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Found 24 results

  1. immigrant589

    5 Year Resident Return Visa RRV

    Hi, I am living in Australia for 2 years (since July 2019) as Permanent Resident(190). My family (wife and kids) are also PR and living in Australia since March 2021. We received Permanent Resident in Feb 2017 and did an initial entry on Oct 2017 and went back after 7 days. My current circumstances are changed in last couple of days as my father had a stroke and is paralysed and also suffering dementia. My mother and father both are aged 75 and they desperately need me. I am in deep mental stress due to the current situation. Considering all this, I want to join my family in Pakistan, but since we are well settled in Australia and want to live here and return back after couple of years. I want to return back immediately within next month or so. Can you please evaluate my circumstances and let me know what are my chances. I want to have a 5 years RRV for my family. I lived for 2 years but family has lived for 1.6 years in Australia. Is there any chance that they can get 5 years RRV as well along with me considering circumstances. Is there any chance I can apply for Citizenship now or I should live for 4 years before apply? (PR = Feb 2017, Initial Entry for 7 days during 20-27 October 2017. ) Thanks and Regards
  2. scmercer

    Renewing returning residents visa

    We had our RRV issued last August and with Covid have not had a chance to travel to Australia. This has now expired. Has anyone managed to successfully renew a visa they couldn’t use due to Covid?
  3. immigrant589

    Resident Return Visa

    I am living here in Australia for almost 2 years and my family for around 1.5 years. Our PR is getting expired in Feb 2022, but due to some family problems (parents ailing health), I need to return back to my home country. Due to covid and travel restrictions, I can't wait here longer and even can't bring my parents here and don't know when these restrictions will end. I want to get a RRV for 5 years with my family, so that I can return back after sometime. To meet residence requirement for citizenship I require 2 more years in Australia which are tough at the moment for me to live here. Can I know if I and my family will be able to get 5 years RRV and what documents are required that demonstrate close ties with Australia. Would I family also get 5 years RRV despite they are living for less than 2 years provided if I get 5 years RRV as I am here for 2 years. I am really in a desperate situation and your help and response are highly appreciated.
  4. Hello, My Aussie partner and I left Australia in September and my first Resident Return Visa (RRV) expired in December. I was under the impression that I didn't need to apply for a new RRV until I was planning to return to Australia however, today i read something on the Home Affairs website that makes me question whether I should have allowed it to expire. As an Australian Permanent Resident, do you always need a valid RRV? Or are you able to allow it to lapse when overseas and apply for a new one when returning to Australia, as long as you meet the 2/5 year requirement when applying? Or would allowing the visa to lapse, result negatively? Many Thanks for your insights.
  5. laura.chesworth21

    Resident return visa

    Hey, This is a bit of a strange ask. I've scoured the forum and can't seem to have found anyone in a similar situation to myself. My whole family (mum dad brother and sister) uprooted to oz back in 2009 and have remained there ever since. We all went over on a permanent resident visa. Me being a stubborn teenage who thought they knew better decided to come back to the UK (I stayed in oz less than 2 years) I have remained in the UK ever since. I am now wanting to finally move to oz and hopefully settle there and will need to apply for a resident return visa. My only glimmer of hope is that my strong ties to australia (immediate family) all still live and work there and are settled. My sister is now an Australian citizen and has 3 children, my mum dad and brother are permanent residents still. My mum and dad have bought a house and work full time. I was just wondering if anyone could advise that this is sufficient enough for me to be approved for a resident return visa.
  6. emmadallas


    Hi everyone! Im Emma! im looking to return back to Oz next year (Jan 2021) i am a former PR of Australia as my family returned in 2008 after 6 months of being there. I am 19 turning 20 now. I’ll be 20 by the time i go. Im finishing my equivalent to the tertiary qualification at college. I have had internships and then will look for job in marketing (what i study) here after summer. When do you suggest lodging my application if i want to go in January? Considering I don’t meet residency requirements?. Also when it says “personal ties - you have an intention to reside in Australia” what does that entail? I want to live there but im not sure how to support evidence. However my profession is on the skilled lists and i have reasons of how it’ll be beneficial to Australia - should i look for a job before I lodge my application considering that the processing times vary? And i have a reason for absence. Does anyone have any idea when roughly I should submit my application? Thanks guys! Stay well!
  7. Tanwi

    RRV processing time.

