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    Is 60000 a year manageable for family of 4 ????

    I used to be a panel beater, many years ago, its a lot of cash, $60k for a panel beater, what type of work is it, what is the company, i will look into it for you....Is it car restoration, or sheetmetal work?
  3. Blackcab

    Very complex scenario ( unsure what to do)

    Here's my reply for what it is worth, my 65 peneth.......The first thing you have to do is find some kind of work, not only for what you will get paid, but more importantly how it will make you feel and who you will interact with. You will make contact with people, who will treat you hopefully in a way which makes you feel part of something. This will lift your spirits, without any kind of medication, it will make you feel like you have something to be alive for. What you need to do, is go to Centerlink, and find out what training they will support monetry wise, so you can gain a certificate or license to carry out a role which will get you out the hostel, out into work and give you the freedom to get a place to call home. It may be a security officer, a taxi driver, anything....It will give you a purpose to want to pregress. Once you have your own place, you can maybe look at developing a social life, friends at work, male and female....But you must utilise the support Centerlink offer by way of gaining entry tosome kind of career pattern...Good luck, just remember, you will create your own luck, Black cab..
  4. Not a chance, just wanted a reaction, i would rather stick £10k on a 20 to 1 at Chepstow..............You are right the net is global, and i am poor in cash wise, but happy with what i do not have......cheers for the advice. You are correct......................appologies for coming across as a chancer, i am not.....
  5. Here's an idea, i went to a local garage/trader to day, told him my situation, he said he will/would trade in my old Polo for a newer one (£7k), and backdate the sale date by 12 months, no problem he said......I was quite surprised, i thought all data was held electronically, but he said, just tell the DVLA that i forgot to send off the documents.... Criteria satisfied, helo Oz....
  6. So in a nutshell, if i buy a new car i will get hammered for tax and duties, just not worth the extra costs..................................... If i take my current car, due to satisfying the qualifying period, it would be more cost effective, but i will still pay taxes and import duties. My current car is a £2k VW Polo, what will it cost me all in all to get it over there.... I was going to buy a £5k VW Polo, owned for a week prior to import, what would be a ball park cost increase due to not satisfying the ownership rule... Whats the best time to call you Perth time?
  7. http://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/content.aspx?menuid=0&doc=/content/47151.htm&page=4&H4 Imported vehicles - personal effects All privileged persons are able to import their personal effects, including a vehicle that they have been using in their country of residence or previous posting, into Australia for use during their posting, free of all customs duties, taxes and related charges. Help.....I am thinking of bringing a/my car with me to Australia. I am a UK citizen, i am also a permanent resident of Australia. I have been back in the UK for two years, i have owned my present car for the past 18 months. I can easily qualify for the personal import scheme on my return to Australia as i have never imported a car into Australia and i have owned the vehicle for the qualifying period of more than 12 months. But i am thinking of buying a better newer car to take with me, so i will only have owned the vehicle for a week prior to importing the vehicle into Australia. Can i ask, how much more expensive in costs/taxes will it cost me comparing importing the vehicle owned for more than twelve months to the vehicle i have only owned for a week. I know the personal import scheme is more cost/tax efficient, but how much. I just do not want to buy a new car, only to get hammered for import tax. Thanks
  8. Blackcab

