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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all My wife and I are currently on a 489 NT regional sponsored visa (signing an agreement to work 1 year & live 2 years in the NT). We have been living and working in the NT for the past 14 months but now have plans to move to Queensland (still within a regional or low-population growth area) respecting condition 8539 of our visa. Question: Will the fact that we will not have stayed in our sponsoring state for the whole 2 years as agreed, effect the outcome of a future 887 application we make? Thanks in advance for your kind advice.
  2. I have seen two migration lawyers in Sydney and both have given me conflicting information. I feel like I have wasted my money on the consultations and have not been told anything I already didn't know. I am a Primary School Teacher and currently my profession is on the combined list for Tasmania or Northern Territory. I originally enquired about the 190 state sponsorship visa for Tasmania however, I can only proceed with this if I have an employment offer which is very unlikely in my profession. I then came across the Subclass 489 - Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (section 3A). Below are the responses from both lawyers. Lawyer A - The 489 is a long wait too and quotas are normally used up before they reach 489 nominees. I saw what you were talking about on the NT website, they do some discretionary 489 and 190 nominations each year if you undertake to live in their state for two years and do everything you can to find a job. I could do this application for you but there are no guarantees, it is a rare and difficult nomination to get. We would need to present a whole picture of your experience and your husbands too. It is possible they will like your British experience. A job offer or offers in the NT would help this sort of application even if the offers will have expired by the time you get a nomination. Lawyer B - The 489 is not a problem we can easily get the visa for you. There is no medicare and you will have to pay all the school fees for both your children. ( He didn't seem too positive !) Can anyone shed some light on the processing times? ( DIBP website states 75% processed in 5 months /90% processed in 8 months) . I qualify for the 489 and have enough points but I would like to use a migration agent can anyone recommend a good agent. Medicare - we qualify for this under the reciprocal healthcare agreement between UK and AUS. Schooling - Some states do not charge fees and some do but I cannot find anything about Tasmania does anyone have any information about this?
  3. Applying from UK, ACT state sponsored. Lodged my 190 visa application with DIPB on 24th March, applied for UK and Australian PCC on 5th April, attended UK Medical 5th April (7-10 days to process), no case officer as yet (only been 2.5 weeks) so none expected yet. My plan of attack is to upload ALL my documents before a CO is assigned and hopefully just receive a surprise email one morning with a visa grant, rather than chasing more paperwork and dragging the dreaded process out. Just a note for others, once I applied for my visa, it wash't until I logged in to my account again that I realised I could upload all my docs such as skills assessment, IELTS etc. Then I also realised there was a link telling me to organise my medicals. Have a good look and navigate the site well people!
  4. so...190 visa lodged - 65 points in total, all documents uploaded, just unsure whether I can apply for police clearances and medicals before I've been assigned a case officer or asked for them? I had to leave oz because I didn't get my IELTS results in time and my visa expired the day before I got my results - 17 hours later to be precise.
  5. Aston Ks

    Should I move to sponsored state?

    Hi, recently i was granted SS 176 visa, but unfortunately because of the recent business environment jobs are not as plenty as before, and the type of job i'm looking for, are not many in my sponsored state. I would prefer to land in Australia with few interviews in hand rather than waiting after I land and it would be very difficult to move around different cities looking for jobs if I don't find any in the sponsored state. So, I just want to know, is it necessary that I spent the first two years living and working in the SS or I can live anywhere and work anywhere, and would it cause any problem when I apply for citizenship after 5 years?
  6. freaks74

