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  1. mylowe

    Redundant while waiting for ens186 decision

    Sorry if if I offend I work on kill floors and boning rooms this type of work is not on the lists but does have a skill shortage the companies have to negotiate with the government for a labour agreement which makes things harder
  2. mylowe

    Redundant while waiting for ens186 decision

    Thanks for your replies it states on my bridging visa that it's 28days. With being a skilled meat worker it's not on the skilled select list so not sure if I can apply on a 189 or 190
  3. I've been working for a meat works for 4 years on a 457, the company decided to nominate my family for the ens 186 which cost us almost $10,000. After 5 months of waiting for pr the company decided to make me redundant and withdraw there nomination giving me 28 days to find or leave Australia. I have been trying flat out to find a new company to nominate me with no luck. All this has put so much stress on us bc we don't want to leave. Has this happened to anyone else and if so what was your out come.
  4. mylowe

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi guys quick question what's the time line from your 186 being processed asking for additional information to grant of visa thanks in advance
  5. mylowe

    Whats the crack with changing your UK driving license??

    i dont need to change my license over yet. Is there a fee you have to pay?
  6. mylowe

    When do you finish work for Christmas

    i normally only get xmas day, boxing day and new yrs day off, I finished last week and dont go back until jan 8 yipppeeeeee bring on the sun :xmas24:
  7. mylowe

    Christmas in Australia

    is this of the Aldi advert lol merry christmas to all
  8. mylowe

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    sunset over adelaide taken from the flight back to melbourne
  9. mylowe

    passport expires

    hi parleycross thankyou for the info
  10. mylowe

    passport expires

    Hi all we have been in melbourne for nearly a year now and loving every minute but our sons uk passport expires early next year. where do we need to go to get renewal forms and how much does it cost?
  11. mylowe

    so over seeing stabbings, knife attacks, shootings!

    try living with it on a daily basis in greater manchester where ppl are to scared to go out after dark
  12. mylowe


    Hi all we are living in melbourne and want to find a good deal on flights from england to melb from a ozzy company can anyone give me a good company to contact who will give me a good deal
  13. mylowe

    Fantasy Football

    ohh nice 1 done team and signed up :wink:
  14. mylowe

    Point Cook- 1 important question

    sry cant help you with that one we leave the house at 4.15am to get to the city for 5am. was surprised to see so much traffic on the freeway at that time of the day
  15. hi paul we moved from ashton u lyne nov last year to melbourne. If you went back to hyde you would not recognise to place has changed so much a friend told me that hyde was issued a flood warning over the weekend. did you grow up in hyde if so what school did you go to and what year did you leave? i went to flowery field high in the 80s