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  1. TeacherClem

    Travel/Life insurance

    Sorry if I’m repeating another thread on here but can’t find anything when I search. We are going to be entering Australia on PR visas next month and I was wondering if anyone could give me some quick advice on travel and life insurance? I have travel insurance through my uk bank account. Does anyone know if this kind of insurance would be valid until we sort Medicare out? What have people done about their uk life insurance when they emigrated? Cancel and get a policy in Oz? Thanks [emoji4]
  2. TeacherClem

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Hi! Has anyone on here used their immigration police check for the purpose of registering with Queensland College of Teaching? It mentions needing vulnerable persons check on the police clearance so I’m not sure if the one we had done for our visas will be accepted. Cheers
  3. TeacherClem

    Additonal evidence for 189, certifying...help!

    If you upload colour scans onto the online application you do not need them certified. We didn’t have any of our documents certified for a visa application, only the skills assessment we had to do before we put in our expression of interest. Our visas were granted in December
  4. TeacherClem

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Great to hear your story! I hope ours is as successful. We had our visas granted just before Christmas and hoping to head out in July. We’re jumping straight in, renting out our uk house and taking a sabbatical for a year to suss everything out, if we find jobs I’m hoping it will become a permanent move then we’ll just need to sort out shipping our stuff (keeping hold of our uk house for the time being at least). Good luck everyone! It felt like such a long process when we were in it but still hasn’t sunk in we’ve actually got them now. It took just short of 5 months for us from the day we submitted the visa Application
  5. TeacherClem

    189/190 Visa Applications from July/Aug 17

    189 Visa Grant today!! The best Christmas present we could have ever asked for [emoji51][emoji51][emoji51] EOI May 2017 Visa Application submitted July 24th 2017 Request for medicals and police clearance September 11th 2017 Visa Grant December 19th 2017
  6. TeacherClem

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Congratulations on your grant! Unfortunately I can’t help with your question, my wife is a Primary school teacher though so interested to hear the responses you get. I was wondering if you would be willing to share your timeline up to your grant? How long did you have to wait? We submitted ours in July and hoping it comes soon! Good luck finding your answers
  7. TeacherClem

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    They don’t give you very long for first entry do they? Does it have anything to do with your police checks and medical expiry date?
  8. TeacherClem

    Any Teachers Applying Now?

    Hi, We haven’t been asked for them, I just know some people added references when uploading all their documents to prove employment years they have claimed for.
  9. TeacherClem

    190 invitation issued - now feeling terrified?!

    Do you need to sell and ship everything cutting all ties to the uk? We’re taking a sabbatical from work, renting our house and giving it a year to begin with. It’s been much easier for family to accept as they are hoping we’ll be back in 12 months [emoji16] and that way if it doesn’t work out we haven’t lost anything. We’ll come back to the same jobs, same house and had an amazing adventure. Good luck with it all
  10. TeacherClem

    Teaching in a catholic school

    Thanks. Will look at this
  11. Hi, wondering if anyone can help with this. Do you need to be a practising catholic in order to teach at a catholic school in OZ? I’ve taught in catholic schools over here and it’s not been a problem that I am not catholic, however, I read somewhere that schools wouldn’t employ people out there unless they were practising catholics.
  12. TeacherClem

    Relief teaching - Brisbane

    Really interested to hear if anyone has answers as these would be really helpful to us too! Good luck
  13. I wouldn’t worry about him being behind when you come back (if you do). If he’s 3 now and you spend a couple of years in oz you’ll be coming back when he’s 5? So he’ll have hardly missed anything. We start kids far too young in school in the uk, enjoy the extra time you have with him, your adventure in oz will be worth a million school days here [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  14. TeacherClem

    A few questions.. Early Years Teacher

    I may be very wrong so I’m sorry if that’s the case and please ignore this post, but if you’ve done a teaching degree, would you really need to do a PGCE afterwards? Surely a PGCE is for people who have a degree and then want to become a teacher so add the teaching qualification on afterwards. If you’ve done a teaching qualification as your degree, why would you need another? Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  15. TeacherClem

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    We waited 7 weeks to hear from a co, they then requested medicals and police checks. I’m not sure if that’s the norm though, some people hear a lot sooner Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz