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Found 49 results

  1. Four weeks since putting visa application in and it's been granted. Packers coming on the 3,4 and 5th of Jan, flying out to Brisbane on the 10th. Can't believe it's coming around so soon, scared, sad and excited all in one go!!!:wink:
  2. debbie13

    eatons Hill- what's it like?

    :wideeyed:can anyone give their experiences of Eatons Hill as we are considering moving here in January.
  3. Engineers have said they were "stunned" to unearth a 17th Century cottage, complete with a mummified cat, during a construction project in Lancashire. The cottage was discovered near Lower Black Moss reservoir in the village of Barley, in the shadow of Pendle Hill. Archaeologists brought in by United Utilities to survey the area found the building under a grass mound. Historians are now speculating that the well-preserved cottage could have belonged to one of the Pendle witches. The building contained a sealed room, with a mummified cat bricked into the wall. It is believed the cat was buried alive to protect the cottage's inhabitants from evil spirits. 'Tutankhamen's tomb' Carl Sanders, United Utilities' project manager, said: "It's not often you come across a fairytale cottage complete with witch's cat. "The building is in remarkable condition. You can walk through it and get a real sense that you're peering into the past. "Even before we discovered the building, there were lots of jokes from the lads about broomsticks and black cats. The find has really stunned us all." Simon Entwistle, an expert on the Pendle witches, said: "In terms of significance, it's like discovering Tutankhamen's tomb. "We are just a few months away from the 400th anniversary of the Pendle witch trials, and here we have an incredibly rare find, right in the heart of witching country. This could well be the famous Malkin Tower - which has been a source of speculation and rumour for centuries.
  4. Hi there, I've recently moved to Sydney and am moving to the Bellevue Hill/Bondi borders in the next week or so. Back in the UK I used to regularly play netball and would like to play again here. Back home I used to play defence for a team in a local league and matches were fortnightly. As above I'm looking to start netball again and would like to play for fun and to meet people! Any suggestions? Thanks, Nats
  5. woodstockdoc

    Bardon to Eaton's Hill

    Hi All, The wife and I have provisional job offers in Eaton's Hill. Having researched different areas we were thinking of living in Bardon or nearby Paddington. Distance wise it appears to be about 15kms but I would appreciate any advice about whether or not this would be a difficult rush hour commute and are there bus/rail links between the two. We are bringing 2 kids under 5 with another on the way. Bardon appears to meet my wife's needs and with plenty of parks and facilities nearby the kids should be kept occupied. Keen to hear your thoughts Geoff PS we tend to like to live away from where we work which is why we are choosing not to live in Eaton's Hill otherwise said area would appear to be family friendly and have a lot to offer.
  6. Hi................ We are looking at these areas, basically because i would like to be near a big hospital as i am a nurse, i would like to be close to the night life in CBD, and CBD as my partner will be driving a cab for Black & White Cabs, and we can always hop on a train to the Gold Coast when we wish, being close to Roma Street Station... We are coming over for a year, maybe longer, but we will need a fully furnished two bedroom air conditioned house for twelve months, any thoughts and opinions most welcome. Look forward to meeting any expats when we arrive......... Any thoughts on this property? http://www.rs.realestate.com.au/property-apartment-qld-spring+hill-404812940 Thanks
  7. Hi all Does anyone know of a reasonably priced hotel in the northern suburb area of Sydney. It must be in easy reach of the CBD and also accessible to Castle Hill/Baulkham Hills. We have to validate our Visa by October so was thinking of a Holiday in August. Whilst there I wanted to have a look around the Castle Hill area hence my need to be in the north. I don't want a really expensive hotel as I need to save as much money as possible for when we move permanently. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Lisa :biggrin: OH Carpenter
  8. Guest

    Woody Point or Mango Hill?

    Hi all. Been looking at both these areas for us to go to. We are family of 5, 3 girls aged 15, 13 and 4. Were looking for somewhere not to expensive, dont want anywere to remote, near to beaches and shops and with having to teenage girls, somewere were there is plenty to do for them. Both areas look nice but would like opinions from people living there. Thanks:smile:
  9. Guest

    Meet up in Castle Hill?

    Hi We (myself, hubbie and 5 year old daughter) arrived from the UK just over three weeks ago and are currently living in Castle Hill, moving to Bella Vista next weekend. I understand there is a get together on a Tuesday at the Castle Hill RSL - does this still happen and, if so, what time? Would love to get together with other people and give my daughter the opportunity to play with other children (she is bored being stuck with just me!!). Alternatively, if anyone fancies meeting up for a coffee, let me know :rolleyes: Thanks Cara
  10. We will be moving to Brisbane in September and are looking to rent in Brookfield, Pullenvale, Chapel Hill or Kenmore Hills. My husband will be working in the CBD and I am hoping to find IT work there too. We have 3 children (aged 12, 10 and 10). My husband plans to cycle to work, but I am more likely to use public transport. Can anybody give us your thoughts on these areas and which might be best for us as a family to move to? Any recommendations on schools? They will all be in primary until the end of the year. Then our eldest will need to move to High School. Also what's the rental market like out there at the moment? Thanks.
  11. Hi guys, Trying to research the Perth suburbs - does anyone have any info about these two places? They seem to be good in terms of location WRT beaches/transport/CBD etc, and the rental prices seem reasonable. Are they nice areas? Thanks in advance Alix
  12. Hi! just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on Quakers Hill ? Ive noticed house prices are reasonable by Sydney standards. Am I right in thinking the area is semi-rural? Ive had a look on google maps, and the area looks quite pleasant actually a bit like where I'm living now in NE Wales ! Unfortuately Ive heard the area does quite badly crimewise is this correct ? I lived in Sydney for about a year and really liked it, but I don't think inner city living is for me! Any advice would appreciated Cheers Mark
  13. Hi all We are due to vist Sydney in August and I wanted to have a look around the local primary schools in the Castle Hill area for my son. We are not planning to move straight away so he may be 6 or 7 years old by the time he starts there. Does anyone have any experience with schools in this area that are worth looking at. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Lisa
  14. nicolaj

