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Found 23 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have applied for partner visa in the UK this week. My husband (sponsor) is Australian citizen by birth and also British. He’s not lived in Australia since 1992, and has been living in the UK since. My question is - would my husband need medical check and to complete form 80? As both are not listed as requirements in the sponsor application. Many thanks in advance for your help
  2. Hello, We (myself and de facto partner) have applied for 407 visa. Should we upload these forms pre-emptively or just wait to see if we're asked for them? And if we do upload them should just the primary applicant complete each form or do we each need to do each form? Thanks Dan
  3. JD3006

    Form 80 travel history

    Hi, currently filling out my F80 for my perm res app. in relation to the travel history. In the UK when it was in the EU you didn’t need to use a passport. So I don’t have any history in my passport of those trips. Also don’t have any written down anywhere.. 10 years ago I didn’t have this plan so recording things like that wasn’t on my mind. I I’ve all the major international trips ok. what if I can’t remember all the trips? cheers
  4. Hey, I have been with my Australian partner for 7 years and we've been living together for the last 2.5 - 3 years. Before that it was trips back and forth and a year when I was on my work and travel visa 6-7 years ago. The issue i'm facing is that I worked cash in hand during that work and travel year. The other 6 years are fully legit. Do I put those jobs down on my form 80? Do I really have to go back 7 years? I was hoping to have substantial focus of my evidence for the last 3 years.
  5. Hey, wondering if anyone can help. I lodged my 186 visa yesterday and when I log on today it has a section about needing the health requirements. Do I do this straight away, or wait for a case officer to be assigned and notify of when I should do it? Also, should I upload form 80? Or wait for a request for it? Thank you
  6. Sam Boardman

    Form 80 Travel

    Hello, I'm currently filling in the dreaded Form 80. Under the International travel/movement section, do you have to include time spent in Australia? (As it says countries outside Austraia) Also does it automatically assume you would be in the country of your residence/citizenship? (So in my case it would be the UK) The wording is a touch confusing but I'm guessing I don't need to include every year/visit/time spent in the UK. Any help would be good Cheers
  7. Hi everyone, We have lodged our 190 application in June and front loaded all our documents including medicals and police checks as advised by our migration agent. I had asked the MA about form 80 and was told that we probably won’t be asked for it as we are from the uk so a low risk country and had never worked abroad either. So my question is has anyone had a direct grant without submitting form 80?? thanks! ?
  8. patrickc

    Completing a Form 80

    Hi all, So the general advice seems to be -its best to fill in the form 80 and include at the beginning of the process to speed things up just a bit stuck on the travel history for the past ten years - how specific do you have to be? I couldn't recall dates of holidays from almost a decade a go- I would be lucky enough to recall the month and year! I also live in Northern Ireland so frequently travel throughout the UK and Ireland - does that count as international travel because technically I could do all of that travel by car and without a passport if i wanted to? Really worried about filling it in wrong and then adding months on to the whole process- I am not getting any younger lol
  9. Hi! I have already submitted my FORM 80 but now I have realised that I need to amend some stuff. Now is it possible to resubmit my form again considering the fact that I have not submitted my FROM 80 a long ago? Please suggest!
  10. Hi All, Couldn't find one for October, although I am a newbie to the forum. 189 Visa application lodged 01/10/2014 front uploaded all documents including police checks. Medicals 11/10/14 now just the waiting game, hoping to make the move 2015! I have read on a few forums about the form 80, I have completed it but not uploaded it. Has anyone else done this? Thanks!
  11. joshbay84

    Is Form 80 required for 189 visa

    I have seen in some threads where people have been asked by CO to provide Form 80 for 189 visa. Does that rule apply even now (in this cycle after July 01)? Can I just proactively upload this form to avoid any delay (if any) this may cause? That form is too cumbersome :-( Joshua
  12. catatemyfish

    Form 80

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post but I have been using the site to research for a few months now. I have a quick question regarding the form 80. I have seen it reffered to quite a few times in relation to application for a partner visa but I cannot see it mentioned in the partner migration checklist. Is the form no longer required? Many thanks, Fiona
  13. Guest

    Form 80 (19 About your PARENTS)

    Hi every one, one question about the Citizenship or nationality details about my parents. My father was born in 07/01/1942 in Kolkata, India and he migrated to Pakistan in 1948 but he cant remember the exact date of all the nationality granted and he dont have any record about when he become the citizen of each country, so is that appropriate to give the comment on Question.37 or leave the Citizenship or nationality details about my parents blank ? Pls let me know if you have appropriate answer for this. Thanks in advance Rmansoor
  14. I finally filled in the Nightmare form 80. Does this need to be certified ?? Did anyone get theirs certified ?? Any advice greatfully received :-) :confused::chatterbox::laugh:
  15. Guest