    New Starters

    Hi all My partner and I have decided to make the move over to Oz, he is a fully skilled Cabinet Maker and has quite a bit of work experience. We had a few chats with some agents for some initial advice and they've all suggested we go down the state sponsored route and Cabinet Maker is on the skills list for Victoria, conveniently for us we want to move to Melbourne as my brother and his family live on the mornington peninsula we've holidayed there a few times so have friends etc and some other friends from the uk are also out that way. I don't think we are going to use an agent as from all the advice etc on this forum and that I've found I'm not sure it's worth the cost, has anyone else been down this process recently that can offer some best practice or hints and tips. I also have a more specific question, OH has over 15 years work experience and also has City and Guilds in furniture craft, he doesn't have his certificates anymore so I've applied for copies however they've asked if we need Part One and Part Two copies or just Part Two, does anyone know if just part two will be sufficient for assessment, surely they would make an assumption that you wouldn't have part one without part two but is there a need to prove the obvious it's £35 a copy so if its not necessary I'd rather not bother as we need to put every penny towards the costs of this process. Really grateful for any help or advice thanks Anna
  7. Hi All, I have applied for skill select state sponsorship option 190 with point score of 60 in Jan 2013. but till now I haven't received any reply from DIAC. I have few questions around this process . Those are as under, 1. Does one need to approach states ? I have seen in some blogs that reaching states has helped some guys to get the visa approved fast ? Is it so ? If so how can I reach state of my interest ? Can someone update me about how and what I need to do in this situation in detail ? 2.I have seen cutoff marks for each month for skilled nomination independent visa on DIAC portal , but not able to find cutoff marks for state sponsored categories . Can someone give me link to access those cutoff marks per category or in general . So that accordingly i can plan my next state of action ? 3.Has anyone received invitation for state sponsorship for 60 points ? when you applied and when did you get your invitation ?
  8. Hi folks! I'm am new on this forum so nice to meet everyone:) I am on the last stages of getting my 176 State sponsored visa to WA. Originally I planned for Victoria but unfortunately, after few changes to SOL, I am lacking 5 points! I know that if I had a job offer from Victoria located firm, I actually would be able to get those points. But now I have no such offer and it's also too late. So my question is if I arrive to WA and then get a job offer from a firm located in a different state, will it be possible to make any changes to my 176 visa which will allow me to apply for this job? Thanks in advance! All help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Hey guys I'm doing some research for my biggest girl and her chap who are both here on WHV's. They have decided they would like to stay if possible :biggrin: They both have full time jobs but Sarah is coming to the end of her first six months and she'd like to stay in the job if at all possible. She is a receptionist in Freo and her chap is a carpenter. Can anyone explain what the difference is between a Skilled Independent Visa and a State Sponsored Visa please as these seem to be their options? And also which is the quickest and can be applied for from here!
  10. SJSabir

    SS-176-HR-CAT3 Applicants

    :cool:Dear All, Please gather here and share your DIAC experiences. I am trying to make a chat room for those who share the following attributes: Stage (Waiting or Done): CO/Med/PC/Visa (Insert date if done, or write Waiting) Sponsorship: State Sponsored Visa type: 176 Fall in Category (Post July 14, 2011): 3 Belong to: High Risk Country You can fill the format to introduce yourself; Sabir
  11. hi Mates :chatterbox:....please help. i have applied to the VIC State sponsorship as computing professional. They have now replied with the following .. Please forward us a detailed CV which includes details of country of place of employment by email. Not sure what this mean as i have allready given them my cv.. are they asking for my CV in Chronological format...or what?:jiggy:...please help with this A sample cv for a computing professional in this regard is highly appreciated. Cheers...Nitin
  12. Sorry for any daft questions, I'm new! We're trying to work out what to do now we've lost the MODL points. We were just about to apply for a 175 with 125 points, now we're down to 110. A 176 state sponsored is probably our best bet, but the state sponsorship in WA takes about 6 months. I'd like to start a visa application now, but how? 1. I don't think we can submit a 175 application with 110 points? Or would it be pooled? If it's pooled, would state sponsorship and a switch to a 176 rescue it from the pool? 2. Can we apply for a 176 before WA state sponsorship is granted? 3. Maybe we could apply for 176 family sponsored and then switch to state sponsored? Is this a sensible thing to do?
  13. Hi all I read in that 'Australia' magazine in Smiths that DIAC have started processing state sponsored visas again and will do until June 2010... has anyone else heard about this as I cant find any info on the other threads about it?? Many thanks