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Found 85 results

  1. Wackadoodle

    Possible move to Mackay or Townsville

    Hi all, I am hoping to move back to Australia later this year with my husband and two children (aged 12). I was hoping there might be someone on here who is nursing in either Mackay or Townsville. I interviewed with Queensland health a few weeks back. Interview went well and I was asked to submit areas of interest along with my paperwork. All paperwork is now in and I have put down Mackay or Townsville as my top choices. My specialty area is emergency nursing. I lived in Mackay a few years ago and would love to move back there. I have some really good friends in the are and my husband would likely be able to find work in the area also. Would love to hear from any nurses working in these areas to get a feel of what the work is like compared to the Irish healthcare system.
  2. WallyWombat

    Removalist Recommendations-Townsville

    Hi there, We are on the move again moving from Gold Coast to Townsville and looking for recommendations for removalists who can also offer storage in townsville. We always feel better hearing from people with real experiences. We arent worth much to a removalist so always very cautious when booking with them. The cheapest quote we received was from a backloader but can't find many reviews for them. Look forward to hearin from you! Many thanks,
  3. Hi Everyone, My husband and I are moving back to Australia in September and are planning shipping now. Sorry for all the questions, I am getting lost in information online and struggling to find real answers. Shipping companies havent been overly useful either and don’t really want to give much advice. We will be taking two sportsbikes (sv650 and a 600 ninja) back with us and about 10-20 medium size boxes (not sure how much stuff yet) and no furniture (but considering taking our new 50 inch tv as we got it extemely cheap here due to an argos mess up ha) I’ve never had to ship anything before aside from a few boxes when we moved here from aus so wanted to get some advice. So far we’ve had one quote from White and Co who work with a firm in Townsville, Queensland (where we are moving back to) I was interested in them as we want door to door shipping and the local company in Townsville recommened them. As I havent had quotes from anyone else yet not sure how competitive they are. I also cant see much mention of them on this forum. I wanted to ask a few questions: Has anyone used White and co before and how did they find their service? (Im going to get quotes from other companies recommeneded on here as well) I think im going to grab spare boxes from work and roughly pack the majority of the stuff up and stack against a wall so we can get very specific quotes without speculative over estimating on the salesmans behalf. I will still get the shipping company to pack everything in their own boxes for the move. Which brings me onto my next question, is it definately better in terms of passing customs quickly if the boxes are marked as packed by the shipping company? Because we are shipping motorcycles I’m concerned that not all companies specialise in this and I need to be careful with who we choose? white and co for example say they take our bikes away and fully crate them individually before going into the container. Slightly concerned I don’t get to see the bikes being packed and crated, especially since all insurance terms ive been reading state they dont cover vehicle scratches/dents etc. Nothing to stop someone messing about on our bikes in a warehouse somewhere and dropping them before shipping! Also regarding the bikes, if anyone has experience, how clean did you get the bike before shipping, do we need to strip them back and get every crumb of dirt off them basically to showroom condition? Did you remove the fuel, oil and battery before the shipping company took it, do they pack the battery separately or can it not be shipped? I’ve looked into the import permit and docs required and we meet the conditions so i will make application for that soon. Aside from the import permit im under the assumption that I dont need to do any other paperwork if i hire a company managing the move of the bikes along with our boxes? Once the bikes get to Aus, what experience has anyone had in terms of additinal fees that might crop up and any further paperwork i might need to deal with even when the shipping company are managing the move for me door to door? When do customs value your bike and issue you costs for duty, does this get sent to the shipping company and passed onto us? Any other hints, tips, advice or warnings anyone can give regarding shipping the bikes would be much appreciated, i’m really anxious about seeing them at the other end to find theyve been messed with or a scratched up/ had parts stolen etc. Regarding electronics, we would be taking our 50 inch tv, a custom gaming pc and a playstation. Any advice on shipping electronics appreciated as well. I’m reading on here that basically everyone gets insurance through a separate company and most seem to go with Letton Percival, any other suggestions also? Sorry again for so many questions, i have been reading alot of forums but couldnt seem to find much info on what I’m seeking more clarification on. Thanks very much in advance for all advice!
