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  1. sehmi101

    How bad is the flight really?

    Have done two round trips from Perth - Birmingham in the the last 6 months with a 2 year old. The key for me was pre-planning in terms of my sons sleep patterns. We stopped in Dubai each time for 12 hours and checked into Millennium Airport Hotel which is 5 mins from the airport and they let you book for the day only which is cheap (book directly with them). My tips would be to stop yourself looking at the in-flight map that shows you how long is left until arrival and also just think of the air miles that you are collecting So all in all the flight isn't bad and we've got one more to make in August and then we're stick to going to Bali for our hols :biggrin:
  2. sehmi101

    Where do we start?

    Jay we were in the same position as you 8 months ago, advice would be research research research and ask as many questions as possible....also recommend getting in touch with an agent who can do an initial assessment for you (should be free). Remember you don't have to use an agent to apply. :smile: Good luck!
  3. sehmi101

    Job Hunting from the UK

    Your points are very valid and it was short-sighted of me to assume everyone who applied would be committed to moving. Dec/Jan was a rough estimation and of course if we found a job sooner we would move earlier.
  4. sehmi101

    Job Hunting from the UK

    Bell - Thank you, yes will certainly try that (have registered with Seek and other direct agencys). Snifter - valid points Freckleface - we are hoping to move in December or early Jan 13, surely if we have gone through the long process of obtaining a Visa that shows our commitment to move, maybe employers don't know or care about the process? Rob - That's brilliant, good luck and thanks for the encouragement. We've been applying for 1 week so will maybe give it a few more weeks to see what kind of feedback we get
  5. Visa granted this week, however I am hoping to secure a job before making the move out to WA. My question is will a Australian Employer consider me if I am not in Australia yet? Any advice welcome and much appreciated. (btw I am a fully qualified Architect with 6 years experience)
  6. sehmi101

    176 Lodged June 2012

    :biggrin: Visa granted on 13th Aug, applied at the end of June...so glad we applied ourselves without using a case office. Thank you to this forum for all the advice and help...our case officer was also brilliant. Now to the next step of finding jobs and moving out to WA.
  7. sehmi101

    Migration Agent or apply myself?

    Brilliant thank you for the link, would that mean I'd have to stay in WA for at least two years?
  8. sehmi101

    Migration Agent or apply myself?

    Thanks Candy, just need to get the next step confirmed and you're right I may give it a go myself
  9. sehmi101

    Migration Agent or apply myself?

    My question is I have the following: Skills Assessment Approved (which I didn't use an agent for) 20 pts gained in IELTS Total points 65 In light of the above please could I have some guidance on the next step...from the research and immense help on this forum I am going to apply for a subclass 176 visa. Would you recommend using an agent to ensure everything goes smoothly or if I was to go it alone what would be the steps? 1. Choose a state and apply for skilled sponsorship? 2. Once approved apply on immi for visa 176? 3. Sort out meds and police checks. Would greatly appreciate some advice.
  10. sehmi101

    AACA Skills Assessment

    Hi, not been here for a while...I have rang them twice they said all is fine but still waiting on the approval to come through!!!! I will be applying for WA. For those who have had it approved how is the rest of the application going? Any agents you recommend? I didn't use an agent for the Skills part.
  11. sehmi101

    IELTS Exam 18 February 2012

    Congratulations to those who got the scores they wanted, some amazing scores...I took the test 18/02 in Rugby, score L 9 R 8 W 7.5 S 9 Overall 8.5. I checked and AACA require minimum 6.5 however hoping to get state sponsorship so not to sure if W 7.5 will effect things too much? Waiting for my skills assessment (applied first week in Jan 12) to come through soon and then will look for an agent to help with the rest of the process. Good luck to everyone yet to take the IELTS
  12. sehmi101

    General vs academic ielts

    If you get below 7 on a particular section do you have to take the whole test again or only the section you failed on?
  13. sehmi101

    AACA Skills Assessment

    Bump! Where are all the Architects?
  14. sehmi101

    AACA Skills Assessment

    Posted my skills assessment to the AACA yesterday, anyone done this recently and comment on how long it took them to get back to you with a result please?
  15. sehmi101

    Calling Oz from your mobile

    Brilliant thanks all, sky time has sorted me out.