    POM Taxi Drivers in Queensland

    Anyone got any contact details for any taxi drivers working for either the Gold Coast, Yellow, or Black and White Cab firms................. Pref..........email or landline number?
  9. Have to admit, great info thanks......... Regarding me in Oz, i have to go Pennytel Penny Sim, its just my missus family, well technology is not their trait. When she arrives, she will be calling all of them on their mobiles, no landlines. They will not register with Rabtel, so she will have to go the conventional route of associating a local call number to their mobile and get charged i think about 11 pence per minute. They would still be riding round in a horse and cart if it were not for the price of stable costs..... But i guess as long as she goes with a provider which offers unlimited calls to landlines within Australia, it does not matter... BTW which Vodafone plan has your better looking half got in Australia?
  10. The 10 pence, is that a Rabtel charge........... I ask because i gave it a go tonight, both currently in the UK, both currently on Orange UK, both have unlimited Orange minutes to UK landlines. She called me, i answered, then ended the call after 7 seconds, she stayed on the line, i called her back on the local Rabtel number displayed when she initially called me, we got connected, and talked for five minutes. I went into my Rabtel account, no charge, i went into her Rabtel account she got charged for one minute for the initial first call she made to me which i ended, the 7 second call......Is this correct? I was under the impression if you end the initial first call in under 10 seconds there is no charge at all from Rabtel? If both are registered Rabtel users with accompanying local Rabtel associated numbers?
  11. Thanks for the heads up, i am starting to understand this now, can i ask.......... She is in the UK, she has a smart phone, the Rabtel application is working on her UK Orange phone. She has unlimited UK landline phone calls, so can call any UK landline number for free, for as long as she wants to stay on the line. Me i am in Australia, i have a PennySim from Pennytel on my mobile phone, i can call a landline number either in the UK or Australia for 46 cents and stay on the line for as long as i want, unlimited for 46 cents a call. OK.....She calls me from the UK....... i am in Australia, i answer her call, then hangup, the call lasts less than ten seconds so no charge, she does not hang up, but stays on the line, i then call her back on the Australian local landline number Rabtel have associated to her in my Rabtel account, while she stays on the line, i hung up initially, but she did not. This is a free international Rabtel call, the only charges are the 46 cents i pay Pennytel because i pay for the local call rate at 46 cents untimed when making calls to a landline number in Australia, she pays nothing because she gets free calls untimed unlimited to any UK landline numbers, and Rabtel charge nothing because this is a free SMART call as we are both registered users of Rabtel and have local numbers attributed to each other in our Rabtel accounts.......She has a UK local landline number for me linked to my Australian mobile number in her Rabtel account; and i have a Australian local landline number for her linked to her UK mobile phone number, in my Rabtel account....... Does this sound right, we can call each other, stay on the phone for as long as we want, from the UK to Oz, mobile to mobile, for 46 cents in total....... Free call Make free international calls from your mobile phone. You won't need to pay anything to Rebtel. 1) Call your friend using the local number we gave you. 2) Ask your friend to call you back. Tell them to use the number shown on their phone screen (*** **** ****). 3) Stay on the line. Don't hang up! In a few seconds your friend will join you back on the call. Please note: You and your friend will pay your phone companies for the local part of the call. The international connection is free! http://www.rebtel.com/en/Services/free-international-calls/ To make Rebtel Free Call, simply call your friend using the local number you got from Rebtel. When they pick up, ask them to hang up and call you back while you stay on the line. You see, when you call a friend in one of the 50 countries where Rebtel is available, a number that is local to your friend is displayed on their phone. When they call you back up, the call is instantly connected and you can talk for as long as you like without paying anything to Rebtel
  12. Thoughts.......... Pennytel....get a PennySim, insert it into an unlocked mobile phone in Australia, you can call a UK landlined untimed for 46 cents from your PennySim mobile in Australia, so stay on the line as long as you want, no other costs. Obtain a Rabtel account, designate a UK land line number through your Rabtel account to the UK mobile you intend to call. Rabtel will charge you around 16 Oz cents a minute. So all in all for say a ten minute call, Oz mobile to UK mobile = 46 cents (Pennytel charge) plus 160 cents (Rabtel charge) = $2.06cents Thats about the best i can find?
  13. Anyone know, i will be in Oz, i need to call a UK mobile, whats best for me. I have tried Skype while here in the UK, i have it installed on my PC, the OH on her smart phone, but the quality is terrible, but i am on a donle and will be on a dongle in Oz. Pennytel looks not too bad? https://www.pennytel.com.au/penny-sim/voice-plans/go-global 0.38 cents a minute Oz to UK.........mobile to mobile
  14. Blackcab

    HELP-SKYPE Users UK to Oz - Smartphone to PC

    Samsung Galaxy Europa GTI5500 Here's my problem i think? I am running Android 2.1 (Froyo), i think you need to be running Android 2.2 (Froyo) to get Skypre working properly? There is no upgrade for my phone as of yet, i am stuck with 2.1, its just i an call via SKYPE, and people can call me via SKYPE. But my phone will not stop ringing when i answer the call, and i cannot end a call without shutting down my phone.
  15. Blackcab

    HELP-SKYPE Users UK to Oz - Smartphone to PC

    Had a little play, but my Samsung Galaxy Europa GTI5500 keeps ringing when i answer the phone, and i cannot seem to end the call.................Any tips with setting up these smart phones?