    Form 80

    Hi, Can anybody on here explain the need for form 80 and why do some need it and not others? We have lodged our application, with what i consider shed loads of information to back up our relationship, not to mention we are married with one child and another on the way. It seems not many on here have needed to fill this in, however our C/O contacted us last week to advise receipt of application, advise timings (the usual 3-4 months) and asked for further info, one being form 80, the other to elaborate on a police check query (it was a petty drunken caution in the teenage years) Also the form 80 in lots of places requests what you have already advised in the initial application! Just curious (and a little nervous if honest!!) as to why we had to fill it in and others havent! So here starts the long and winding road! :jiggy: Thanks all mands
  16. Hi everyone! I have an other question related to form 80. Does anyone know what does it mean exactly: details of contact in Australia?! Do we HAVE TO write in somebody? Or do we HAVE TO fill out all the three possibilities? Thanks in advance! Annamaria
  17. Guest

    form 80

    Hi Guys, I have a question with form 80. They ask for the names/DOB of my siblings. The thing is, that I have one brother, one half sister and two step sisters. Do i have to mention all of them in the form, or just my brother??? I have never lived in one household with them (except my brother) - if that count something. Thanks for the replies in advance! Annamaria
  18. HI, My CO haven't asked for PCC and Meds. All he asked for is the Form 80 for me and my wife. But I have arranged PCC and Meds and also uploaded them along with form 80. Is it gonna be a problem? Thanks, Rubab
  19. I've finally been assigned a case officer (woohoo!). I lodged my GSM 175 back in June 2009. So now I've completed the form 80 and have my penal clearance ready to go! BUT... How do I go about submitting the forms? Do I "attach documents"? - have penal clearance certified (do I need to certify form 80) - scan certified penal clearance & original form 80 & attach documents? I remember reading that they want the ORIGINAL penal clearance...is that right?
  20. Hi all So we heard back from the High Commission in London, finally, after two and a half weeks of waiting. We emailed them (they replied literally within minutes of the 48 hour timeframe they said they'd reply in expiring), and we rang them (1 pound a minute to listen to recorded stuff we already knew!). The dude on the other end of the phone sounded like I'd disturbed him and then was quickly ready for a fight - I just wanted to know what was happening, if we had a case officer etc... anyway, after Mr Droopy Drawers had explained to me that he couldn't tell me anything due to privacy laws as it's my fiance's application etc, he came through with a slightly helpful item: the phone number and name of our case officer. We then rang said CO, only to get voicemail... Definitely not by coincidence, they emailed today - all bad! They want form 80, which quite frankly sucks in a big way, but we all know that I'm sure. There's other stuff they want to but I won't bore you with those details... Sorry for the vent! :arghh:
  21. Guest

    Form 80??!! Help!

    Okay, so what is this Form 80 malarky?? I'm confused, as heaps of people submitting partner category visa apps seem to be either submitting this form with their apps or being asked by COs to submit it - it's a yukky, horrible, long, difficult form (at least in my and my fiance's situation) and I'd love to avoid it! :unsure: Can anyone shed any light? Have you been requested to supply it? Did you just put it in with your initial app? Is there anywhere in the instructions for application that explains how and why we need to do this one? Thanks in advance! Kat :confused:
  22. Guest

    Form 80 - character assessment

    Hi everyone. I'm applying under 457 visa. Me and my partner and two kids are set to start a new life in Perth sometime in September. We're done the medical and my visa application been lodged online on the 26/05. Then my agent two days later, for unknown reason and yet not requested by DIAC, requested that I fill in form-80 as she thinks DIAC will ask for it anyway - becasue I'm dual national (besides been British for over a decade, I'm a citizen of another high risk country). I've been to Australia twice under 456 visa on short business visits, but been also to Russia, China and the US on multiple/long business visits. Filling the form is a nightmare because I don't remember all of the addreses I've lived in the past 10 years, or what I've been donig since I finished school in 1992 - I cannot even remember where I've been to last weekend! But what really worrying me the most and I'm losing sleep over is the possible delay to the visa application, which may pi** off my 457 sponser and push him to withdraw employement offer - and the whole thing comes crashing on my head as I've already handed my resignation to current employer and my proposed last day will be end of August.:arghh: I'm afraid that I'll be high and dry. I don't know what to do, or how long it will take before I hear from DIAC. Any suggestions, please? Thanks.:cry:
  23. Guest

    Help with form 80!!

    Hello, We have been asked to submit form 80 in order to complete the subclass 309 application - and are struggling - (I am the Aus citizen, my partner UK) he has to list exact dates for every time he has travelled within the last 10 years - does anyone know if this includes EU travel for UK citizens? As it is not stamped in his passport he really doesn't know how to get the information required - for example he knows he went to Venice, Paris and Amsterdam last year but has no idea of exact dates!! Especially as 10 years back takes him to 14 - how is he possibly going to remember exact dates of travel at 18?! Am also wondering whe it asks about have you, or anyone included this form had a conviction, or been found guilty of etc - I have had a driving offence that went to court a few years back, am I included on the form (as the sponser) or is it just referring to any dependants that may be on there? Does anyone know if it's a good or bad sign if they ask for this form? Thanks!!