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  1. Shenni

    Just had offer for the house !!!!!

    How do you get mouse price to alter details on your property as it lists mine as a 2 bed but even when I bought it nearly 10 years ago it was a 3 bed ....... any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. Shenni

    Aussie chip shops

    I bought a piece of fish near Manchester about 3 weeks ago and got charged £4.70 and it was soggy, broken and no taste............ sorry but give me fresh cooked fish and chips anytime
  3. Shenni

    win my property

    Hi I would like to tell you that Benjamin R won the cash prize and the raffle is now closed. Regards Shenni
  4. Shenni

    Foods I hate

    Mushy peas.................. yuck
  5. Shenni

    is Australia more expensive than UK

    I bought a car in the UK last month and some road tax is now over 400 pounds depending on the emmissions that the car has then you have to insure it ........... and depending on where you live that is a nightmare......... one lad I work with was charged £3000 to insure his car ......... 3 years ago I bought a car ..... a little micro for a second car and was quoted £2500ish to insure that one and I had only paid 350 for it........... needless to say I did not go through that company but still was slugged over 600 pounds, I gave the car away a month later to a friend who lives down south and she was quoted 99 pounds and yet in my area there is very little car crime
  6. Shenni

    is Australia more expensive than UK

    When I am in Brisbane , I fill my son's 11 cft freezer with prime cut meat for under $200 at a wholesale butchers shop and I have not found anywhere in the UK where I can do that. I regularily travel to Brisbane and do the weekly shop and unless I take my son when shopping can do a weekly shop to include BBQ's and entertainment for about $150. Shop around and forget the UK prices as you are in a different country and there are different shops but some familiar ones such as Aldi's and there is also costco .. I used to regularily go to a shop that was called half case and buy staples at a reduced price. Also if you can get a ABN number it allows you to shop at wholesalers............ Things like fridges and freezers are dearer but you can negotiate prices if you want to ...... you cannot do that in the UK.
  7. Shenni

    moving to north lakes brisbane

    Yes Bald Hills is an older suburb in parts,I have owned a house there for over 30 years and it does have a lovely feel to it but there are also new areas ...... but I would not buy on the Bracken Ridge side of Bald Hills due to it being built on old flood areas...... .............. try Bridgemans Downs, Aspley along and behind Mandrell Terrace, Brighton and Taigum, Petrie is an older suburb as well unless you by in the built up area or around Lake Kuwongbah and North Pine Dam..... you could also try Cashmere and Youngs Crossing ............ if you want acreage ........ or if you want an outstanding house you could always buy the land and build http://www.realestate.com.au/property-acreage+semi+rural-qld-kurwongbah-108671516 or this one if you do not want land with it http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-bridgeman+downs-111855823 http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-bridgeman+downs-111761319 These last two are a easy drive to St Pauls
  8. Shenni

    Pesky kids.

    I think its about 120 now ........ they cannot all be wrong ..........
  9. Shenni

    moving to north lakes brisbane

    If you are looking at schooling in Bald Hills why not try Strathpine, Bald Hills and Bracken Ridge........ or even Joyner and Bridgeman downs ..... travel from Eatons Hills to Bald Hills for the school run could be heavy on traffic. There is also Albany Creek and Aspley with the older houses and bigger land areas
  10. Shenni

    Brisbane areas for our 2013 move

    try Brighton or Sandgate on the north side...would he be driving to work or train will make a lot of difference. Lots of older style queenslander houses in these suburbs.... not far from Redcliffe and one of the nicest fish and chip shop in Brisbane
  11. Shenni

    Nick names

    mine by choice in its complete form means old woman ............
  12. She may be one of the richest women but she is going senile ........... She is so out of touch with reality
  13. Have a look on seek.au as they have jobs listed for nurses and just put in the sunshine coast, but guess the Nambour hospital would be a reasonable one to work at if they have any vacancies in your chosen area/ field
  14. Shenni

    win my property

    Hi I would like to thank the 3000 odd people who have visited my thread about my raffle on here, I would have liked some more tickets sold, but am going to do the draw on the 1st of December. Tickets are still available.............I will have to do the alternative draw of the cash raised so far as there are not enough tickets sold for the house. Get in and buy a ticket .......... someone will win on the 1st of December
  15. Shenni

    marriage before emigrating!

    If you did not get married before you go ....would you come back to get married or would you marry after and have limited family present? Which option would you prefer?