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Found 11 results

  1. I'm having trouble finding an answer to my question! :arghh: Hopefully there is a savior amongst you loyal seamstresses. ( Get it? threads?a hur hur hur...) Anywho, I'm a Canadian that was in Sydney on a HWV gearing up to do my regional work. I was leaving my last 3 months of my visa to do said work, silly silly, before deciding what to do after my first year was up. Sadly, sick family back home in Canada forced me to make arrangements and leave Australia before I could even begin my regional work. After making my arrangements I left on the 10th month of my HWV. Now 8 months have passed, family is on the mend, so here is my question: Is there a way for me to do the regional work now? Thus in the long run being able to apply for a 2HWV? I miss Australia terribly and want to come back ASAP. I've looked at other visa options, but I don't qualify for most of the other options, and I just don't know if I can come back anyways without having completed the mandatory regional work. I was curious if using the 6 month visa would be a way to do that, or a bridge visa? I just want to do the regional work. I'm stuck! I feel like I may be SOL, but any advice or even just confirmation of my fears, would be appreciated. :notworthy:
  2. Hi all I am currently on 417 working holiday visa and looking to get on a 186 visa, my company has never sponsored or nominated anyone for visas before. So before i mention visas to them, i was wondering does anyone know what the employer requirements are before applying for a 186 or know a website outlining the exact details for this visa? So if they ask me questions about it, i can show them exactly what they will need to do thanks
  3. Gday all Very complicated set up I have British Passport Married to an Ozzy for 13 years - 2 Ozzie kids with passports For various reasons need to get to Oz in October Am working on a UK TV show in Oz on a 420 visa in November Spoken to Oz Embassy - they say I need to go into Oz with my Spousal underway... hopefully 420 will be extended to October by ITV to allow for my early departure. Then... I will need to get a tourist visa after the job is done in December to stay in Oz until after christmas - I will then fly back to the UK to do a job in the UK for a Month maybe 2 in which time I hope my spousal would be completed and come through.... As you can see it is not a simple set up... Do you think I should spend the money on an agent and will they be able to help me out... if yes... any recommendations? Jake
  4. Hi everyone! I have been in Australia for nearly 6 months and have quickly realised that just 1 year here isnt enough, so I need to do the regional work to extend my visa. After looking at the list of jobs that qualify as regional work, I can see that I would be best off going into the mining industry as I can work within my trade. Can anyone point me in the right direction on who to contact? Iv spent hours looking, and every time I think im getting somewhere it turns out to be a third party company who wants 1000's of $ before they even trying to place me in a job. Any advice would be great! Thanks, Marc.
  5. Guest

    Where do we start?

    Hello everyone, My name is Jay, 31 and my fiance is Amy, 18 we have a 5 month old baby and we are seriously thinking about moving to Australia but don't know where to start or how much it would cost. I am a painter and decorator and have been doing this for around 8 years although I don't have any qualifications, would this be a problem? Also where is a good place to move to, we would like to be within an hour from the sea, ideally a suburb with good schools. would appreciate any help and advise, Jay
  6. Guest

    Partner sponsored Defcacto visa

    I have been gethering research from Immigration about our situation regarding the Defacto visa process, if anyone here is or was in a similar situation I would love to hear from you all: My partner and I have been in a defacto relationship from July 2011, we have have evidence of living together from 26th of July. Our relationship is recognised Defacto through the Defence Department as he is in the RAAF. Our problem is that I have to leave Australia on 11th July as that is when my current visa expires (I was on a WHV until April, now on an ETA visa) of course I don't want to keep entering the country on a tourist visa and risk being turned away, plus I can't not work for much longer! The week after I leave my partner has to go on a military exercise for about 6 weeks, hence why he cannot travel with me. My plan is to apply for a Defacto visa in the UK once we reach the 12 month mark, however I am worried that they will see us as not living permantly together. I have phoned immigration many times to get different opinions and have been told that as long as we have evidence of this work exercise and we can prove we are in contact etc. we shouldn't have a problem nad that they underdstand that couples can not always travel together. I have also been told that stating 'visa conditions' as a reason for not being in the same country is acceptable. We have lots of evidence of our relationship; defence recognised, holiday, finances, insurance etc. and feel we have a strong case. But these few weeks being apart our really starting to confuse and stress me, it seems it may just depend on the case officer and how they interpret the legislation and policy. If anyone has been in a similar situation please advise, I am trying to get as many opinions as possible. I do not want to throw money away by applying in the UK and then being told that we do not meet the requirement despite having all the evidence to show our relationship is genuine and continuing. Thanks
  7. We are in a bit of a dilemma Both my wife and myself are very keen on migration from the UK to Australia, however we are really struggling with the visa minefield. The main issue seem to be around our qualifications. I am a Quantity Surveyor/Estimator, with 5 years’ experience, however I do not have a degree, only an HND (level 5 NVQ) in quantity surveying. I have worked in main contracting and specialist sub-contracting. Along with this I have over 10years operational management experience, again with limited qualifications. My wife is currently working as a Management Accountant for local government, with 6 years’ experience, however only has Accounting Technician Qualifications. We both have extensive and detailed CV’s. The problem we are finding is both our respective professions seem to require a minimum of degree level education with experience accounting for little or nothing. As yet we have not taken any professional advice, this would be our next step If there is anyone out there who has been in a similar position or has any advice, any info would be helpful. Please excuse our naivety as we are very new to the whole process
  8. Hi all I have been in OZ for nearly 2 years, i have decided to stay and im trying to get back into carpentry again. I completed a Carpentry apprenticeship in the UK and have a NVQ II qualification in site carpentry and 5 years experience. I have been trying for some time now to get my qualifications australian recognized but getting nowhere, the info i get basically says i need to complete another apprenticeship to gain the equivalent:no:, there has to be an easier way surly. Any Help would very much appreciated. Thank you
  9. Guest

    help on a few things

    :wacko:Hi me and my family are hopeing to start our immigration to oz real soon,we are thinking of going to Adelaide,just worrying about the cost of everything as all we are hearing is how expensive the cost of living is there.My husband is a vehicle sprayer and was wondering if anyone new abouts what earnings they got. Also we have three young children and i will want to work myself as a hairdresser once settled in but no clue on cost of child care.And do you get child benefit or any help in oz at all. Can anyone help please,Scott and Kerry.
  10. hello fellow poms I am going to keepy a running diary of my journey through the next few months. Im leaving in three weeks so i will keep you updated about leaving friends and family, the shippers and then Oz itself. More than anything i am going to go in to as much detail about the schools there as i know thats everyones worst fear! hopefully ill be able to keep you all positive. If you need to ask questions ill be more than happy to answer. If youd like it to be more private then PM me and ill give you my email adress. Hope this will help all. This will probably help people over the age of 11 more than anyone as i am 16 and starting high school. Hope this is reassuring. Aimee :cute:
  11. Guest

    help a pom please!

    Hi all im new to this, im up sit creek n dont know which paddle to use!! Ive been here since oct 2008 on a working visa, and my visa is going to run out 20th oct 2010. I met my partner april 2009 he is an australian and we planned on applying for the defacto visa but its very expensive! We have just opened a business together so money is very low and we are struggling to get the business going. Is there a cheaper option? can he sponsor me as we own the business? I dont know how i all works and im papping myself im going to get sent home and we will be apart. Have i left it too late? what happens if i cant get the money together? Please any info on how i can get answers or help is much appreciated. naive, blonde and northern- oh im screwed!!