    Castle Hill - opinions?

    Hi all, just trying to get a feel for places to live when we move out to Sydney. Just looking at the rental property in Castle Hill, which seems quite reasonable for a nice house, much more reasonable than in the inner suburbs. How feasable is it to commute back into the CBD by public transport? Driving wont be an option as we shall probably only have one car between us to begin with.
  15. Hey everyone were due to move december from scotland to castle hill sydney, really looking to meet other families in that area we have two kids , also anyone in castle hill know of gymnastic girlguide and football clubs for our kids, whats everyones views on this area and schools etc ?? i cant wait, my husband will be working away a month on a month off , we have been in the moving precess 2 years, looking forward to getting there jodie stott
  16. leaving aberdeen for castle hill sydney Hey everyone were due to move december from scotland to castle hill sydney, really looking to meet other families in that area we have two kids , also anyone in castle hill know of gymnastic girlguide and football clubs for our kids, whats everyones views on this area and schools etc ?? i cant wait, my husband will be working away a month on a month off , we have been in the moving precess 2 years, looking forward to getting there jodie stott
  17. Hi All Am looking for some info. We are heading off to brisbane next year and looking into areas to live. My wife and I quite like the newbuild life and more modern housing so looking into newer areas primarily. Has anyone got any input / opinion on these areas above of other one's to add. Am looking into travel times to brisbane CBD, what type of links are avaliable. What services are within these areas. i.e. Shopping etc Thanks in advance
  18. Guest

    wheelers hill

    anyone out there in the Wheelers hill or Glen waverly area?
  19. Had the mother of all storms roll in this morning as i left broken hill, rain, thunder and flash flooding, got stuck on the highway for over an hour with water gushing over the road. so in true pommypaul style i got the camera phone out hehe note to everyone, don't drive through flood water!!!!! got lots of weight in my old ute, but a plastic modern car might not have faired so well.... 8L73h7Myoaw
  20. Hi, I have heard that Castle hill is a nice family area and you seem to get more for your money when it comes to renting a house there, I just wanted to know if anyone had heard anything good/bad about the area and does it have good state primary schools? Thanks, Kerry
  21. Guest

    New to Mango Hill

    Hi, my names Lindsey and myself, my husband Andy and our three girls (aged 1,2 and 4) have just moved into Mango Hill from the UK. We haven't been here long and we love the location. Andy starts work next week so me and the girls are looking to meet some new friends. If anyone would like to meet up please do get in touch. Thanks Lindsey
  22. Could anyone give me there reasons why they prefer to live in either of these regions please (and whereabouts you are in the region). Is it facilities, busy/quiet, cost of housing, jobs, landscape etc... Thanks Ley x:spinny:
  23. Guest

    Living in Box Hill North

    Hi! Moved from the UK to Box Hill North in November 2009, with hubby and 13 year old daughter and son 12years. Was wondering if there was any pommes living nearby who fancied meeting up for a coffee (or glass of wine!) Hope to hear from someone! Joanne x
  24. Guest

    Box Hill Melbourne

    We are soon to move to Melbourne with a new company and the office is located in Box Hill. Initially they will provide accomadation for around 6 weeks after that we need to look for a rental property for which they have allowed us A$500 per week. I have looked at the various online train maps as we want to live outside the city in a property with a large garden. Two area's which seem obvious are Belgrave and Lilydale due to being commutable. Does anyone have info on what we can get for A$500p.w. and what these areas are like. Or if there are surrounding area's just as suitable. We hope to be there mid february, plus i want to be at the Grand Prix Happy Australia day to you all Cheers Paul & Joo
  25. Hi all, Was over in Sydney for a 3 week business trip and managed to secure a house for rent in the Castle Hill area. Wasn't prepared for how competative the rental market is. Had to pay rent from now and we don't get to Oz till Mid Jan !!! Anyway - Coming for the UK obviously the houses in Oz are significantly bigger and the thing is that whilst we plan to bring all our furniture I think our new house will be a little barron. It has a Study / Rumpus rooms and a seperate family room etc etc. and more space that we know what to do with. My thought is that I could maybe pick up some 2nd hand sofas etc rather than buy new. Anyone got any thoughts on the best approach. I thought of e-bay /Gumtree but don't think we'll have a car big enough to move things. Is hiring a van cheap ? Are there any good 2nd hand shops that do deliveries ? Cheers Fargo