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  1. Greggers68

    Cost of living multiplier

    With virtually no mortgage you have already reduced the calculator as it would take into consideration all your personal out goings.
  2. Greggers68

    Second thoughts!

    All I can say is we like it here and for us as a family it has all been positive so far. I don't miss England although I do miss my beloved Man City. Everyone is different and lives their lives differently and that is what is so special about the human race, would be boring if we all liked the same things. Perth is full of things to do for kids as is England, for now my family and I enjoy life here and are glad we made the move, for the rest of you I hope wherever you are or what ever you're doing is what you want. Live your life to the fullest guys and girls.
  3. Greggers68

    Second thoughts!

    I agree, I was born British, will die British, I'm proud to be British, served in the British Army,however, for now I enjoy my life here.
  4. Greggers68

    Second thoughts!

    Unfortunately my daughter has Cystic Fibrosis so to thrive in the UK would be difficult due to the cold and damp, the weather here helps her condition and allows her to have a outdoor lifestyle. The temperate is not an issue and such a pleasure and relief from the constant cold and wet conditions of the UK. I was referring to the ability to have a outdoor lifestyle due to the better weather conditions out here, which will always be good for kids and help them thrive. Weather condition in the UK lend to kids staying indoors and playing on game consoles, I know what I want my daughter to be doing. ​
  5. Greggers68

    dzhokhar tsarnaaev

    Probably better to catch him alive if possible. The authorities may be able to get some info from him, then torture the b*****d.
  6. Greggers68

    IELTS success!! yipee

    Well done, it's such a great experience when you get your results.
  7. Greggers68

    Help! Fired during probation on 457

    It is highly unlikely you will be evicted after 28 days especially if you're being proactive in trying to gain employment. My advice would be try and gain employment with another company if you can and put this down as a bad experience. I went through a similar situation and found gaining employment difficult, lucky my PR came through and I found work. Good luck and don't give up if this is your dream. What sector do you work in, people may be able to help?
  8. Greggers68

    679 Visa refused why???

    Sorry to hear that. DIAC can work in strange ways sometimes.
  9. Greggers68

    Second thoughts!

    I have to say my last visit to Rawtenstall was about 3 years a go, unfortunately it was so depressing looking at the decline of the place since my childhood days. I have now lived in Butler North Perth for. 6 months and found it to be a lovely place, it's visually beautiful with the beach on our door step. My daughter is thriving out here and loves being outside all the time. Rawtenstall or Australia - No contest in my opinion.
  10. Greggers68

    Selling your house in UK

    I rent mine as I don't need to sell at the moment. I live in hope that the market may pick up in a couple of years and then I will sell, flings crossed. I loved the valley as a child, I don't miss the rain one bit, however on a sunny day what a beautiful place to live.
  11. Greggers68

    190 Visa submitted

    Good luck with it all. It can be an emotional journey.
  12. Greggers68

    Selling your house in UK

    A interesting question! I suppose it depends on how much you need the money to help finance your move to Australia. Another subject, are you from Rossendale? I used to live in Haslingden and Helmshore many years ago.
  13. Greggers68

    anyone used visa bureau?? any good?

    I used then, they really are a fantastic company. Very helpful throughout the whole process and always keep you informed.
  14. Greggers68

    Whinging Poms....

    I just wanted to say the site has been fantastic, and a font of information for me. I now have PR and I've been living here for 6 months on a temp visa to start. Their are people on here who are really helpful and then others who want to disrupt and torment others, for those looking for information its a great site once you weed through some of the negativity. A big thanks to all the people who have given me some excellent advice even when it was information i did not want to hear.
  15. Greggers68

    PR has been granted

    The CO initials was MD and its team 2. My occupation was chef Position Number was 6101. pHope this helps, I've also updated my signature with dates.