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Found 197 results

  1. Guest

    Calling all ACT PIO'ers!

    I was thinking the other day when I logged in and saw a few ACT SS posts that there seem to be alot more people applying for ACT sponsorship then what there was when we applied.... So i thought i'd start a thread for all us Canberra PIO'ers to discuss where we are with the applications or actual move! And then hopefully organise meet ups in Canberra through this thread... Well where should I start.... We have our visa and are currently trying to sell the house.... headache central!! There are 5 of us moving, me (Emma, 22), my dad (11026 on this forum), my mum (not on PIO still trying to train her up on a bluming computer) and my 2 sisters (1 is 17 and the other is 20). We have to validate the visa by February but we are hoping to move for good in January Anyways I'm hopefully going to go to Canberra Uni and my dad is going to get back into some IT related job haha!! Be good to hear everyone else's story.... YAY ACT :jiggy: BOBJ > No sarccy comments about canberra please haha!
  2. ok! hi all. this is how it goes. I'm Irish and living north of Brisbane with my wife and 4 kids for the last 6 weeks. We would love to meet up with families going through the whole emigration thing and swap stories maybe even have a pint or two. so if your like us and feeling a bit isolated and looking for a connection with home, drop me a line. we can reassure ourselves about how good things are in aust and how bad they are at home. :wink: (only messin). so if you feel like talking, drop me a line. cheers
  3. Hi, I am a UK Pharmacist and moving to Victoria in June/July. I have already passed the CAOP exam and the next step is to complete a 152 hour (over 4 weeks) supervised placement. I am finding it very difficult in finding a placement. Is there anyone on PIO who has completed the APC process and could give me some contacts who may be interested in offering me a placement? I am on a 176 visa and will be moving to the SE suburbs (looking at Mornington peninsula, and SE coastal areas) and will be willing to travel upto an hour for a placement as I am desperate! I have e-mailed the large companies, but havent received any replies! I am currently a Pharmacist manager in the UK, but will be willing to accept a placement in hospital pharmacy too if I am unable to secure a placement in retail pharmacy. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you Vanessa
  4. Guest

    Calling all those on a 475

    Hi there I am wondering if anyone can help - I have received my grant letter for my 475, the wording on my grant letter is "this visa is valid for a period of 3 years after the date of first entry" however on the visa entitlement page on the online system it states: visa grant date: 12th jan 2010 visa expiry date : 12th jan 2013 enter before date : 12th nov 2010 entries allowed: mutliple entries to and from Australia during the validity of your visa must not enter after: 12th jan 2013 period of stay : 03 years stay on each arrival my thoughts were that I could do a validation trip later this year and then do the move summer 2011 and have 3 years from summer 2011 - is that correct as it doean't appear to be the case if I read the grant letter??? Help pleaseeeee!!
  5. Guest

    Aussies calling brits poms

    I am in Australia from manchester and I don't understand why Aussies call Me a Pom. I am told by Aussies that POM means Prisoner of Mother England. That would mean the first Aussies where the POMs then not us Brits. Wouldn't that make Aussies POMs not Brits? I never hear Aussies call other Aussies POMs not even their own forefarthers and people desended from Brits.
  6. Mr Fabricator

    Calling all metal work trades !!!

    Hey guys , and female welders ( PC ) Vetasess forms submitted 3 weeks ago and agent suggests a result back 5 weeks from now . Im a Anzsco 3222 sheet metal trades worker However thats all the info he and i know , its like talking about a secret society with regards to test centres , test days , format of trade test etc . Any info at all . In the area of test station locations Cost of trade test duration what do u havto do , format how often do they sit these test days any other info at all Agent says they have absoloutly no idea on anything and hopefully some info will come through with my skills assessment . Im not " worried" about the test TBH but would be nice to know something so i can prepare a little and factor everything into my schedule. Maybe im just a control freek ?? Ta in advance . lee
  7. sehmi101

