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  1. SteveinOz

    Any Brits in Townsville?

    Have been in Townsville for 5 years now and love it. Work situation is pretty slow but otherwise ok.
  2. SteveinOz

    Six months here and this is my thoughts!

    Honestly, if you think coming to Australia is going to better way of life financially then you may well be mistaken. If you want financial security you are going to have to put the hours in to get it, the days of overpaid jobs are coming to an end. The cost of living here is greater than the UK so bear that in mind, it does make a Hugh difference where you live as well. Another thing to bear in mind when moving with kids is the cost of bringing them up here compared to the UK, most of the things you took for granted in the UK you have to pay for here and that applies to a lot of things. Really need to do your research regarding Australia now and not 10yrs ago before you make the move. We have lived here nearly 4 years have older grown up kids who made the move with us as well and to be honest would never move back to the UK. Don't get me wrong, we miss family and friends etc. but you have to live your own life.
  3. SteveinOz

    Vetassess electrician - Brisbane

    Assume you mean the motor contactors is 230V as you mention a 3 phase motor. Usually test resistance between each winding and then do and insulation resistance test to ensure no fault to earth. As to commission, when we do one its basically a bump start to ensure correct rotational direction. They don't do ring circuits on GPO's here either its all spurs. Doing your vetasses doesn't qualify you for an electrical license, as Saints man says you have to work as a trades assistant for a while to get your Australian experience hours then you can complete your final test. All of this obviously costs money, usually around $5000 but depends how you go about it. Good luck.
  4. Paul1977 pretty much covered your question. Once you complete your on the job assessment you will have to do what they call a capstone test which I think is around the $2500 mark.
  5. I run an electrical contracting business here and have to tell you, Queensland is the hardest place to get a license from the UK. Without a QLD license you will not be able to work as a tradesman only a trade assistant until you have a license.
  6. SteveinOz


    Moved here just short of 4 years ago. Originally lived in Annandale, lovely place but not a lot there. Moved to Kirwan, has good and bad areas as does every suburb. Cowboys stadium within walking distance and going on Monday to watch them hopefully win. Cinema and some nice restaurants just down the road. Used to spend a bit of time in town for nights out but just full of weekend warriors now. Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them if I can.
  7. SteveinOz

    Townsville - Kirwan

    Have sent you a message Mel
  8. SteveinOz

    Townsville bills food etc?

    If you budget well you shouldn't have any problems. We pay $150 monthly for our electricity and this tends to balance out over the year with aircon etc.
  9. SteveinOz

    Townsville - Kirwan

    Hi Mel. Been here nearly 4 years now. Kids moved out, whoohoo, and now have more time on our hands.
  10. Late 40's couple looking to meet other couples for friendship, BBQ's and plenty of drinks.
  11. SteveinOz

    Townsville bills food etc?

    Really hard to give you any idea on outgoings as it depends on quite a few things. e.g. House with pool House with aircon (mad not to have it) Age of kids. Will say electricity prices are pretty high and cost of living is higher than when compared to the UK.
  12. SteveinOz


    Will leave it upto tandcmum to come up with a date for the first drinks meeting as they don't arrive till 1st May. Hope you don't mind tandcmum?
  13. You can get a 12 month holiday visa but you can only stay in Australia for a maximum of 3 months before you have to leave. You can come and go as often as you want during the 12 months but can only stay a maximum of 3 at any one time.
  14. SteveinOz


    What kind of a place is this..........pub not open on Good Friday.....any suggestions to another date and time??
  15. SteveinOz


    Well it doesn't look like there will be anyone there!! We will be in for a few drinks anyway.