    Hi, I applied for citizenship (2019), sat my test and am awaiting an outcome. Travel entitlement on PR has expired in July 2019. I am wanting to apply for an RRV for the Xmas holidays. How long does it take to process an application? I have been in Australia since April 2017. Got PR in 2014. Been out of country about 15 months in total. Different trips between 2014 to April 2019. Any idea how long an RRV may take? Thank you.
  8. Hi, The Travel facility on my GSM 190 ( SA State Sponsored) PR recently expired, I have manged to live in Australia for only 8 months in the last 5 years and that too on 2 different occasions. I do not have any employment ties, relatives and friends in OZ and hence unable to show any substantial ties with the country. I am still very much keen on moving to Australia and settling down there. How do I apply to an RRV and ensure that it gets approved ? Looking forward to some responses.
  9. clare27

    Resident Return Visa

    Just wondering if anyone knows why RRVs take so long to process? I understand that the more complicated an application is regarding substantial ties to Australia when not meeting the residency requirements the longer it will take but what is the actual process? Do lots of people assess the application? Surely they just read and review your evidence and then make a judgement? Are they incredibly understaffed????
  10. Tom Brody

    Resident Return Visa

    Applying for a Resident Return Visa (RRV) appears to me to have become a tad more difficult, or maybe it's my imagination. The time schedule for the RRV has just changed to 5 - 10 days, from 5 - 8 days. Not a big difference there so no worries. However the part that I find a worry is "Applications that do not meet the residence requirement will take longer to finalise than the published processing times advertised above. Processing timeframes for these applications can be up to 12 weeks." I applied for a RRV 6 weeks ago. I was in Australia and advised to just apply online via my IMMI account. I did this, and I had immediate acknowledgement and receipt of payment for $365. I don't qualify for a 155, but have mitigating circumstances which I think are applicable and permit me to apply for a 157 (3 month entry) I won't bore people with the details of the mitigating circumstances, safe to say these prevented me from returning to Australia as planned last year. I certainly fall into this category of not having been in Australia for enough days. I really do!! My days had been non existent since 2015 when I had to return home to UK. I went back to Australia in May as my current RRV at the time was due to expire and fearing the worse or being guilty of not activating a RRV granted to me, I made the trip down under and wanted to speak to an Immigration official to try to explain the situation. I was worried about the situation I was in. But I was told "not necesary just apply online through your IMMI account" I am now free of all matters which prevented me from returning, but I fear it is a year too late. In all fairness the Australian Immigration people have been extremely accommodating, sympathetic and kind with my previous RRV applcations. However I feel maybe their patience has been exhausted now by my own failure to return and settle as planned. It may just be a case of tough luck, bad luck and hard luck, but maybe my visa for Australia is shot. I take full responsibility for this and it is through no fault of the Australian immigration or anyone else. It's not really my fault, it is just the way fate has dealt my cards, which sometimes we have no choice but to accept. I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and had to wait 12 weeks to see if they are granted a RRV or not? I am doubtful now that my visa will be granted, and I may have to just accept that fate has worked against me, and it is not to be. The next few weeks waiting for an E-mail and checking my IMMI account will be quite tense. For the record when I flew out of Australia back to London, as is the normal practice, a Border Official at the airport kindly spoke with me in private and pointed out that my RRV was about to expire and handed me a leaflet. I explained that I had already applied for a RRV and showed her my acknowledgement and receipt. The lady was really helpful. She then told me that I could actually return without a RRV but that I would need to go to the departure airport very early and the airline then have to telephone Canberra for a Code to permit me entry. I was surpried by this as I had never heard of this before. I thanked her for this advice but explained to her that I would never do that, as I don't think that's a very good thing to do. Knowing the way the airline staff are in Heathrow, I wolldn't trust them to assist me, and I would be too worried about causing a problem, breaking the rules and the law and ending up with a ban.. It is however a contradiction in terms of practice, a genuine RRV application taking 12 weeks to process, yet a way in to the Country through a telephone call and a code from Canberra ? That's not for me as I have never abused the Visa system, or my status as a Permanent Resident and with my luck, I would probably get thrown into jail and never heard of again. ?? Regards, best wishes and good luck to all.
  11. AnnetteV

    Is there a risk of losing PR

    Hi everyone I'm wondering if anybody can tell me if someone have ever lost their PR due to leaving before renewing RRV or becoming a citizen. I have skilled migration visa and been here 1 year and ten months. My partner of ten years is Australian and due to his work we are leaving Australia end of next week. He has mental health issues and that is why I'm going with him now and not waiting two months till I can get a five year RRV. We might be out of Australia for 2-5 years and can imagine settling here again but I'm wondering if I can add his work commitment overseas and his mental health as compassionated reasons for leaving and wanting to return later, when applying for a RRV? Or can I list those reasons when applying for a RRV when my current travel facilities runs out? I have worked for the whole time being here, done a little bit of voluntering and I will continue to work for an Australian company when overseas. I hope it makes sense and I know you can only give your thoughts/advice but would be good to hear if anybody else has heard or experienced this themselves. Many thanks.
  12. Lostbuthappy

