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  1. We have a number of fixed term and permanent roles for C++ developers in Central Melbourne. You must have recent C++ experience to be considered for this role. You will also need to either be in Melbourne or moving to Melbourne imminently as the hiring manager likes to meet everyone face to face before making a final decision. It is a lovely environment to work in and out of all of the Australian companies I have recruited for, the culture here is definitely the best. If you are interested or want to know more, please send a message to me or email me at carolyn.philip@vixtechnology.com
  2. Is there anyone here, with PR, planning to move to Perth who has a background in IT Project Manager, Master Scheduling and is experience at using MS Project to schedule multiple projects? If so, Vix Technology has a role in Perth you might be interested in. If you would like to talk, send me a message. I will be back in the office after Christmas and can be emailed at carolyn.philip@vixtechnology.com. We have a lot of roles coming up in the new year and I am very happy to have speculative CVs from people who are moving to Perth in the next 3 months. We cannot offer sponsorship or relocation.
  3. Hi all Before I explain the help I need, I just want to let you know that I have Kate's permission to post this request. I am looking for some information from anybody who has used a recruitment agency anywhere in Australia over the last couple of years. I have recently set up my own business, one part of which helps people applying for jobs by assisting with writing CVs, cover letters and selection criteria. Over the last couple of weeks I have been approached by a lot of new and potential immigrants, asking for advice about which recruitment consultants are really helpful to new immigrants. I am therefore putting together a document giving advice as to which agencies and individual consultants have been really helpful to people who have moved here. I was therefore wondering if you have used a recruitment consultant or a recruitment agency who has been really helpful (ie returned calls, answered emails, made a real effort to help you find work rather than just putting you on their database), would you be able to tell me so I can include them in the document? I am doing a sheet for all the major cities in Australia. If you can help I need the following information: City: Recruitment Agency Name: Recruitment Consultant's Name: Recruitment Consultant's Telephone Number: Sector in which they work eg Banking, Finance, IT, Admin, HR, Oil and Gas etc If you only have the persons name, the agency they work for and the city they work in that would be appreciated. I can find the rest out. I am happy for the information to be listed below or for people to PM me. Please note, I am not looking for horror stories or details of recruitment agencies to avoid, only ones you would personally recommend. I will then approach the consultants direct and get their permission to include their details on the list. Once I have gained permission from all the consultants to have their details included, and compiled the lists, I will be happy to email a specific city list to anyone who requests it. Many thanks Incata
  4. Incata

    Would you fly with Malaysian airlines ?

    Hmm. Sounds a lot like Perth! I have flown with MAS in the past and as others have said, found them excellent. I would have no hesitation flying with them in the future. However, right now the thought of flying anywhere gives me the collywobbles. If we go anywhere, any time soon, it will be by boat. Less far to fall if someone tries to blow it up.
  5. Incata

    We moved back 4 years ago

    No heating costs because there is no central heating. The houses in WA are freezing in the winter.
  6. Incata

    Does any other returnees feel like this?

    Yes, I felt I belonged when I moved to Canada. I felt like I had finally found, "home". I only left Canada because I met the person who I thought may become my husband (he did), but the understanding was always that we would go back to Canada when he left the Armed Forces. Suffice to say, the visa system for Canada had changed by the time he left and it was impossible for us to get in as neither of us worked in a shortage profession. The Canadian Armed Forces weren't accepting lateral transfers at that point either. So we had to say goodbye to Canada and we came to Australia instead. I have really tried to let go of Canada, but I can't. It captured me and I miss it so much. It was the place I found myself and discovered who I wanted to be. I am one of those who feel that they belong somewhere, I just can't find a way to be there.
  7. Incata

    Migration agent gone into liquidation

    Are you all aware that if you paid by credit card that the credit card company are liable and have to refund your money? Just a thought which might help some of you.
  8. Had a horrible experience this afternoon. I thought I was going to watch my son die in front of me. I am still shaking. We went down to the kiddie beach at Hillarys. I was playing in the shallows with my two young sons while my husband went off for a swim. My littlest (aged 3), who can only swim a couple of strokes. decided to get out of the water. He was walking towards his Gran and I assumed that he was going to play with her for a bit. However, he had other ideas. He saw my husband dive off the boardwalk (which stretches into the water) and decided to follow suit. He legged it round past the shops, toward the boardwalk, with my mother-in-law in hot pursuit. I got my eldest to the beach and then swam through the water towards the boardwalk. Due to my hip surgery I can't run and I knew my mother in law would not catch him (as he was running so fast). I was screaming at him to stop, my mother-in-law was screaming at him to stop and passers-by started yelling at him to stop. He did not stop. I swam as fast as I could towards the boardwalk but I knew I was not going to make it. His life flashed before my eyes and I was certain I was about to watch him drown. He got to the boardwalk (which goes out into the water) before I did. I thought he was going to jump in. I kept swimming but I was still about 50 metres away when he stopped. If he had jumped, I would not have made it to him. He looked into the water and hesitated. It seemed too high for the little man to jump. He decided to go down the ladder into the water instead. As he reached the second rung, my mother-in-law got there and grabbed him. She hauled him out of the water and frog marched him back to the beach. He cried at the unfairness of it. He told us he could swim and we were being mean for not letting him do what his daddy did. My husband had missed it all and was on the pontoon. He only heard me yelling when my son started climbing down the ladder. He was too far away to reach him either. Fortunately my son did not drown. I'm still shaking. Even a glass of brandy has not calmed me down. I will never let my son go in the water again without a bouyancy aid on, even if we are just playing in the shallow water. Lesson learned. More alcohol required.
  9. Incata

