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  1. Bradley1986


    Mine is Stonnington
  2. Bradley1986


    I needed to supply another police check as mine had expired.
  3. Bradley1986


    Does anyone know an estimated timeline from approval to ceremony in Melbourne? Applied 23 Feb 21 Test 13 May 22 Approval 09 June 22
  4. Bradley1986


    Hi all, Advice please, I am gathering all my original documentation for my interview on May 13th. I cannot find my police certificate, unsurprising over 12 months post application. Should I request another clearance to bring with me to the interview or would I be OK without it? I haven't left Australia since 03/01/2019 if that means anything. TIA
  5. Bradley1986

    Timeline Victoria

    I applied 23rd Feb 2021, still not heard anything status says 'received'
  6. Bradley1986


    This is a great idea!
  7. Bradley1986


    I am coming up to my 12 month application anniversary for Melbourne (Feb 23rd) does anyone have an idea of where they're at from a processing time perspective. My application is still at 'received'
  8. Electrician Vetassess UK Skill Assessment 27/03/14 IELTS 19/7/14 Results L8 R7 W8 S8.5 EOI 189 submitted 05/08/14 Invited 11/08/14 PCC 01/09/14 Lodged 01/10/14 Medicals: 11/10/14 CO Assigned 24/11/14 189 Granted 20/07/2015 Citizenship applied 23/02/2021

  9. Bradley1986

    People in Melbourne waiting - let’s unite

    Can we include when people in Melbourne applied. It would give us an opportunity to understand how big the delay is. I applied in Feb 2021, but I can see from other threads there are people waiting much longer than this. With processing time for applications via conferral being between 9 - 16 months, they will not look into your case when you call for an update providing its within that window. You just get told to wait. My application has never moved passed received status.
  10. Hi all, I am looking for some advice for those who have made the move and those making the move this year. My OH and I had our residency 189 visa granted in July 2015 unfortunately we had a sudden death in the family and it made sense to stay a little while longer to support our loved ones. Nearly 2 years later we are planning to emigrate in July/August of this year to Melbourne but we find ourselves in that limbo of how much is enough to start from scratch. We have the benefit of previously living in Australia for 2 yrs on a WHV so understand how expensive things can be and also how long it can take at times to find work but this time its permanent and we want to make sure we have the best start. Anyway enough of my rambling I suppose my questions really are - How much do we realistically need to have saved to make the move? This includes renting a property, car, cash flow until we find suitable work (I am an electrician and my OH is a Project Manager in the automotive industry. Any advice welcome
  11. Bradley1986

    Passport name change offshore, how?

    Thanks will try that. I sent a copy of my new passport plus marriage cert. If they had processed it how would I know? I tried a vevo check with my new name but nothing came up still there on my maiden name.
  12. Bradley1986

    Passport name change offshore, how?

    Hi all, Since my visa has been granted I have got married, I have updated my passport but I am unsure as I am offshore who I need to speak to at immigration to get my visa updated with the new details. I have had a look online and I can only change my passport number but if I need to change my names I complete a form 929. I have done this and sent it into the Brisbane GSM team but I have heard nothing back. Does anyone have any advice on this process? Thanks
  13. Bradley1986

    Residents return visa??

    They only reason they wouldn't be able to come back would be if the visa was coming up to expiry and they had not lived and worked in australia for 2 yrs therefore not being eligible for the RRV
  14. Bradley1986

    Residents return visa??

    For RRV you need to have lived and worked in Australia for a min. of 2 years out of your 5 year visa. (This is my thinking not officially confirmed)
  15. Bradley1986

    189 Visa Lodged October 2014

    Hi all, Very happy to say, we got our grant this morning. Could not be more happy! But one quick question if anyone is still on this thread. We've been given our entry date but our visas and medical will have expired by this date, is this correct? As I have previously heard that you have to have valid police checks and medicals when you enter the country? Thanks,