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Found 46 results

  1. Hi Guys/Girls I’m new to the site and seeking some advice, regarding occupational health and safety jobs, NEBOSH Diploma qualified. I’m currently working in the Middle East as an HSE manager, but in the coming months me and my wife are looking to migrate to OZ for work. I am now starting to panic as my qualification( NEBOSH International Diploma) doesn’t seem to be recognised in Australia, even thou it’s the most recognised professional safety qualification throughout the world and is the equivalent to a degree in the UK. I was wondering if there are any other safety professionals here with the same qualifications that found work in OZ. I’ve just finished the course which has been painful for the last 1 and half years. The thought of having to start all over again by doing a recognised diploma in Australia is making me sick. My wife is also a secondary school English teacher looking for work and again was hoping someone might be to give some advice on her finding work. We were looking at Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth whichever one has the best opportunities. Hope you can help. Mark
  2. Jackson dsouza

    Mechanical engineer

    Hello everyone, Did anyone in the group get an assessment done through engineers Australia recently. I work as a safety engineer and graduated as a mechanical engineer. My first assessment with vetassess came back negative, as I did not have any OH&S certification. Thanks
  3. 1997 Toyota Camry; 182,000Km; Rego July2014; RACV RWC $3500 ONO. Automatic, 4-Cylinder, Petrol-Unleaded, Air-Conditioning. - RACV approved ROAD WORTHY CERTIFICATE - VICTORIA REGO to July 2014! - 182,000km - LOG BOOK - 2 previous owners - Recently new tyres – good tread Reliable Loads of storage space Good fuel efficiency Darren
  4. Hello, A lot of jobs I am looking at say must be fully compliant with OH&S regulations. I work in theatre so it is not as though I need particular skills or qualifications to trade but I do need to know the local regulations. I figured that I can do some courses over here whilst I am saving, does anyone know of some providers of training, preferably online otherwise by correspondance? Or if not can you tell me a bit about how long courses are etc to see if there is a possibility of me doing one as soon as I arrive (whenever that may be!!) Thanks
  5. paddyandhollyB23

    Moving to Safety Bay January 2013

    Hi all We have booked our holiday rental in Safety Bay and wanted to know any of the usual stuff on the place. I have had a search and there isn't much about the place on the forum. We got a great deal on the rental and its 10 mins to the beach - ideal! Have heard that commute into city can be a bit of a prob though. Would love to hear from any in nearby areas as we are new to posting on the forum. Thanks Paddy :biggrin:
  6. Wanted to get a feel for job/career opportunities in the West cost for Quality (ISO) and Safety Assurance. I have experience in both and am looking at moving there in Jan. 2013. Has the mining industry slowed down or is demand still high. Just trying to get a general feel of what's out there. (1st post) Thank you for any information. JB
  7. Must be able to prepare engineering reports, develop design philosophy to regulatory complience to fire protection systems specifications, using best practice fire protection measures. work to extend nationaly and internationally, based in Australia. Duties to include, cover development of fire protection systems design criteria, utilising the principals of risk management, completion of design studies and project spesifications, material take off and product requisitions. The company is willing to sponsor the right person to Australia and their immeadiate family. if interested sned me a email and your CV. Regards Max
  8. Hello Stupid question :goofy: - but when you go on an areoplane you get asked so many security questions - it is pretty hard to do anything you shouldn't - thank god. But if you are trusting a packing company to pack everything for you, for them to then take it to their depot and fill the container (our house does not have easy access for a 40ft container) - who is reasonsible if someone in the company is dodgy and no one knows till the container gets to Aus????? :frown: Told you it was a silly question !! Any thoughts????
  9. Guest