  4. Indian mining giant Adani has promised thousands of local jobs for Townsville and Rockhampton residents to work on its massive Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin. Adani announced it would split its fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) workforce between the two cities and has promised to pay each council a rebate if it hires a non-local. But the Labor Member for Gladstone, Glen Butcher, said his city felt ripped off after backing Rockhampton's bid for the FIFO hub but scoring none of the locals-only jobs. So who will get the jobs? Townsville City Council said it would receive 2,100 jobs. This breaks down as 1,200 jobs in the construction phase and 900 FIFO and head office jobs once the mine is built. Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill broke it down even further. Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow said her city was promised 1,700 jobs. She said this included more than 1,000 jobs as part of the construction phase and a minimum of 600 ongoing mine jobs. How will councils ensure locals are getting the jobs? In a statement, Townsville City Council said it had this covered. The council said it had established processes to regularly audit and review Townsville's Adani job placements. "A regular audit will be undertaken to verify Townsville residential status which will be cross-matched to job commitments between the council and Adani," the statement said. A Rockhampton council spokesperson said they would audit the successful applicants to ensure they were locals. Can I live in a neighbouring council area and still get a job? You may get a job, but it will not be one of the thousands of FIFO jobs announced by Adani this week. Jobs promised to the Townsville and Rockhampton councils on Thursday would only be available to people in those local government areas. For example, if you live in Ingham, north of Townsville, you are not eligible. The decision has disappointed some people. Gladstone MP Glen Butcher said his area wrote a letter of backing for the Rockhampton Regional Council bid on the proviso the Gladstone area would get some jobs. But he said he now felt let down. "The Mayor of Gladstone is also a bit disheartened by it all, particularly their conversations and letters back and forwards of support," he said. "There is still opportunity for Gladstone people to get a job from this mine but it may have to come from a different way." Isaac Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker has also questioned Adani on where it stands on creating local jobs for local workers in her area. Her region includes the mining town of Moranbah, where many locals have already been excluded from nearby Bowen Basin mines that run on a purely FIFO workforce. "Isaac is the host region to this major project and will bare all the impacts of Adani's Carmichael Mine," Cr Baker said. However, Livingstone Shire Council Mayor Bill Ludwig said he was sure Adani would eventually extend jobs to his area. "We would expect that over the course of time, with the skill sets that are collectively in Rockhampton, Livingstone and Gladstone that there would be an opportunity for workers from all those areas," he said. In a response to questions posted on its social media page, Adani said other regional Queensland towns such as Gladstone, Mackay and Bowen were already involved in the project through construction sourcing, building the rail line and expanding Adani's Abbot Point port. Is it good enough just to have a registered local address? In a word, no. The Townsville City Council said only people who actually live in Townsville and Rockhampton will be eligible. "Townsville in particular has been hit hard by the loss of employers such as QNI and welcomes this opportunity to restore jobs and confidence in the city," a council spokesperson told the ABC. Can I move to those cities to qualify for a job? Yes, that works. Cr Strelow said people who chose to move to the Rockhampton council area for a job would be eligible. The same applies to Townsville — if you are willing to move, you are eligible for one of the 2,100 positions promised there. "We look forward to welcoming new families to Townsville and offering hope to those locals who have done it tough in recent times," the Townsville council spokesperson said. What if there are not enough locals to meet the job quota? Adani has agreed to pay Rockhampton and Townsville councils a rebate for every job they do not fill with a local resident. The ABC has been told the amount of that rebate is commercial in confidence. The Townsville council spokesperson said if there was not enough skilled locals, Adani would encourage skilled people to move to the area. "Where gaps are identified, Adani will work to attract people with the required abilities to Townsville in order take up the positions and contribute to the local economy," the spokesperson said. Don't FIFO laws prevent hiring based on postcode? Yes, but it does not apply to remote mines. Mines further than 125 kilometres from the nearest town are exempt from the law, so the Carmichael Coal mine can hire from certain postcodes and will be allowed to hire a totally FIFO workforce.
  5. Ozie