    Residents return visa

    Can anyone please tell me how long a residents return visa takes to process also if a 're entry visa has elapsed is it difficult to get back?
  13. Our PR visa expires next year. I would like to get my Visa extended for a few more years. What is the process and are the reasons to be very convincing for the DEBP ?
  14. Hi everyone, Im starting to become confused about certains facts regarding the subclass 100 visa. Im hoping someone can help me please? I know the visa is valid for 5 years and it holds permanent residency. If someone leaves Australia to go back to UK during the 5 year period and doesnt return to Australia before the expiry date, does that mean the permanent residency status is lost? We are completing a form 1085 for a resident return visa 155 in the hope we will be granted a 5 year one as we want to move back to Australia for good. Some of the questions on this form are quite confusing! One question asks about being in Australia for at least a total of 2 years in the last 5 years, but we stayed for 18 months on the 100 visa, that does not include a couple of weeks we stayed in Australia to activate the visa. So we were just short of the time frame, but we do have family ties to Australia and we have just come back from a 3 week stay. We are hoping that if we are granted a 155 it will be for 5 years and not 1 year. The residency part is what we want to be clear about. Many thanks in advance, any information is greatly appreciated. Xx
  15. pete fish

    Form1085 RRV 155

    Hi All, we are just completing an RRV as we would like to travel on holiday whilst waiting for Citizenship. Form 1085 is pretty straightforward but do we read it that if we confirm in Q29 ( that we resided in Aus for more that 2 years in the last 5) then we go straight to section C and do not complete Questions 30 and onwards ? It should be straightforward as we have lived and worked in Aus as PR for five years, but our visa expired last October and we didn't expect the Citizenship application to take so long. Thanks
  16. I just wanted to post a very cut down version of events leading up to our RRV being granted, the last post I made on Pomsinoz was to ask for an agent to help us in 2013. Back in August 2012 we were all set to leave the UK for Brisbane on our PR136 visa when my wife Tracey needed to have an urgent operation, this caused us to cancel everything including flights, quarantine for 2 dogs, accommodation etc. After her operation we only had a few weeks before our visas expired but Tracey was not allowed to fly for a few months so it meant that our visa's did expire. I called Australia House and explained our situation and they said we could apply for an RRV but I may require a job offer as our total time in Australia was only 9days which was our visa validation visit back in 2008. Since then we tried 3 migration agents (1 very well known on the forum) to help us through the process but none was willing to help or take our case until by chance I received an email in September 2014 inviting us to an Australian open evening hosted by Hannibal from Thames Migration in London, this was odd because I had never heard of the company before so I emailed back explaining our situation and a lady called Deepika replied asking for all the details of our case. A few days later she telephoned me and said they would be willing to take our case and sent us all the forms to start the process. During the next few months I managed to acquire a job offer through one of the agency's that Thames Migration recommended to us and this was added to our application along with all our other paperwork. Anyway our application was submitted and we got the visa granted a few days ago and are over the moon, we have now started to prepare to leave for Oz as soon as our dogs can be processed for quarantine. Thames Migration sorted everything for us and I cant praise them enough because without them we would not be getting ready to leave for Australia, from the beginning there attitude was very different from the other agents we had tried as our case was not easy and I am so glad we found them and I would totally recommend them to anyone. We are all Hoping to be in Adelaide by Christmas and look forward to meeting up:hug: All the best Phil, Tracey & Jessica :smile::hug::smile:
  17. shawon

    Resident Return Visa

    Hi Guys, I got PR in 2010 and only stayed in Australia for about a month and came back to my country (Bangladesh) after validating the initial entry. Since then I am living outside Australia. Presently, I have been working in USA with a job visa. My Australia PR visa will be expired in March 2015. Ideally I have to enter before that. But I won't be able to do so for my job here in USA. If I apply for a Resident Visa, will they grant me one since I never lived there? If I apply after my visa expires (say end of 2015) while I am outside of Australia, will they allow me to enter as a PR? I don't want to lose it you know. Anyone has idea how to deal with the problem? Thanks.
  18. Hi, My Dad has lived in Australia all his life. He was born in the UK, but moved out to Australia when he was a child and has lived there ever since. He has only ever had a British passport (still sticking to the Queen or something) Now he has come to visit me in the UK and meet my newborn son, but as it happens his Resident Return Visa has expired last year. He has previously had one and the sticker is still in his passport today however it is not current. When he left the UK nobody stopped him from leaving Australia and entering the UK, but now I have the sneaking suspicion that he will be refused entry to Australia without a current RRV. He is now potentially faced with being refused entry to the place he has lived all his life. Any suggestions on how this could be fixed? Should he just turn up at the airport and try to get on the plane back to Australia? Should he just get a tourist visa, just so that he can get back into Australia? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
  19. ihtisham20