    Calling Oz from your mobile

    Can anyone recommend a cheap pre-dial number to use from mobile phones (Orange)? Phone bill is killing me at moment, thanks in advance.
  8. Hi All, From one Mum to another I would like to try and set up a network of Irish friends so that we can be e-mailing etc before I and others like me get there mainly for support,advice and also to give hope to Irish Mums already there who may be feeling a little homesick. We hope to be in OZ within the next three months all going well. I'm 38, hubby 40 and three kids 18,16 and 12. Not sure that the 18 year old will come with us yet. Looking forward to hearing from you all.:smile:
  9. Do you want to make a difference in your local community? (PERTH AREA) Silver Chain was founded in 1905 and has been growing ever since. We currently have over 2,500 employees and volunteers and we deliver 1.2 million hours of care to people living in Western Australia. Every year over 40,000 people rely on our wide range of services to help them live an independent life. Silver Chain Home Hospital currently provides care to over 650 patients a day who would normally require hospitalisation, providing treatment for a wide range of conditions. RN Opportunities – HATH team If you have acute clinical assessment and time management skills and want to work in a supportive interdisciplinary team then talk to us. Our opportunities which do NOT include night duty are available throughout the Southern Metropolitan area and Peel. Silver Chain Clinical Services provide nursing care to clients in their own home or in a clinic environment. RN/EN Opportunities – Clinical Services If you have experience in, assessing and managing patients with complex needs including wound, ostomy, continence and diabetic care and enjoy working in a team environment we want to hear from you. We have flexible day, evening and weekend rostering patterns with positions available south of the river from Fremantle to Peel and across to Armadale including the outerlying areas. Our nurses enjoy the freedom of autonomy, ever changing work environments and delivering care from start to finish. Silver Chain offers sponsorship to successful applicants as well as a comprehensive orientation, training and specialist support, andprovide generous salary packaging (earn up to $16,050 tax free per annum). Please send your expression of interest or application to recruitment@silverchain.org.au or call +61 9242 0242 and ask for Laura Knight in Recruitment.
  10. Hi my names lee i'm 38, my girlfriend is in the process of getting a 457 visa as a childrens nurse in syndey to start in march i will be coming over as a defacto on her visa. really need some advice/help about work. I have 8 years experience roofing cladding although this was a few years back. what evidence/paperwork do i need ive got a cv an can easily get references. Or what would i need to do to get work? THANKS
  11. Hi My husband and I are applying for a 175 Visa (he is a joiner). We havent progressed very far (first stage of Vetasses passed!), but considering the current frustration and waiting game we are all playing. I thought it would be nice to make friends with others who are going through the same (selfish I know!). Please post if you would like to stay in touch and share your experiences so far and in the future! Thanks Lisa x
  12. My husband flew out for Canberra today & wanted me to ask how/what you're doing for the derby on October23rd. He's an Aussie but has been here for 9 years & is a huge Man Utd fan & won't know anyone in Canberra so if you fancy a pint or 3 he's your man. He'll be working in Braddon, living in Karabar. Just PM me your email addy and I'll pass it on, or I can give you his if you prefer I'm being the go between as he's not yet on the website lazy so and so. Ta!
  13. Guest

    Calling all Welshmen and women

    Hi Cometh the hour. Does anyone know of a Welsh pub in the City or close to Mornington. Or a great rugby pub to watch the game on Saturday.
  14. I think we should have a whole thread set aside for stuff to do with digital media, networking, wifi and all that. To start the ball rolling........... Does anyone know about cheap alternatives to the iPad? Has anyone tried having a wireless media set up in their home? How does it work? What are the best ipad TV apps you know of? to answer the last question, I've got an ABC iview and BBC iplayer app for ipad and they're both brilliant. Unfortunately the 4od app is unavailable in Aus, so watching stuff like Inbetweeners, Misfits etc needs to be done via itunes or a proxy server. TBH I can't be arsed with proxy servers and don't even know if they can be used on an ipad.....
  15. Was wondering if there are any Glasgow Rangers supporters on here in the Brisbane area??? Celtic fans do not reply...
  16. Hello can anyone help me find copies of these study books: Australian/New Zealand Standards 3017:2001 Electrical installations - Testing and inspection guidelines Australian/New Zealand Standards 3012:2010 Electrical installations - Construction and demolition sites Any help finding these will be gratefully received. I already have some study material if anyone is interested. Many thanks Duggy 281
  17. hi gang, could anybody please help, i am about to apply for registration in Vic, but am having difficulty in finding out (or understanding website) on registration fees, i have seen that as an overseas nurse i have to send $220 but cant see what else i have to pay for... Any newly applied nuses could you please give me an idea.... Much appreciated. Jim
  18. Guest