    Flights Townsville-Rockhampton

    Hello there! I am trying to plan my next trip from Sweden: Brisbane - Townsville - Magnetic Island - Townsville - Rockhampton - Brisbane. Most of it I have found out, but I am very surprised to find that the flight Townsville - Rockhampton is so very expensive! $211!! :arghh: Flying between e.g. Brisbane-Townsville just costs $99 and Rockhampton-Brisbane just $95. Have I missed something here???? I have checked with different sites, but just ended up with the same high price. Need some good advices here :confused:
  6. :jiggy:Hi I am a single 32 year old professional female who has recently moved to Townsville. Apart from the lovely people I live and work with I know nobody here and am desperate to make some friends! I've only been here a month. I live in Douglas but am hoping to move to North Ward or Rowes Bay next year. Is there anybody out there?!?!?!?
  7. Kayandjohn


    Hi I'm looking to gather as much info on Townsville as possible, would love to make some friends hoping to move to the area or already living there. Kay x
  8. SteveinOz


    Just thought I would start a thread regarding Townsville. We are due to move in the next few days and will post some of our experiences as we go. Would also be helpful if people already there or people about to go also posted so we can all keep in touch and share experiences and help. Cheers Steve & Gill
  9. Guest


    Hi Does anyone know where the best place is to get cheap furniture, in and around the Townsville area as I will be coming with nothing and really don't want to spend a fortune renting a fully furnished property. Many thanks
  10. Guest

    Townsville Schools - Prep

    Hi Just wondered if anyone had some first hand experience of Prep in Townsville - any recommendations on schools? Also do the schools have before/after school and holiday care? I know I haven't specified an area of TSV but the area we move to will be dependent largely on schools. Many thanks in advance :biggrin:
  11. Hi I am moving to Townsville from UK in Oct (2012) with my 4 yr old boy. I have a friend who is relocating to Townsville from Gold Coast next week and I will be staying with them when I arrive so we could both do with some advice on areas, schools etc. Are there any particular areas I should avoid? Does anyone have any advice on good areas with good schools close by? My son will be starting Prep next January and I will also need before and after school care as I will have to work. I am looking for real family orientated areas as I am going to be 11,000 miles away from my family. :confused: Any advise is much appreciated :biggrin: Zoe x
  12. Hey, my names Alex and I'm a 15 year old guy, me and my parents are moving to either townsville or melboune (depends who aphra picks!) in June, I'm quite nervous about this and know no one there. Would appreciate some people to talk to, from melb/townsville or not! Just wanna get to know some people and learn about life in australia. Thanks for reading and hope to talk to you soon.
  13. Hi We have been in Townsville for two months now and have just settled in and gone through all the ups and downs of relocating from the UK. Now its all behind us and we are just enjoying the beautiful weather and relaxed lifestyle....! This place really is amazing !! We wanted to help other people going through this or similar and are happy to answer any questions you might have in regards to pre move or post arrival. Believe me we have learnt loads and could save you some time. If you are unsure on areas then we could also help you out with this, as we looked at most and also traveled around Townsville loads so we'll give you a great insight and unbiased opinion. We have two children, one who is at school age the other only 14 months old so can give you schooling advice etc. We are also looking to set up a social meet for new family's to Townsville , one Saturday a month a coffee and maybe a BBQ down the Strand where you could meet people new to Townsville or regular goers to just chat and help you settle. Who knows, hopefully your meet some good friends. We are both in our 30s with kids. I work in the city and My wife looks after our baby but will look for some part time work soon. We are a typical, normal working family and just looking to meet as many people as we can to get the best from this experience. We have family here so have already met their friends & family. We are just hoping to help others and make some new friends along the way. PM me if you are interested or want any advice. Once i get a little interest i will set a date. maybe mid September.... speak soon James & Louise & Family
  14. Hi all looking for anyone wanting to meet up in Townsville (been here since Nov10) and not met anyone yet! Getting a little bored with own company now, I have 4 children 15,12,3.5 and 1.5! Please get in touch in you fancy it.......
  15. Shinner