    safety bay to baldivis

    we have been looking at rentals around the safety bay waikiki and baldivis areas. would like some inside info on these areas. we're after a relatively quiet neighbourhood for us to settle in coz in the not to distant future our 18 and 19 year old son and daughter will want to be fleeing the prefurbial nest. we visited these areas on our reccie there in nov 08 and we really did take it to our hearts. but that was while we were in holiday mode. we would like to know what these areas are really like. i know that you can sometimes get a good idea of an area by the look of it and plus your gut feeling and first impressions are also a good sign . looking forward to some good replies..... rob and denise:biggrin:
  10. Why are beach safety flags important to you? Every beach has permanent and occasional hazards that you may need to look out for. To assist you in looking out for these hazards and to show supervised areas, lifesaving services use a number of safety flags. What do the beach safety flags look like and what do they mean? The red and yellow flags show the supervised area of the beach and that a lifesaving service is operating. No red and yellow flags indicates there is no supervision. NO FLAGS = NO SWIM Indicates that the beach is closed and that you should not enter the water. Indicates the area where board riding and surfing is not permitted. Indicates that there are potential hazards in the water. Look out for the yellow warning sign that should be displayed with the yellow flag for further advice. Emergency evacuation, leave the water immediately.
  11. Guest

    health and safety

    my girlfriend is a health and safety adviser just wondering is there anyone in perth with the same job or if anyone know if there is much demand for this job in perth ..thanks
  12. Hallfamily

    SOL confusion

    I have an Environmental Science BSc and MSc and 8 years experience as an Environmental Engineer (SOL code 233915). However, this stopped 6 years ago so is outside of the 5 year rule. I am also a Chartered Environmentalist not sure if this helps? I am currently Head of Health and Safety so could apply under SOL code 251312 as an Occupational Health and Safety Adviser. However, I hold no formal Health and Safety qualifications but have 15 years experience which is continous and current etc. Can anyone advise me re the best route as I feel I am in a catch 22 situation? Many Thanks
  13. Guest

    how much safety funds?

    Hi there, i just would like to know how much money on average would the average person take to oz to secure and set up a new life there. I plan to go on my own with two children. Thanks
  14. simonwilliams

    Health and safety Perth/WA

    Hi My wife Sue and myself have recently received our visa,we are looking at Perth in particular. I,m a health and safety advisor(mainly civils/construction but recently working on utilities,gas and electricity) I would like to expand my career into oil/gas and or mining(not too much mining in the UK),can anyone offer any advice on who or what agencies to contact. Many thanks Simon
  15. pete'n'tray

