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  1. Hi everyone, I was one of the unlucky nurses that has a Diploma HE and got refused by AHPRA, I am over here in Australia, and I am having a nightmare. I thought I would be able to get plenty of work as an AIN and be able to save for the bridging course and get it done. But in fact its been quite the opposite, im scraping about for any job these days, and my savings have taken a battering. There seems to be plenty of Aged care and AIN jobs but as soon as they see my cv and see that I am a nurse, they don't want me, as they know I wouldnt be there long. Also it seems here in QLD that unless you have a certificate 3 in health care, you wont get a thing! The bridging course is the only way I am going to be able to get out of this mess, because as soon as I do this course I can re-register with AHPRA and then start picking up jobs again, which are plentiful as a registered nurse. But the sticking point is the fact that it is $12,500, and I have no way of getting that money. I can't even get a loan from the bank as I dont have sufficient work or income for them to lend me money! Its all so annoying, does anyone know of any institution that let them spread the costs abit, or offered any kind of financial assistance? Its a long shot but I thought worth asking? Many thanks Sarah
  2. Hi all, Just a quick question about Peregian springs as a place to live,All the videos and photos and research is showing it as a lovely area to bring upA family. We love Sunshine Coast anyway but it's been 10 yrs since we have been there, Just wondered what it's like? Any info? Also what Is the school like Peregian springs state school like?
  3. Nursebucko