    Moving to Townsville

    Hi Guys, Got a job in Townsville and should be moving out there in March. Any inside knowledge on the area would be appreciated including where's best to live with the Missus. Have no kids yet but will be looking for a quiet area not too far from the airport (job) maybe on the coast somewhere. Cheers for any advice, S
  16. Hi My name Is maddie - Was living in Darwin for three years and now moving back to OZ - Townsville after a year break back home - how I am going to miss UK chocolate again!! I have a husband and toddler son and want to know any areas to avoid living in - water restrcitions - possibly going to rent with a pool and anything else you can think we need to know. Can't wait to come hubby arrives in 9 days and us, shortly after! Least Woolworths is still alive there! We are from South London and would love to meet other likewise English folk. Maddie Thanks
  17. Hi everybody, im Cindy, im Vietnamese student. Im studying in Singapore. next year, im going to australia to study but i dont know how is life in townsville and Brisbane? Anyone can help me? plzz let me know about that for example : accommodation, food, transport, entertainment, how much i pay for rent a room? ( with normally price for student ) , etc , sth like that .. My uni is Jamescook ( i want to go main our campus in townsville), Is this good uni? Should i study in townsville or birsbane? Thank,
  18. Ok folks, i have to get from Townsville to Melbourne in about 3 and a bit days....whats the best route? Thats pronounced 'rowt' by the way, not 'root'......two completely different meanings in 'Stralian:confused:
  19. :biggrin: we have been in Townsville for 6 weeks now and getting to know our way around. When we were still in the UK we saw several people from Townsville post on here and talk about maybe meeting up for coffee, if you are still about we would be interested in meeting up. Dawn and Nigel x
  20. Hi All, We arrive next week (20/10/11), OH is a nurse and will be working at the Mater hospital Townsville, as for me I am a stay - at - home dad to our son Victor (who is 2) while its great to read about the mums and kiddies clubs/ coffe clubs etc and very encouraging that Townsville offers familes so much, what about us dads (or am i the only one lol) does anyone know of dad and kids clubs or a mummy club that allows the odd honery male member, all help/advice welcome :chatterbox: thanks for taking the time to read, look forward to your imput :notworthy:
  21. Hi Folks, We done the deed yesterday and booked our flights to Townsville :biggrin: We (me,OH and our 2 year old son Victor) leave Heathrow @ 20.30 18/10/2011 and arrive in Townsville @ 10.50 20/10/2011 have also sorted haulier to come and drop off boxes for us to pack all our wordly goods (all 10x tea chests worth :biglaugh:) to say we are excited is a massive understatement seems so long ago we were walking down by Brighton sea front dreaming of a better life but hey its here and we cant wait :jiggy: thanks for taking the time to read and any words of wisdom and advice will be welcome John
  22. twinkletoes35

    flights booked for townsville

    Hi all Finally happy to report we booked our flights to Townsville yesterday going to be arriving on 20/10/11 in the morning Travelling with John and our little one, who turned 2 yesterday Now to finalise packing and sorting our stuff, just sending some boxes over, and they are arriving Wednesday to packed Eeeek its finally here!¬!!! TT xx
  23. Guest


    Hi all, Could you please help me buy giving me information on Townsville best places to live,schools things to do wot areas are best to live in that sort of thing. All information will be of great help.
  24. Guest

    Townsville - help/advice needed

    Hi folks I hope to call upon anyone with a knowledge of Townsville, we are in the later stages of preparing to go there (month or two away now) can anyone reconmend any part of Townsville for us to rent in, we are a 37 year old nurse (will be working @ mater hospital) me 34 year old stay at home dad and our son Victor 2 year old, or indeed if you know of any part we should avoid that would be great also. Or if you just have some info about the place all would be welcome thanks for taking the time to read this post :notworthy:
  25. SteveinOz

    Townsville Calling

    Hi All We will be moving to Townsville on 29th July and would love to meet up with any other Brits in the region to hopefully glean as much information from them as possible. We will be staying in a holiday apartment until we can get a house sorted, have 2 weeks to do it!! Also have a car hired for the first week so hope to get one bought as soon as possible, any tips? We do know that cars can be quite expensive when compared to the UK. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steve & Gill