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    Swimming lessons in Edithvale

    Hi all, We have recently moved to Edithvale and are looking to enroll our 2 kids in swimming lessons. they were avid swimmers back in the UK and before they join nippers, we want to get them back up to speed with their swimming. does anyone know of any good clubs/lessons/teachers? cheers Andy
  2. Hi all, we have just arrived in Melbourne (staying in Sandringham) and are close to buying our first Aussie car. However, we need 2 car seats for our kids (ages 7 and 4) but have absolutely no idea where to get them from? can anyone help with advice on the best car seat stores? thanks alot Andy
  3. aduffield76

    Australia Day - where to celebrate?

    Hi all, We are moving to a Melbourne on the 5th Jan from the UK and are obviously looking for ways of meeting people and making friends both for us and our 2 ankle biters. My wife's birthday is on the 24th Jan, 2 days before Australia Day and are looking to combine the two (that's not me being tight....just efficient...honest!) How is Australia Day celebrated in the bayside area? Are there events all over or do people just have parties at home and invite friends/neighbours etc? We will be living in the Seaford/Chelsea area so does anyone know of anything happening around there? Cheers guys Andy
  4. Happy Christmas and thanks so much for all you input. i have found 3 or so decent looking cars at decent prices and all from RACV approved dealers. i think I'm going to contact them to arrange to go and do a few test drives. will google car insurance but not sure how easy it will be to get a quotation without the registration details. wheels are in motion (pardon the pun) and thanks to you all again....PIO rules!
  5. Hi all, We will be arriving in Melbourne on the 5th January and one of our first tasks is to buy a car. Apart from actually buying the car, what else do we need to organise along side it....or does the dealer do it all? ie car insurance, registration, road tax? I just want to be as prepared as possible. Also, has anyone recently bought a car through carsales.com.au or any other firms/sites? What were your experiences and do you have any tips? Cheers in advance Andy
  6. aduffield76

    Commuting on the metro from Bayside

    Thanks Marinsdad, we love bayside but I am going to be working in Port Melbourne so am a bit concerned about the commute. dont want to spend 3 hours a day commuting. the search continues....
  7. aduffield76

    Williams Landing Schools

    Hi all, Is there anyone out there who has their children in a Primary School in or around Williams Landing? We have found some schools in Altona which are about 15 minutes away but wondered if there are any in and around WL? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers guys Andy
  8. Hi all, I will be working in Port Melbourne so we are too-ing and fro-ing between looking for 'more for your money' properties on the West side of Melbourne and 'more established but expensive' properties on the East Side. Williams Landing looks an attractive proposition for basing the family but I am unsure as to the primary school situation and also the commute time. I hear the station can be stupidly busy in a morning? I am contemplating getting a scooter (an engined one :cute:) and using that to get to Port Melbourne. Is there anyone out there who A) lives in Williams Landing and can give me some tips, or B) lives around there and can give some good advice on commute and schools? Cheers in advance, Andy
  9. aduffield76

    Commuting on the metro from Bayside

    Hi All, What is it like commuting to the city on the train from the bayside suburbs of Parkdale, Cheltenham, and Moorabbin? are the trains rammed? what is the usual commute time? Cheers guys, Andy
  10. Hi all, We are moving over to Melbourne in January 2014. I have secured a job in Port Melbourne but still can't decide on the best areas to live regarding public transport/value for money/things to do/beaches/schools. we love the Parkdale/Mentone/Chelsea areas but also see value in the Cairnlea/Avondale Heights/Maribyrnong suburbs. We have spent time in Bayside but no time in the north west. is there anyone out there who lives in the north west and who can give me some advice? Cheers in advance, Andy
  11. aduffield76

    best exchange ratefirms

    Hi, we have used Halo Financial. They have been superb. andy
  12. aduffield76

    Shipping companies

    We are using PSS removals for our move to Melbourne. around £4000 for our own container.
  13. aduffield76

    Bills, bills, bills

    Hi all, Please can someone help me regarding some questions on renting and rates. When you are renting a house, what is the equivalent to British "Council Tax"? we see many posts mentioning "rates" aswell as "water", "electric" etc If someone is currently renting and can give me a helping hand regarding what to expect to pay, I would appreciate it. we are moving to Melbourne in January and are trying to be as prepared as possible. Thanks in advance guys Andy
  14. aduffield76

    Primary schools in Mornington

    Hi Can anyone please give me some recommendations regarding good primary schools in the Mornington area. My family are moving over to oz in Jan and I need to get schools sorted before we arrive so they can start on the first day of term. I have been to see many schools in the bayside area Parkdale, Baumaris etc which look great, however I think Mornington my be a more affordable option regarding property? My children currently attend a small public school with small class sizes which is great, however the schools I have seen so far in Melbourne seem much bigger. I am also keen to understand if there are any childrens groups swimming, gymnastics, football etc so the kids can start meeting other kids? Any help would be appreciated as our trip in Feb focused on Bayside areas, which we loved, however now we are looking at Mornington we have no experience to go on. Thanks Sarah:biggrin:
  15. aduffield76

    BBQ connectors

    Hi All We are moving over to Oz in January next year and contemplating bringing over our BBQ from home....on our reccie we noticed that they were much more expensive down under than in England. however, I want to check if the connectors from the BBQ to the propane gas cylinders are the same?? cheers guys Andy