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  1. Sustain

    Online shopping woes.

    I've seen the results. We did a swab test and observed 200 people over the lunch period evaluating fruit at Tesco in the early 90's Disgusting things we found: semen, hair gel, scrotum skin particles, lipstick, There was another survey which I was not involved with where they asked people what exactly they were looking for in testing 80% said no idea apart from checking it was not rotten Seems strange considering online is 100% quality guaranteed. Unless of course you use Coles or Woolworths where they pick from the same instore bins
  2. Sustain

    End of the booze cruise.

    Was he not referring to Pain de Sucre instead of cigs and gin?
  3. Sustain

    Online shopping woes.

    Always amazes me about people sniffing and feeling the same fruit or vegetables 100 others before them have Many of which have not washed their hands or covered their mouths while coughing over the produce? In reality the best and fresh is online where produce is looked after right to your pantry
  4. Sustain

    Housing crisis due to immigrants

    You mentioned Dick Smith?
  5. Sustain


    Wealth is no longer measured in monetary terms Wealth is living in an engaged community that emulates the family unit but removes names and blood ties So where are the wealthy communities in Wales (ideally near Cardiff or Forest of Dean):wink:
  6. Sustain

    Four day working week proposed.

    I agree with you. In the industry very few "Green" working on the actual solutions but a whole lot whining about the problems. And when you ask for help they are the first to run for the hills. When the planet cools down they will be complaining about the cold
  7. Sustain

    Who's fault is it?

    Bus driver is a paid professional and should of known better Despite space to stop you cant expect a P Plater to react as a defensive driver. My understanding was regardless of road markings if you are entering a new road, you enter with caution - no such caution used here
  8. Sustain

    Four day working week proposed.

    You all must work too much We enjoy 3.5 days per week Either: Sunday Monday Tuesday and Wednesday AM Or: Wednesday PM, Thursday, Friday Saturday.
  9. Sustain

    Dismal England reactions?

    Given the impact starts this coming financial year 6 April 2017 and gradually increases over the next 3 to 4 years I think we will see a massive change. Either increase in rents by 50% or massive sale off of the 2 million buy to lets being affected
  10. Sustain

    Do Aussies hate Asian people?

    People worth listening too don't respect Pauline Hanson People with chips on the shoulders will always complain to make them feel better inside While you worry about the small proportion that will always be racist. Don't forget the majority who don't really care where you come from other than to make conversation. Who care more about what your doing than what you have done.
  11. Following the English finance reform looks like Victoria to follow
  12. Sustain

    Did you know?

    Without Volcanic soil you need **** to make things grow So you sorta have to think of what is the Australian diet?
  13. Sustain

    Pauline Hanson racist or True Blue Aussie?

    Now us Pauline the long lost cousin of the guy in the US or the miner in WA? Either way both keep their distance
  14. Sustain

    Equality gone totally mad

    So men have to now walk on the red?
  15. Sustain

    National women's day today.

    She is still an untouched maiden? I do prefer the downfall as now I appear normal