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  1. Hi, A friend of mine who is currently working on a temporary visa in Senior Management with an Australian company in Melbourne, is looking for PR options. His company is ready to sponsor him and support his application. However before asking the company, he wanted to know the process and chances for his particular circumstances. Any recommendations for migration agents based in Melbourne having experience of handling ENS cases, that he can talk to. Happy to engage with any Melbourne based migration agent currently active in this forum. Regards,
  2. mext60

    Visitor Visa for Parents

    Hi, I recently applied and obtained 600 Tourist Stream for my mother. Based on that experience, my comments are following (Please note it might differ for your circumstances as others have said here) I applied for Tourist Stream, thinking that if that did not get approved then I will try Family Sponsored. My mother does not work and so I showed my finances (payslips and account statement in Australia) I attached a letter of invitation from my side, stating that I am inviting my mother to come and visit us temporarily and that she will go back to her home country at the end of the trip due to xyz reasons. It was a simple one pager. Yes, it is better to attach it. You should write as stated in above point. Not if you apply for Tourist Stream. Insurance is not required, but I recently bought health cover for my mother's upcoming 3 month visit (after the visa grant and when her travel dates were finalized). It cost me $420 for 3 months for a comprehensive cover that includes GP visits and 60% of pharmacy spend. Hope this helps. Regards,
  3. mext60

    Sydney Private Schools

    Hi, One of my friend has got a job offer in Sydney and he is currently living in Zurich and has 3 kids going to Private school. I wanted to know for him, the following, if someone can please help: 1. Fees of good private schools in Sydney per month or per year 2. Any recommendations of particular schools Regards,
  4. mext60

    Resident Return Visa

    Very happy for you Tom. Best of Luck
  5. Thanks everyone for your help. And yes my friend got PR grant before he got married, back in 2014.
  6. mext60


    Does not seem to be any prohibited item in the list, however all of these items need declaring. In my experience, it is always better to declare beforehand to save yourself any embarrassment.
  7. Hi, asking on behalf of a friend, as he is quite worried and want to launch a review with migration tribunal. He was granted PR in 2014 and did his reccie trip immediately afterwards and is still living outside Australia (though was planning to move now). After which he got married and in the last four years had two kids, he applied for partner visa last year and got it rejected this year due to a medical finding for one of his child. The finding was Mild Developmental delays, on the background of childhood epilepsy. He raised a request for health waiver which was rejected and thus the visa was rejected. My queries are as follows: Anyone with similar circumstances can please elaborate or guide what did they do? If he moves to Australia alone and find work and starts living here, what are the chances that in the next one or two years he can apply and get the partner visa (spouse & Children) for his family. Any migration agent here with experience of challenging such circumstances in migration tribunal and what are chances for success. My friend wants to have professional help on this if the advice is to challenge it with the tribunal. In such case, I will forward contact details of such RMA to him.
  8. mext60

    Success 6164 - Feedback

    Hi Everyone, as promised here is my feedback after living in Cockburn Central for around 6 months now. There is nothing to complain. The apartment building we are in (Vicinity Complex) is wonderful (though lacks gym or swimming pool). Before moving, all that we heard about anti social behaviour, fortunately have not seen any so far. I am away for weeks (sometimes a month) for work but OH enjoys the time alone in the suburb and walks to Gateway for her shopping and outings when I am not around. She also enjoys the fact that the train station is next door, so when I am not around she can go to the city or other places. The intersection & fwy entry is an issue sometimes like 5PM on Saturdays or Sundays, however trust me it is nothing as bad if you are used to traffic jams on Shiekh Zayed Road in Dubai. Greatest thing is 3 to 4 lakes close by, which we normally go to on weekends. I normally take a walk late night (9 or 10PM) from my apartment on to the North Lake Road and back and fortunately have not experienced anything bad. The only issues we had so far were due to the Police Station ? , because they left for a call with the sirens on after midnight and that woke us up. Very rarely drunk people screaming on weekend nights in the bar nearby (however that is normally not too late, around 9 or 10PM on weekends when we are also awake). Apart from that, everything is hunky dory so far.
  9. mext60

    Migrants saved Australia from Financial Crisis

    Because most of Australia's migrants are skilled migrants (Professionals), while in UK/ France most of the migrants were accepted under different streams and not under skilled migration.
  10. mext60

    Resident Return Visa

    Tom and others, Just wanted to update, I got my RRV (155 - one year) today morning. Regards,
  11. mext60

    Resident Return Visa

    Sorry to hear about your father Tom. May his soul rest in peace. I believe these circumstances are serious enough for DHA to consider your RRV. Wish you all the best. If you hear anything from DHA on your RRV please do update here if you can and I will do the same if I get any update on my RRV application.
  12. mext60

    Resident Return Visa

    Thanks Paul and yes that is the plan, to come back one week before visa expiry and then will talk to DHA again. In fact I also included a letter from my employer stating all my work related travel dates since my arrival in April 2018, showing that all my absences from Australia since April are work related and not personal. Have also attached payslips and PAYG summary and rental agreement for the house. What I suspect is that no one has even looked at the application as yet even after 14 weeks (at this point).
  13. mext60

    Resident Return Visa

    Thanks Tom and Marisa for your responses. I believe I was not very clear in my earlier message, I am now based in Perth and need to travel frequently out of Australia for work reasons (as I am currently also travelling for work but will be back one week before expiry of current visa) so my worry is that if I don’t get my RRV then my upcoming work travel in mid October will be jeopardised.
  14. mext60

    Resident Return Visa

    Hi Tom, I am in a very similar situation. I got the PR back in Sep 2013, searched jobs for years while still being outside Australia, had a few interviews but no success and finally landed in April 2018 on a position secured with the company I was working with outside Australia. Travel facility on my original visa was expiring in Sep 2018, so just to be careful I applied for RRV on 21st May 2018, my 12 weeks were completed on 10th Aug 2018. I called DHA on 13th Aug and talked to a lady who looked at my application and told me that there does not seem to be any update on the case. I told her that I will lose my job if I do not get RRV as my current job requires me to travel a lot in Asia pacific region. She gave me an email address and asked me to drop an email and said they will normally respond. Dropped emails to that address twice in the last three weeks since then but have not yet received any response. So worried now. Though my original visa is still valid for another month, but I am really worried that if RRV does not come back on time, I will have a huge problem with my job and perhaps will lose it.
  15. mext60

    Health and Safety NEBOSH

    Not necessarily in Australia. Cert IV in WHS seems to be a standard amongst OHS professionals here.