    AHPRA registration advice

    Hi, im like you have a diploma from the UK, I have my ahpra application pending atm, did they not refer you to bridging course? As there are quite a few bridging courses in Melbourne?
  4. Thanks everyone for your very helpful opinions and advice. I think we can safely say that is out then. Lol I shall continue to look around the sunny Coast area, will try the nambour and others suggested next..but if not we may have to look living closer to brissy. That is of course if AHPRA ever get back to me!! Grrrr! Thanks guys
  5. Hey everyone, im just bouncing options around in my head. But it has always been our dream of living on the Sunshine Coast, In particular the buderim area. We have our visas granted. Am just currently looking at jobs. Mater hospital in South Brisbane have expressed an interest and I was wondering how hideous the commute would be? I see on Google maps it says an 1hr without traffic...wondered your thoughts? I don't mind commuting if I get the dream of living on the sunshines Coast but I also would like to be realistic. If if it isn't do you suggest any nice suburbs that are commutable which is family friend.y with good school?
  6. Thanks for replies and helpful suggestions , yeah I am in a chicken and egg situation really, as I won't have a job yet as I need to do this bridging course first to be able to register so I can get a job. I think we will just keep saving and at least try to get half of the money in savings before we leave. I'm hoping my husband will have a job secured by the time we get there, so at least one of us may be able to secure a credit card with the remainder of the money needed. Snaik - I applied to AHPRA in February. It's been about 5 weeks now, and they have received all my paperwork and has now gone onto the next stage of processing. God knows how long it's going to take for them to say no. How long did your application take for your referral to bridging course take?
  7. Sorry one more question. I have been reading the literature on their website about the course, and I can't see any details about payments. When and how do you pay the $12,000. I see you have to pay 50% deposit..just wondered what else is involved. Im struggling to get this together, I was wondering about getting a loan on arrival but that would be doubtful if I'm not employed. Just would be easier if you can spread it out. thanks and sorry for bombardment of questions x
  8. Hi everyone, My family and I are planning on moving to Australia this year, as permanent residents as we got our 189 visas. I am a nurse and currently applying for ahpra and it's looking likely that i will be referred to do a bridging course. This unfortunately is going to cost me approximately $12,000 which we hadn't originally factored into our emigrating costs, so I am thinking of getting a loan when we arrive with the banks. I already have an ANZ account, which I transfer money to regularly..what is the chances of being able to get a loan that quickly? Arghh!! If anyone can offer advice, as without doing the bridging course I can't register as a nurse to work!! Many thanks sarah
  9. Thanks for the info, that's a great help. I will contact them. . I am coming to Oz with my family, hubby and 2 boys and we are ideally looking at the sunshine Coast. So what I'm hoping for then is to fly into melbourne stay with family for the first month do my theory and then once that's done. Head up to queensland and do the rest of the course up there in a hospital up there. Ill drop them a line then. How are you finding the big move? You have a similar timeline as me for applying for stuff. We are just still in the UK saving money but we have til November to get over there... But I'd like to get over there a lot sooner. Whereabouts in Brisbane are you? X
  10. Hi snaik, this is really helpful as I have applied to AHPRA and am waiting for the reject as I am dip he trained too so have been looking at bridging courses. We want to move to queensland but after exhausting all options of trying to find bridging courses over there. We resigned ourselves to thinking we may need to move to perth. As I found out about the one they have over there. So I would be really grateful for the details of the college you have got into, as I have family in Melbourne so could stay with them if necessary for the 4 weeks. It is all such a hassle isn't it?! I can't believe how difficult Ahpra make it for you to re-apply and shelling out all this money is absolutely appalling. Are you doing any work whilst you are doing this course like a care assistant or anything? I'm just worried about how we can support ourselves whilst I'm doing the course?
  11. Hi all, I have a telephone interview for a nursing position at the above hospital on Tuesday. Just wondered if s anyone had any tips for the interview or even any feedback about the hospital itself?? Feeling very nervous. thanks sarah
  12. Hello, i am seriously at my wits end as to what to do, i knew all these changes were happening with ahpra, I watched how the horrible drama unfolded. I fortunately wasn't one of the ones caught in the cross fire of mid application. However, I was in the process of the visa so too late to back out now, not that I would want to. But I now have my 189 visa much to our relief, we are heading to sunny queensland in August/sept ,my problem is this...I have a diploma he in adult nursing. So ahpra will not register me, I have not applied yet. BUt I just know they will refer me to a bridging course, the problem I have with this course, apart from the fact that it's ridiculously expensive and actually get no formal qualification for it...but the main factor for me is there are none in Queensland!! So now what?? I looked at topping up up over here, actually started open uni, but what with the process of emigration, 2 kids and a full time busy job, I just couldn't do it..the work load to top up a degree in just I one year was unimaginably ridiculous! I am a usually a very determined multi tasking hard working mum that would always strive for a challenge like that, bUt it beat me hands down! I had to quit it. so I am back to the drawing board, I have looked at topping up in Oz? But the courses I looked at I am not sure if ahpra will accept? so is there anyone that can offer advice? Have ppl been finding plenty of assistant in nursing jobs at all? As I am clearly going to be looking at that when I get over there just to get some money in? Anyone done the bridging course?? Or any other way to beat this horrific ordeal??
  13. Nursebucko

    189 Visa Lodged October 2014

    Thanks all! Ashlie - argh the dreaded form 80! Hope you get your grant soon! Albatrose - I haven't logged into my immi account, every time I did it just said in progress. I just got an email from them last night attaching my visa grant! X hope yours comes through soon
  14. Nursebucko

    189 Visa Lodged October 2014

    I was just about to go to bed......and ping went my email and there it was direct grant!!!!! Over the moon!!!! 10 years we have waited for this!!!! So, so happy!! Now I have to go to bed as I have to get up in 5 hours and do a 12 hour shift and not tell anyone!! How hard will that be now!!! Arghh!! Good luck everyone hope yours comes soon xx
  15. Nursebucko

    189 visa lodged September 2014

    lol a human! I thought as much...I only started to wonder as I remember my invite to apply came during the day. But I think that was a automatic email that kicked out. Brilliant I shall just try to relax now and wait with everyone else. I thought being busy in December with xmas things my mind would be taken off it abit...but nope! Lol i did just take a look at the tracker and it certainly seems close now! Bet you guys are so relieved now you have yours? Xx