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  1. Applying for 190 skilled nominated, with Victorian State sponsorship. I was recently informed by my agent that in order to meet the Victorian State Sponsorship criteria I would require a job offer to support my application and show commitment to Victoria beacuse we have links with another state. My husband's family live in NSW and we have made a few visits there over the last 20 years. My husband also lived in NSW as a student for 18 months in 2006. I have checked the website and for my occupation (French Teacher) there is no requirement for a job offer. Does anyone have any information regarding this? Thanks
  2. Fatimah

    Any Teachers Applying Now?

    Thanks Quoll for your reply. I am aware of the 2 year experience however it does not stipulate anywhere what evidence is required to prove this. Will a letter from my employer suffice? Is it necessary to have a qualification in the taught language ? if anyone could shed some light on this please. Thanks
  3. Fatimah

    Any Teachers Applying Now?

    190 Skilled Nominated Visa (Victoria) Primary School Teacher Has anyone applied for this visa recently? What evidence is required for the 2 year experience of teaching a language? I have searched online but cannot find anything regarding this. Is a qualification in the language required? Thanks in advance.
  4. Fatimah

    Pre-Primary qualifications

    Does anyone know if an online studied (distance learning) qualification will be accepted by AITSL? I have previously been assessed as a Primary School Teacher. I am now considering doing a 12 month Post Graduate Certificate in Early Years from a UK University. AITSL REQUIREMENT An initial teacher education qualification relevant to the early childhood (pre-primary school) teacher occupation of at least one year full-time study (or part time equivalent) at the higher education (university) level. The qualification must include a minimum of 45 days of supervised teaching practice with students across the ages Birth to 8 years in education programs prior to and in the early years of primary school. The professional qualification/s must be assessed as comparable to the educational level of an Australian bachelor degree or higher. The qualification covers the requirements above but will all be done online. Thank You
  5. Thank you PFC1975. After researching I managed to find out but it's frustrating that the so called expert who charged us $200 for an hour long consultation didn't know what he was talking about.
  6. If I could get an agent who would help me with this I could also prove that it's extremely difficult to get a job offer when you are overseas. I don't think there are any Australian schools out there that will offer a job and keep a vacancy open for several months whilst the teacher gets their visa. Did you use an agent?
  7. Hi Anua, I'm a Primary School Teacher from the UK. I did a primary PGCE and am looking into the 489 visa sponsored by Tasmania. I'm not having any luck with Migration Lawyers, one told me that its impossible for me to get the 489, whilst another told me it was easy to get but I would not be entitled to medicare and children's' school fees. feeling confused now!!! I have previously done the IELTS and a skills assessment but they have expired now so need to get these done. I've looked into registering with the Tasmanian teacher registration Dept. looks a little complicated at the moment, need to research a little more. Did they give you a reason for rejection and if you don't mind me asking which agent are you using?
  8. I have seen two migration lawyers in Sydney and both have given me conflicting information. I feel like I have wasted my money on the consultations and have not been told anything I already didn't know. I am a Primary School Teacher and currently my profession is on the combined list for Tasmania or Northern Territory. I originally enquired about the 190 state sponsorship visa for Tasmania however, I can only proceed with this if I have an employment offer which is very unlikely in my profession. I then came across the Subclass 489 - Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (section 3A). Below are the responses from both lawyers. Lawyer A - The 489 is a long wait too and quotas are normally used up before they reach 489 nominees. I saw what you were talking about on the NT website, they do some discretionary 489 and 190 nominations each year if you undertake to live in their state for two years and do everything you can to find a job. I could do this application for you but there are no guarantees, it is a rare and difficult nomination to get. We would need to present a whole picture of your experience and your husbands too. It is possible they will like your British experience. A job offer or offers in the NT would help this sort of application even if the offers will have expired by the time you get a nomination. Lawyer B - The 489 is not a problem we can easily get the visa for you. There is no medicare and you will have to pay all the school fees for both your children. ( He didn't seem too positive !) Can anyone shed some light on the processing times? ( DIBP website states 75% processed in 5 months /90% processed in 8 months) . I qualify for the 489 and have enough points but I would like to use a migration agent can anyone recommend a good agent. Medicare - we qualify for this under the reciprocal healthcare agreement between UK and AUS. Schooling - Some states do not charge fees and some do but I cannot find anything about Tasmania does anyone have any information about this?
  9. Just a little hope for those of you who are still waiting. We have been allocated a CO! Received our email on Tuesday 28th January. I can honestly say I had given up all hope of this happening but it's finally happened. Got 28 days now to submit all requested documentation. For those of you who are still waiting, don't give up :-)
  10. Hi, I am an unlucky category 5 applicant and have been waiting since May 2009 . Rather than waiting I have decided to explore any other options I have. I am a Primary School Teacher and as this is no longer on the SOL l want to apply as an SEN Teacher. This is the criterion which I am struggling with: Applicants applying for a special education teacher occupation with a designated ANZSCO code 2415 will be assessed against criterion 2 (i) and (ii). (ii) completion of a specialised teacher education qualification in special education of at least one year full-time study (or part-time equivalent) at the higher education* level that includes a minimum of 45 working days of supervised teaching practice within a special education setting. These qualifications must be assessed as comparable to the education level of an Australian bachelor degree or higher. I cannot find a course that includes 45 days of teaching practice. Has anyone applied as an SEN teacher or is in the process of applying? What course did you do? Is there anything else I need to know. I have read through all the other requirements and I think I fulfill the rest. Thanks