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  1. Hi there Looking for lodgers for our house. Can suit a family or 2 couples. Self contained unit and large bedroom with separate bathroom. location is Lilydale just by the lake one hour from the city. Message me if interested for for further details. Also posted on Gumtree for further pics and details.
  2. GreatToBeBritish

    Any thoughts? House sale fallen through ....

    sorry i have got dementia!!!! already posted thanks for your thoughts. I can't even remember doing it! night duty brain ..
  3. Hi Just interested in your thoughts really. We sold our house 'subject to contract' being the buyer needed to sell his house and he had until July to do this. A deposit of $100k was put down and a 'sold subject to contract' was put on the board. He has decided to pull out of the sale and has had his full deposit given back! He has taken his house off the market as he has changed his mind. We have however, offered to buy his house for the asking price but he has declined. We have been left out of pocket and we have not marketed the house for 4 months as he was buying it. How can this be that he has got his full deposit back with no comeback on his part? No one seems to be bothered! How can this be legal? Our solicitor is bloody useless.
  4. Hi there we accepted an offer on our house with a “ subject to sell” from the potential buyers with a $50k deposit. . Our buyers have now pulled out of the sale as they cannot sell their house. However, we have offered to buy their house so sale can go through. They have declined to accept the asking price for their house. Were in limbo now. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  5. GreatToBeBritish

    Taking dogs to the uk for 6 months of the year ..

    Thanks fir your replies
  6. GreatToBeBritish

    Taking dogs to the uk for 6 months of the year ..

    Hi i was wondering if anyone has done this ? I want to go to the uk for 3-6 months every year and want to take my dogs. I've just brought a house so I can spend half the year in melbourne the other half in the uk. I cannot be without my dogs. I know it will be expensive but that's how it goes. Thanks in advance.
  7. GreatToBeBritish

    Dog wanted

    Thanks Pom queen that's exactly what I said in my post!
  8. GreatToBeBritish

    Dog wanted

    Hi We have just lost our beloved 17 year old cocker spaniel. I have a 3 year old blue roan also. I would like another dog not too fussy about the breed. I will be going to the dog homes this weekend but just thought I'd put a note on here first. Happy to look after a dog if owners are going overseas. Anyway .... let me know if anyone us interested. I live in Lilydale Melbourne east. Thanks
  9. Yes it is a fully flexible ticket. Just done the name change online with zero problems. Glad someone has got a bargain.
  10. qantas obviously if I can't change the name then I won't sell it! I was told $50 for each way ... I will need to check this. If I can't change the name then I'm not the slightest bit bothered . No one has died ..... ! Worst thing would be that I've lost money for the flight. My fault for not checking my mum had insurance.
  11. I purchased a ticket for my mum to come and see us. Unfortunately she now cannot fly for medical reasons. Bargain ticket selling at $1000 via Sydney just need to pay for a name change ?
  12. GreatToBeBritish

    some links for finding temporary accommodation

    www.gumtree.com.au is also a great site and we had fantastic short term accommodation when we arrived in Melbourne.
  13. GreatToBeBritish

    To use a migration agent or not???

    Do it yourself. Of course the agents will tell you that it's better to use them! I found it pretty straight forward to be honest. Good luck
  14. Perhaps instead of coming to ED with a rash that you have had for 3 weeks, an ingrown toenail, a mild headache, back ache etc the list is endless. All minor stuff can be sorted out at a pharmacy, or the GP? However, if I felt like popping into ED to seek professional help then it would be appropriate to pay $7! And while I am waiting I could get myself a coffee, sandwich and bar of chocolate for $10. But this would be ok as I'll be too busy stuffing my face to think about the amount that I've just spent on food but never mind I'll still moan about paying a low fe of $7!!!!!!