    Wedding Venues in Perth

    Whiteman Park do nice weddings near the Mussel Pool. They havea couple of wedding coordinators who can help you sort things out. The park is free to enter so it is easy to go and have a look in your own time and see if it is a place where you would like to tie the knot. If it came to renewing our vows, it would certainly be the first place on our list.
  10. Incata

    What is Stanmore area like?

    Stanmore has some nice areas to it, but also some rough ones, so it depends where you chose to live. We know the military patch in the area very well (although we did not live there). It is in one of the less salubrious areas and has a lot of abandoned military houses which have been boarded up, graffitied and ignored. However that is down to the MOD and not the local council. I would however, make the choice not to live nearby as it does tend to attract some of the less salubrious elements of the local society. Shopping wise, you have a quite decent Morrisons nearby and some good sports and recreational facilities. There are some lovely (if pricey) restaurants on the high street. The local hospital has a poor reputation and the out of hours GP care is dreadful with doctors who do not speak proper English and struggle to either understand or make themselves understood. However, this is a problem for the area between Stanmore and Watford generally, so if you chose this area it is something you should be aware of. A couple of people I know in the area have given up on local GP services and pay an annual fee to see a private GP who provides a much better service. However, it is a whole lot better than Watford and I would not be particularly worried about living there.
  11. Incata


    I have a life threatening allergy and have been caught out at restaurants where it has not been taken seriously, precisely because of the number of women who claim to have an allergy, but in reality just don't like it. I am fed up with the number of times I have had to be carted off in an ambulance with blue lights flashing because some restaurant has not taken the allergy seriously. Fortunately we have not had this in Perth, primarily because we can't afford to eat out here! However, it was a big problem for us when we lived in London.
  12. Incata


    Are you aware that by telling people you are allergic to something that you don't like, you are putting people who do have allergies at risk? The reason is that when someone genuinely has an allergy, others don't take it seriously because so many people (particularly women) say they are allergic to things they just don't like. Incidentally, marzipan is not the allergy, almonds are. If you don't like something, just say so. You are a big girl. There is no need to pretend.
  13. Incata

    What do you think of this car sticker.

    Yes it was said to me at a childrens party last weekend by a white Australian. As far as he was concerned, anyone British, Irish, American, Canadian or from New Zealand was fine. Anyone else should be put in a boat and fired upon. I was really shocked.
  14. Incata

    Long term relationship (not married)

    It's a phrase used in the North of England. My relatives from Yorkshire use it regularly. I've not heard people from other parts of the country using it.
  15. Incata

    Nut allergy

    My allergy started when I was 29. I'd eaten sesame seeds for years before that. My son developed his allergy to Mango when I was weaning him. It was the second time he had it that he reacted, not the first. Fortunately he only reacts if he eats it. His school bans nuts, which is very sensible IMHO. When my son started Kindy, they did send a letter home to parents asking them not to send Mango in in snack boxes, and they do not allow sharing of food, so there was little risk to my son. However, at the age of 4 it is very hard for a child to recognise what a mango is, so the school was very helpful by asking for it not to be brought in. They have not, and will not do it this year as it is part of my son learning to take responsibility for himself. I am in full agreement with the banning of nut products. Most products do not affect people if they are just in the same room, or touch something that has been touched by a person who has eaten the products, but nuts are one of the few that do. Therefore it is very hard to protect the children with nut allergies, or for them to protect themselves, without a complete ban on nut products. My sons school does (once they are in pre-primary) make them responsible for carrying their own medication around in a bum bag and once they are older, if they have an attack, they are expected to administer the medication themselves. Not quite sure how I feel about my 4 year old carrying round his own epi-pen - I'm not entirely convinced he might not use it on someone else if he gets into a fight! That will be an interesting conversation with the school if he administers it to someone else's bottom!