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  1. dinkydoo

    Shipping of Liquid goods

    I had a tub of Vaseline inside a plastics draw set that we had filled with with odds and ends inside the container, the Vaseline melted and then set again all over the draw because it had fallen on its side in transit. That was a messy job to clear up!!
  2. dinkydoo

    Bedding in Spotswood quarantine?

    The cats in spotswood have a bed box with a lid on with some fleecy bedding in it.
  3. dinkydoo

    How long in short term rental?

    The short term rental that we are staying in allows pets. We have been here now for 7 weeks, 5 of them with our cat. We were turned down for one long term rental because we have a cat but he next one we applied for we were successful with. Luckily the landlord is a cat lover/ owner too! Just waiting for our furniture to arrive then we will all move to our new house, hopefully without too much stress!
  4. dinkydoo

    changing cats diet prior to quarrantine

    I had the same concerns when Ozzy was going to be in quarantine and he was a fussy little blighter before!! In quarantine he didn't eat much the first few days and I think this was out of nervousness. However after a few days he started eating the dry advance food and I got him the same stuff for when he came home, now he eats it and enjoys it and I give him one pouch of whiskers a day split into two meals as a treat. In the UK he would of had 3 a day and not much dry food. So he's doing well so far. The only reason I gave in and gave him wet food again was that when we brought him home he was a it nervous and went back to not eating much! I think they will eventually eat when they are hungry!
  5. dinkydoo

    Victoria SS

    We are in Berwick. We initially wanted to be by the sea but it wasn't really ideal for where my hubby works. We are used to ocean beaches and waves and the bayside beaches are not like that so we decided that it wasn't worth the extra money for rent there. We just drive to a beach at the weekend if we want to see the sea!! The weather hasn't been great recently though
  6. dinkydoo

    Victoria SS

    I'm keeping him in at the moment because the cottage we are staying in is in the countryside and I think he would get lost, we are moving in to our long term rental when our stuff arrives in the next few weeks. Then I will keep him in for a few weeks and then decide whether he can go out or not. He was in quarantine for 30 days. We are settling nicely thank you, although I can't wait to move in to our house and have familiar things around us. ​Where are you thinking of settling when you come over? Or have you not got that far yet??
  7. dinkydoo

    Victoria SS

    We arrived 5 weeks ago and yes we brought our cat with us, was a bit traumatic for him but he's a sensitive cat anyway!! He's settling now after a few weeks of hiding under the bed!! If you are using a pet shipping company I can recommend Pet Air, they were great. ​
  8. dinkydoo

    Victoria SS

    We applied for SS last year in my husbands occupation of engineering technologist and it took 19 weeks for a positive outcome, our agent told us because it wasn't a popular occupation the panel didn't get together very often to assess. So I guess if you have a popular occupation it will be assessed more quickly because they get together more often.
  9. dinkydoo

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    Hi Emma, he seems a bit better now, he's eating a bit more than he was but still hiding under the bed quite a lot. We have a feliway diffuser and spray, not sure if its helping! We used them in the house before we moved out as well. And when we get the keys to our new place I will put on I. There before we move in. I guess it all takes time! Good luck with collecting Finlay. X
  10. dinkydoo

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    Ozzy isn't very happy. He has sulked under the bed for most of the week. He has a few minutes of running around but he's seriously moody!! He has been on dried food in quarantine so I bought the same food, he was happy to eat it for a day then started refusing to eat it, knowing that I would give in and give him some pouch food, so I started giving him half a pouch a day, now he won't eat anything!! Im hoping that if I ignore him he will eventually eat the dried food! He is certainly making me feel bad!! He will probably just get used to the holiday let and we will have to move to our long term rental!! Wish he would be his cheeky self again. I might regret saying that!!! But at the moment it's not easy seeing him so sad and lethargic
  11. dinkydoo

    Household Items for Sale - Melbourne

    Where are you based? Have sent you an email
  12. Is the vacuum still available?
  13. dinkydoo

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    Glad they are all home safe and sound now, Ozzy has been a bit better today after a night of jumping around on the bed and meowing very loudly at us! He's quite comfy on the sofa next to me but every time I move he follows!! I'm sure he's going to be fine with lots of cuddles. He will just about get used to the house we are in and then we will be moving into our long term rental in a month or so!! At least he's got a bit more room than in quarantine !!
  14. dinkydoo

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    We went to collect Ozzy this morning at 8am, he cried all the way home in his crate and as soon as he got in the cottage he had a quick smell around and went to hide under the bed, he hasn't moved since! Thinks its going to take some time!! Poor little chap!
  15. dinkydoo

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    Yes we are looking forward to collecting him and helping him readjust