    PR 175 Visa Expiry - and RRV Visa

    Hi, I have quick question about Australia PR Visa Expiry. My Visa will expire in 1 year time and i am planning to move to Australia. Since PR Visa holder can stay indefinitely, to move fly outside and come back i need to hold Valid RRV Visa. 1. If i travel to Australia before 10 month of expiry of Initial 5 year sticker. Will i be able to still get the RRV for 5 year if i stay there for 2 years? Or it shall include 2 years of the last 5 years Initial Visa i had? 2. The RRV requirment stay 2 years... That doesn't include time of intial 5 year via... One can go last month of expiry and stay there for 2 years to get 5/ 1 year RRV Visa? Will be very thankful to your help.
  20. Hi everyone, I am a permanent resident in Oz and I'm about to sponsor my parents to come and stay in Australia with me on visa 143 (PR), which costs 40k/ adult. There are some questions that I want to clear before they apply, would really appreciate you help My parents have a wholesale business in Vietnam that earns them quite a bit of money, my dad is 56 and mom is 51. Since I'm residing in Australia, they wish to come and live with me once they retire. But they also need to acquire as much money as possible before they depart and live in Oz, as they don't speak a lot of English and they won't be earning any income once they are here. They figure that they can earn enough for their retirement after 8 years from now. The nature of business in Vietnam does not allow them to leave their business for too long. So the maximum amount of time they can be in Oz within 9 years from now would be about 1-2 months. Meanwhile, they will still purchase a property in Oz and pay mortgage for it. I also have a brother, 15 years old, living with my parents in Vietnam. Therefore, he will be a under-18-dependant on the application. My parents have no other child. 1) I just got my PR recently, but I have been living in Australia for more than 2 years on other visas, and the immi website says that I have to be a "settled permanent resident". Can I sponsor my parents now or do I have to wait another 2 years to become "settled"? 2) If they were granted 143 Visa in say, Dec 2016, could they leave Vietnam to go and live in Australia in Nov 2021, just before the their PR expiry date, without a Resident Return Visa? After that, they won't be leaving Australia again for at least 2-3 years. 3) Is it possible for my brother to come and study in Australia on a student visa while my parents are waiting for their 143 Visa? If the 143 Visa was granted, does that mean my brother would become a PR and could permanently reside in Oz as well, with or without my parents being physically present in Oz? 4) It says on the DIAC website that they have to wait 10 years for full social benefit in Oz. Does that count from when they get their PR granted, no matter if they physically live in Oz or not? 5) Just to make it safe, does my brother still be counted as under-18-dependant if he exceeds the age of 18 by the time my parents 143 Visa is granted. Does his age count from when we apply, when we pay the second payment, or when the Visa is granted? I thank you in advance for any contribution, no matter small or significant. Regards, Mickhs
  21. gracefuls77

    Resident Return Visa

    I am an Australian Permanent Resident.2 years back, because of my mothers very serious medical conditions,I had to move to America. Now her kidneys are in terminal stage.I was granted my Australian PR in MAR 2009.I so much want to maintain my Australian PR but I am running short of 4 months out of 2 years ( a requirement to meet that you have to have lived in Australia for at least 2 years out of 5 years)I still have my Australian Permanent Visa which will expire in March 2014. Seeing my current family circumstances, I dont see,its very likely that I would be able to go back to Australia and complete my 2 years requirement to be granted with Resident Return Visa.I need your kind guidance for my current situation. Is it possible for Australian Govt to grant me Resident Return Visa in case I dont meet 2 years requirement.. Australia is more than my home. I cant live without Australia. Australia is my very own land. Please tell me what can I do in my current situation. I still have my bank account running in Australia with a modest amount $15000.Soon I will send more amount in my account. I don't have any other ties with AUstralia but very close Australian friends.I had visited Australia in AUG 2012 again for one week. I came to know that in certain circumstances, one can be granted a one year RRV. Could anyone please tell me what are the conditions to validate this visa? What can be considered as a compelling situation and strong ties. Can I apply RRV offshore? Is it possible to get a 5 years RRV if you have a compelling reason and haven't completed 2 out of 5 years?
  22. onepearlyb

    Resident Return Visa

    Hi guys, Bit complicated but here goes. Spent 18months in Melbourne on a PR Visa.Came back Feb 2009 and PR visa has expired now by a year. We are looking at returning to Oz for a holiday and recce in Jan 2014 with a view to returning to settle in Oz after that. Can anyone advise how long a RRV we'd get if we applied now and how we'd go about renewing it? Any up to date advice you can suggest will be much appreciated,folks. onepearlyb
  23. ali

    Resident return visa

    Whist at the dept of immigration yesterday I bumped into a colleague whose been here 6 years. She recently went on holiday overseas, when she landed back in Aus, she found that she couldn't easily re-enter the country as she hadn't got a resident return visa. She had not been awar that she needed one. she was granted a bridging visa for 30 years in which she had to go and sort out her visa at immigration. So a word of warning for those who've been here longer than the 5 years on the PR - remember if you're going overseas to obtain a resident return visa to get back in. Ali