    safety bay senior school

    Does any one know any thing about "safety bay senior high school" and "rockingham senior high school " are they ok as looking at the rockingham area and trying to find out what the state high schools are like, and any info about the primary schools as have two sons age 12 and 6 . thank you tracey
  16. Hi I am on the ASRI list Safety Inspector 312611 previously known by ASCO 3992-11. We need to know who assess my skills? I have NEBOSH (National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety) and I am an assessor (NVQ level 3) with 10 years experience setting up safe systems on the railway in particular involving cranes. VETASSESS seems to be more construction than safety but on the Immi site it mentions VETASSESS as the skills authority. Any help would be grateful. :confused: Thanks Tim
  17. Hi Everyone, I try to go through the young section as often as I can, but don't always catch every message or thread. Generally there isn't a problem, but we've had one young lad whose given out his email and msn addy in almost every post - so I have deleted the address, not sure his mum or dad know if he's registered or not - so just a reminder if you could to check with your youngsters to make sure their using the site as safely as they can be and not posting any addys. Also, if you notice they have been posted, please give myself or one of the other mods a shout as we can edit posts. Thank you Mrs Keily and Kdal for your words of wisdom about safety on the young peoples threads. Thanks Ali x
  18. Hi. I am a new member coming on holiday on a budget from Melbourne airport to Safety Beach / Dromana on a Saturday afternoon in Late January. Any advice please on quickest/economical transport. Best regards j:smile:arthur
  19. Hiya all, I'm new here, but I'm in desperate need of some information. Being a Belgian, I have no idea how car legal stuff works in Australia. I hope someone can help me. Here's the story: my gf is in Australia at the moment, doing a 7 month trip. She's in Sydney, NSW, now and has just bought a 2nd hand car (a Ford) to make the trip. Cars come with necessary complications, like registration. She's got her Rego in NSW now; the Rego runs out December 30. She will, ofcourse, have to renew it for 6 months, but she won't be in NSW by then anymore as she'll be travelling. Question: How to handle this renewal? What are the necessary steps to take? I'm asking this because I've seen that between the states of Australia, there's quite some difficulty and differences in registrating and what's valid in 1 state, isn't necessary valid in another state. So, she'll have to buy a green slip, ofcourse, but does it have to be one issued from NSW or are there other ways to renew the Rego when in another state than the one your car is registered in? Also, if the vehicle requires a safety check, can it be done in any state or does it have to be one in NSW? What's the max amount of time permitted between safety checking and renewing the Rego? Also, how much of the procedure can be done online, and which steps require going to a specified place? (like a registration office) Any other info of necessary info I need to know about this? Many thanks in advance for any info or useful comments, Scaesar
  20. Hi Following an advert regarding seminars happening in Manchester regarding living and working in Victoria, I emailled them explaining what my career background was including that I was an assistant and they phoned me explaining that I should look on the SOL, well I've looked can only find an health and safety adviser on the list, I'm not sure but I may have the qualifications for this and health and safety experience but not management experience. Can any one help as to whether I would have a chance with this path. Sorry if bit garbled Thanks Lisa
  21. hi folks, Unusally i am a female qualified and time served plumber and gas engineer here in the UK, i recently graduated from University (where i studied part time in the evenings whilst working full time) with a HNC (higher national certificate) in Building studies, at the moment i havent yet done anything with the recently gained qualification but i do wish to follow the health and safety route and do the NEBOSH course but also planning on moving to brisbane within the next 5 years am i just wasting my time with the health and safety or would i be able to use my qualifications over there?? do they mean the same as in the UK?? what extra training would i have to do ??? whats the adverage salary for a Health and safety advisor / inspector in aus?? Please help as i'm not too sure which career path to take?!?!?! failing the health and safety route is there a demand for female plumbers in aus?? Maxine :wacko:
  22. simonwilliams

    health and safety jobs

    hi could any one tell us ,,,i'm not seeing much on pomsinoz about chefs i know the criteria has changed but thats what i got my tra with so its a bit scary maybe there is work out there for me...on another note my husband is a health and safety officer would he be okay for work
  23. We are moving over at the end of October and have 2 girls 7 & 12. Our youngest is quite excited about starting SB primary (yr 3 I think) but our oldest is a bit scared. She will be going into yr 8 at SB senior high and is worried about not knowing anyone as well as going up to high school. Is there anyone that goes to these schools that could give me some info about their experiences so I can pass it on to my daughters and hopefully put their mind at rest. Mandy
  24. Hi Guys:biggrin: My OH is looking for a sponsorship opportunity in the above field. He has extensive experience to offer including working within Australia (spending sometime in one of the hottest spots Karratha) for six months, and is currently employed by a highly regarded company in the UK. Does anyone know of any recruitment agencies who maybe able to help in OZ? I have tried e-mailing Adam @ globe recruitment who advertise on here but the e-mail is continually returned - so any ideas please??? Thank you for taking the time to read my postx
  25. I thought I would start this as there doesn't seem to be anything on PIO for us occupational health and safety/training professionals. I have been through VETASSESS assessment and it failed as they don't take into account of expereince there only interested in degree level.So now found out AIM do assessments for our profession and do take into account experience as well as qualification. The requirement for these professions says degree or 5 years experience(I have 12). Spoke to some migration agents and they wouldn't take me as they say didn't have degree. So now I have paperwork away to AIM for assessment then will have to go through agent list again. I hope its worth all the trouble. Any thoughts on how others are doing out there.