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  1. adsmich

    Working from home

    Hi guys Does anyone know anything about regulations(WA) on working from a rental home a couple of days a week? ​Cheers
  2. adsmich

    Work Permit with Global Visa's......Is this a scam!?!?

    do not use global visas
  3. looks like HMV are possibly going now, with 4000 jobs under threat
  4. Hi, I cant help you with your question but I'm moving to bunbury in march and any tips on finding work would be great! I'm a aircraft fitter (I'm aware there is no aircraft work in this region) but I feel my skills gained in the aerospace industry, fuel/hydrulic systems, pipe work and valves etc would be easily transferable into water/irrigation or mining any pointers or recommendations? good luck with it.
  5. adsmich

    Vehicle Buyinh Advice....????

    Hi, I'm moving to bunbury in march and will be looking at buying a car of some type, my question is do you need a permanent address to register a car in Australia as you do with the log book/v5 in the uk?
  6. adsmich

    Britannia Removals

    Britannia and Pickfords are our best quotes so farout of 6, but Pickfords seem a little more competitive coming in around £300 cheaper and insurance only 2.5% not 3% for Britannia. Also Pickfords dont have a sister company out in Oz they have their own Pickfords removals. I have heard that they do refunds once packed too if you have less than quoted, which is brilliant. Good luck. We are in same boat at the moment. trying to decide which company to use is hard.
  7. adsmich

    pickfords removal

    I have had 6 quotes and Pickfords were by far the most professional and competitive.
  8. good job, I'm fed up with the negative posts put up on this site which there seems to many.
  9. Hi, I am a nail Tech and moving to Perth early 2013. Any ideas on shipping my kit (alot of it) across and the regs on my chemicals? Any help from other therapists much appreciated. :biggrin:
  10. adsmich

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Hahaaaa we have our visa, granted on the 2nd.
  11. adsmich

    all docs met

    Hi, ours have been met for a week now and still nothing.
  12. adsmich

    Medical and police checks please help

    We did the same. Around £240 for meds and £30 each for police checks. Took 2 days to upload medicals to DIAC website once done and 10 days for police cert to arrive. We got cert sent to us and scanned and mailed it to embassy. There is nothing to worry about. Good luck
  13. Kimsdu, too right it is. We would like to try and do something about it really
  14. ok update, C/O answered my email super quick and thanks to them for doing so. It turns out that the DIAC had emailed it to a agent I used years ago by mistake and as for the lack of information and the basic paper work that is ment to be sent with the visa application has not been recieved by the C/O. so its my visa agents fault and its clear they never sent any of it for some unknown reason, so trying to get to the bottom of this mess. USELESS
  15. we have contacted the agent but they arent very good at getting back or answering the phone!