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    PR visa extension

    Yes, she is here at the moment but has a flight booked back to UK in March. Her boyfriend is waiting to hear about a sponsored visa and is hoping to come out in January. She is researching all avenues but I think the reality will be that there is not sufficient reason for her to be in the UK as opposed to here so I don't think they will give her a return visa. If she decides to stay here is there a limit on the duration and amount of times she leaves Oz on holidays until she applies for citizenship?

    PR visa extension

    Anyone had any luck securing an extension on their permanent residency visa? 25 year old daughter wanting to extend visa for 6 months but has only been out here for 5 months and not the two years to qualify for a resident return visa. Her PR visa will expire in July but she wants to move over in January next year. Is there a specific department she would need to speak to?
  3. Hi, just wondering if anyone has info on the 12 month visa. My parents would dearly love to stay over here with us but I have too many siblings in UK. They have been told they can come out for 12 months out of 18 each time to visit. Has anyone else done this visa and what is the visa called and how much is it? Also do they qualify for recipricol rights for medical treatment whilst they are here - is everything covered - or would they need private insurance bought in UK or Aus otherwise? Are they able to keep getting this visa after being back in UK for six months or is there a waiting time for them to apply for another 12 months out here? Hope that all makes sense! Thanks for your help everyone :smile:
  4. Hi, we would like to hear from anyone who has completed their builders license in Victoria. Trying to figure out the best way to go about it as there are lots of firms who charge to help you complete it and we are finding it very confusing as prices seem to vary so much. It would be great to hear from anyone who has done theirs or a limited builders license - I am a carpenter. Cheers

    Debt advice

    Get in touch with Step Change

    Help! Don't know where to start.....

    Hi and welcome! We moved to Victoria 18 months ago. Rent you will need a month up front for bond money that you get back when you leave the property plus either a month or two weeks upfront rent depending on the estate agent. We bought a ford falcon for $3000 as our first car but a cheap runaround with roadworthy you can get from about $1500. Our primary school were very easy going and happy for the two girls to start as soon as we applied. Some have catchment areas. We looked online at the areas and also at the school league tables. One thing I would say is that we shipped our stuff over and wish we hadn't spent all that money doing so. I found it hard to find a cheap argos type shop online for Aus but we found 'fantastic furniture' when we got here and realised how cheap we could have got a lot of nice new furniture. Also the charity shops here are amazingly well stocked for furniture and all sorts of household goods in great condition for a really cheap price - got a sofa for $50 and queen bed for $50 too, amazing quality. Keep surfing the net for location ideas

    Shipping a dehumidifier

    Brought ours over, no problem getting it shipped over but have never needed it. Too much ventilation in most of the houses in Victoria!!

    Uk carpenter do I take tools?

    My husband is a carpenter and said it depends how good your tools are in UK. You can charge tools up at home using an adaptor but you can't charge them on site with UK plugs and adaptors. You have to get all electrical goods tagged every 3 months by a qualified electrician for on site use. About 8 dollars an item. He got a few bits on ebay and facebook sales as we were pretty skint when we got out here but he wishes he had brought loads out with him. A lot dearer over here (Melb). It is all about power tools over here. He said he hasn't seen a hand plane or saw yet!!

    School qualification issues

    On the flip side of this, my daughter moved here after A levels and got great results but would have qualified for a scholarship if she had done her year 12 or IB here. As it stands she does not qualify for any help what so ever and not even hex (student finance) until we have got citizenship. Swings and roundabouts.
  10. The ratio of (adult) children in Aus v UK is 1 PR in Aus (me) and 3 other daughters in UK for my parents (hope that makes sense to you). Two of my sisters are from my mum's previous marriage and one is from my dad's previous marriage. I am the only one they had together. Does this have any impact on the ratio or are they all included in the calculation for a possible aged parent visa?
  11. SGHJLL

    1100 dial before you dig

    Handy to know: - When digging up garden you can ring 1100 'dial before you dig' for a free service that emails you plans of where pipes etc are so you don't hit the mains
  12. SGHJLL

    What do you miss from the UK?

    Miss boots No. 7 make up Marmite and PG tips - buy from selected Coles shops White goods expensive in Aus also books Haven't found anything I can't get that we need though it would be easier with Amazon - nothing compares to Amazon
  13. Hi My daughter is doing a Batchelor of Arts degree at Melbourne University this coming year and wondered if she would be eligible for a scholarship? She gets the domestic price for the course but will not get HECS payments as does not have citizenship yet. Anybody had any experience please?
  14. SGHJLL

    expiry of PR visa

    It says on the immi website that you need to have spent at least 2 years within the past 5 years living in Aus to obtain the returning resident visa?
  15. SGHJLL

    expiry of PR visa

    My 19 year old daughter has a PR visa. She has lived in Vic with us for a year and also spent four weeks with us in Aus when we validated the visas. She is returning to the UK to study law at Cambridge University but her PR visa expires July 2016. Her course does not finish until July the following year. Even if she returns for every holiday to Aus she will not have accrued the full 2 years living in Aus to gain the return permit - she will be about 3 months short. She is adamant she wishes to return to live in Australia after finishing her law degree. Also there is no way in the world she should give up her place at Cambridge. Is there any other way of extending the PR visa without having lived here for the full 2 years?