    Artarmon calling !

    Anyone local to us wishing to meet and buddy up potentially ? I am 39 Kelly 33 and Stanley our little one is nearly 3 and are looking for similar sorts to meet and allow the kids to play whilst we enjoy what Sydney has to offer over coffee or a beer once in a while ! Love to hear from you :fish: Simon
  19. hello folks i have applied ve 175 in 2007 and have been waiting since then.Pcc and medicals have been submitted and i come under PG3.I had enough.Now i am considering calling my case officer.. Have anyone ever done that ? Any Thoughts would be really appreciated
  20. SteveinOz

    Townsville Calling

    Hi All We will be moving to Townsville on 29th July and would love to meet up with any other Brits in the region to hopefully glean as much information from them as possible. We will be staying in a holiday apartment until we can get a house sorted, have 2 weeks to do it!! Also have a car hired for the first week so hope to get one bought as soon as possible, any tips? We do know that cars can be quite expensive when compared to the UK. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steve & Gill
  21. kellyjamie

    WA have come calling!

    i swear i couldnt have made our migration journey up! and this morning it took yet another twist.................................... we booked our flights to brissy and some accomodation, then planned to head on down to tassie start life etc, anyhow those of you who know us will recall last year we were offered an amazing opportunity of job and relocation package to Esperance in WA by the dep of corrective servs to have it revoked due to HR issues, so we get up this morning switch on the comp to check emails etc and low and behold jamie has an email from the PA of the area manager who had offered us the job, asking how were doing and how our plans are going, she went onto say they have a position coming up soon and would jamie still be interested??? if so she,ll keep in touch and let us know whats happening!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?? it was totally out the blue never expected it at all it was over a year ago, but if its anything like the last offer we would be insane not to accept it, even if only for a couple of years, the package last time was a job offer with salary of just under $70k, a house provided rent free for the first 3 months then half our rent paid in a house of our choice for the remaining year, flights and shipping paid, so we will see what tomorrows email brings, honestly i couldny make this journey up:twitcy: oh and to add to it my 14yr old son was knocked off his bike by a car last nite, hes totally fine large lump on his head few cuts n bruises but VERY VERY lucky according to docs, someones looking out for us:angel_happy_face_ha
  22. gaunty

    Calling Victoria plumbers

    Hi All, Not sure where to put this request for info so here goes. I'm a plumber/ gas fitter. Got case officer and going through medicals with SS to Victoria and want ot go to Melbourne 'burbs. My UK Gas Safe certification runs out in a couple of months. Is it worth also doing my LPG conversion as part of my recertification over here or not to bother at all- is it needed in Vic? Regards Gaunty
  23. Guest

    Calling DIAC - Instead of agent

    Calling DIAC WILL ANY WAY AFFECT OUR VISA APPLICATION? I called DIAC to know about my visa status and my agent is telling contacting them will sometimes affect your application. Any trueness ? tonymm
  24. trying to ring diac in adelaide, opens at 9.00am their time, ive been trying to get through for the last hour hr but it keeps saying its closed .... frustrating isnt the word ... any ideas ??:arghh:
  25. Guest

    Calling DIAC

    Hi All, Is there anyone who is using an agent who has called the DIAC themselves to check on progress of there application? Am wanting to call them tonight myself but am worried they wont speak to me as we have employed an agent. Thanks :smile: