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  1. Mrs WebWeazel

    So slow...not laid back, more like horizonal

    My best was when I registered for an online government service and had to wait for my password to come in the post!! Seriously?
  2. Mrs WebWeazel

    husband to move to Oz before us, what do you think?

    Oh good luck! The kids and I fly out on Thursday - finally - after three months away from my OH (who went out end of May). It's been vile, even with Skype and Messengers. I will do my best to never have to do it again that's for sure. But for some people it seems to work, so I hope it's OK for you. Good luck with your new adventure!! Mrs W
  3. Mrs WebWeazel

    Your Last Text Message/message?

    Go for it
  4. Yup, I like costume jewellery. Don't have much of the real stuff, so don't have much choice! :wink: Mostly I like the stuff that isn't imitating gold or silver, but I have a few pieces that do that too. Scarves are my best - especially if they have fringes. I hope there'll be days cool enough for me to wear them in Aus!!!
  5. Mrs WebWeazel

    Yessssss!!! We got an offer!

    Oh Missus B, that's EXACTLY how I feel. I'm pretty sure there will be buckets of tears on the night before I hand over the keys. Ah well, eggs, omelettes and all that...
  6. Mrs WebWeazel

    Yessssss!!! We got an offer!

    Thanks for the good wishes everyone. I know the next few weeks will fly by! Can't wait to tell you all how we're getting on out there after all this time! :hug:
  7. Mrs WebWeazel

    Yessssss!!! We got an offer!

    What am awesome idea Kate! I'll be sure to do that - I can think of a few very worthy ways to spend the cash!! :wink:
  8. Mrs WebWeazel

    Yessssss!!! We got an offer!

    Hey Fiona, Yeah, Webweazel's sister, Cousin and Aunt and Uncle are in Perth, so we've got loads of support. And they're all very kind and generous, so we're very lucky peeps indeed!!! Mrs W
  9. Mrs WebWeazel

    Yessssss!!! We got an offer!

    I know Munchkinella - its the most exciting thing ever!! And my excitement doesn't have that much to do with Aus if I'm honest!!! :wink: P.S. No winter for me this year - how awesome is that?????
  10. Mrs WebWeazel

    Yessssss!!! We got an offer!

    Hi all, I thought I'd take a moment to give an update. I've not been on much - so so much to do!!! But yesterday we exchanged on the house so whoopee! We're really on our way now. Webweazel and I have been extremely fortunate in this process. Our house has sold for well over the asking price (and in fact for quite a lot more than the bank even values it at) so it certainly feels like it a 'meant-to-be'. We have to be out by the 10th August (eeekkkk!) and our flights to Aus are reserved for the 30th August. We can't wait to get there. Having your family split up is the hardest thing to bear and I don't recommend it to anyone. But I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end. Right, back to sorting things out... Watch out Perth - we're coming!!! Cheers Mrs W
  11. I love WDU - it rocks!!! :0) And I loved your post Walia - that was funny! Mrs W
  12. Mrs WebWeazel

    50 Shades of Grey- any ladies reading it?

    G, Can you say who wrote this one, please? It sounds interesting!:cute:
  13. Mrs WebWeazel

    50 Shades of Grey- any ladies reading it?

    If you're looking for depth of characters and a rock solid plot, then these are definitely not for you. But if you like an easy read and a bit of a page turner, then these might do it for you. Personally, I loved em but then I do think they're one for the girls!!! . Laters baby.
  14. Mrs WebWeazel

    Moving back to uk from perth in 1 month

    Thats MRS Webweazel to you dxboz! And panic is probably the wrong word, but you're right. I won't be comfortable with it anywhere in the world. Luckily, at this point, once we get to Aus, I won't have to be!! Hoorah!
  15. Mrs WebWeazel

    Moving back to uk from perth in 1 month

    Hey Hayley, My OH is in Perth at the moment (the kids and I are still in the UK) and its horrible being away from him so I can understand why you were not happy with the FIFO life. At one stage Webweazel and I considered him doing the FIFO thing, but after this experience, I am defo not going to allow that!! Good luck with your move back. The UK rocks!!! Cheers Mrs W