    Frozen Potato Croquettes

    Seasons greetings all Bit of a funny question, but has anyone seen frozen potato croquettes for sale any where ? The only bit of Xmas dinner the kids enjoy each year is the M&S frozen croquettes (!) but I just checked online and Coles & Woolies dont have them. I'd rather not make them if at all possible so wondering if anyone can help ?? Thanks and have a wonderful holiday
  13. Hello all, I have a dental implant and suffer from ongoing problems with my gums so need to attend the hygienist every 3 or 4 months for a cleaning. Can anyone recommend a good dentist / hygienist in the Northern Beaches area? I know the cost is probably going to be astronomical - don't have private health cover yet - which seems pricey anyway (!) But google is bringing up a million options so would appreciate any feed back, particularly from people with implants and/or dicky gums.
  14. Dec05

    Deciding on a Bank Account

    I used NAB - opened a migrant bank account before I came over. Then called into the branch to validate it after I arrived. They either posted or gave me a bank statement (can't remember which) and it had my temporary address on it which I could then use to get my drivers licence and also used for the variety of other things where you need proof of address. Was very handy. Most if not all of the big 4 waive bank fees on the migrant bank accounts for the first year.
  15. Dec05

    Nearly 3 weeks in on the Sunshine Coast

    Hi there, just arrived in Sydney also and have secured a rental fairly quickly. I just wanted to say that two estate agents told us that August is the quietest month for renting - we should make sure we had a rental before things got busier in September - so anyone arriving in the next couple of weeks should focus on getting a rental asap - hope that helps some one.