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  1. seanm87

    Debt advice

    I have recently come out of work and defaulted on my credit card. Can debts effect my PR?
  2. I've heard of a few people going onto a 28 day bridging visa when visa expires while they make arrangements to leave Australia and wondered if anyone knows anything about this? thanks, Sean
  3. seanm87

    DeFacto Help!

    Does anybody know if there is a way around the 12 months living together? If living apart do phone records and holidays count? Also would working away on the same mine sites count?
  4. seanm87

    DeFacto Help!

    Thanks. And can you register in one state and live in another? This is because I live in WA and don't think they register them.
  5. seanm87

    DeFacto Help!

    After reading the DeFacto information on the immi website my understanding is that it is a 12 month relationship and you must be living together but there is no specification on how long you have to be living together. I've heard different things from different people a few saying you have to be living together and have joint bank account and bills for at least 6 months. Can anybody shed some light on this please? thanks, sean
  6. seanm87

    Spouse visa price hike

    I've heard rumours the spouse visa is going up in cost to 6800 as of Jan 1st does anyone know if there is any truth in this?
  7. seanm87

    189 Partner Declaration

    I have just submitted my EOI on skill select. One of the questions is about relationship status, I am in a relationship but it hasn't been 12 months. Shall I answer De Facto or Never been married? Also it says do I wish to include a partner on future applications does that mean the immediate application if i am invited to apply or any future partner visas when my relationship is long enough to satisfy the De Facto criteria? Thanks,
  8. seanm87

    Refused 189 visa can i re apply

    Thank you very much for your reply. It is devastating losing the money but on the plus side I can re apply this was my main concern. I will definitely get my documents checked over after this experience.
  9. seanm87

    Refused 189 visa can i re apply

    I have been refused a 189 visa. Even though i have a skills assessment as i didn't have it through before i submitted my application i have been refused. Can i submit another application or is there a limit?