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    Partner visa financial proof

    Hi guys I'm just posting a question on behalf of a friend. She has been sponsored by her Australian boyfriend but they want more financial info from them. They have a joint savings account and live together at a family members house. They have been together for 2 years now, but immigration are requesting some financial info from when they were together for 6 months. They didn't have anything together at this stage as it was such a new relationship. Does anyone have any ideas what they could send? Or what she could do about it?
  2. Hi guys, sorry I completely forgot to check back on this thread and had no notifications. i work in leederville so quite used to being down that way and we also head to the sovereign from time to time. We cant dothis weekend as its Richs birthday but when are people free for a catch up? You can find me on Facebook Laura Thomason laura )
  3. Hi everyone, just wondering if there are any other newbies to perth. we have been here for about 6 months now (although I've lived here before) and my partner is starting to miss watching the football at the pub. We are 27 & 28, no kiddies yet. We are a bit past clubbing these days and prefer quieter things although still like going to the odd bar every now and then. Quite like going to watch sport and other events too. we are north of the river in joondalup at the moment. Enough trying to sell ourselves now! Laura and rich :biggrin:
  4. landr

    Import permit HELP! Cat flies on Tuesday

    It was stressful!! Everything was fine up until the last minute and at the last check up which was the day before she flies while having the tick and flea treatment and filling out part A the vet found a little bit of flea dirt. Was so upsetting as we de-flead and de-wormed her regularly as well as spraying the house and in all checks I haven't found anything, but obviously they were there. Quite upsetting as she is an indoor cat but the people before had a cat so I think they are in the house. So the vet said he couldn't sign her off! He was saying is there anyway we could rearrange flights etc and put it off. Argh! So i said I would take her home, bathe her and bring her back with no sign of anything the next day. Which I did and he signed her off fine. This was a different vet to the other one i've been seeing and he was actually lovely and so good with the paperwork. If everything had gone to plan it would have been fine! Just a last minute hiccup. From what I've heard she was angry when she got there but settling in well. I can go see her next Friday and can't wait!! How did your cat go in quarantine? Was she ok when he/she came out? My cat has been in a cattery for 2 weeks before so I know she will come out fine, she just didn't have the horrible flight last time. Such a worrying time!
  5. landr

    Recommending Transfur Animals

    Hi, My cat has just left the UK and is now in Byford quarantine. I just wanted to let people know about Transfur Animals as there doesn't seem to be much info about them on here. I got quotes from all pet shippers I could find and Transfur came in around the same price as many of the others. The information package Paul sent with the original quote and the long email he sent was so useful and included so much information about the process and what the quote included and didn't include. They were so easy to contact and really quick to respond to any queries I had and silly questions I asked. In fact I think all of my questions were answered on the same day I had sent the email. I would definitely recommend using them!
  6. I can offer help with the child visa and being over 18. I was 19 when we moved to Australia in 2004, my parents were sponsored and I was on a student visa. I was living at home and as I was an International student was limited with working hours anyway. I worked casually in child care centres whenever they called me and then just before my visa was granted I had started working a bit more regularly in hospitality. The money I was earning was no where near enough to support myself dependently. I remember having to show evidence that my parents had paid my schooling fees as well as depositing money in to my bank account. The most pointless part was having to produce 2 scenarios. One of my expenses of living at home, and I had to include things like, food, rent, clothing allowance, entertainment, misc and then the same for if I lived out of home. I wasn't a massive spender at all particularly on clothing and entertainment (at the time as I was aware i was living off parent money and wasn't going to waste it) so it just seemed like you could fabricate the figures to go in your favour. I applied in September and was granted the same year in December, so it can be done and easily too! This was back in 2008 so things may have changed since then though. Hope at least some of that helps.
  7. landr

    Import permit HELP! Cat flies on Tuesday

    Yeah that's what it looks like. Definitely looks like it should be filled out. Ok hopefully I can nip back on Tuesday morning if I do it wrong. I'll look out for the DEFRA stuff when I get there and see if it is similar. Thanks so much for your reply yet again!! Laura
  8. Hi everyone, Just after some advice and in a rush. My cat flies on Tuesday and I have her last vets app booked for 5pm Monday. My pet agent has said that the vet doesn't touch the import permit is this right? Is there at veterinary certificate A with the export health certificate that needs filling out as I am only aware of there being a certificate a with import. I should trust my vet but I seem to know more than him and I'm really not keen on him. Any help would be great! So close now and don't want to mess up!
  9. landr

    to what extent to migration agents help?

    Thanks so much ill pass that info on! Applied for child, last remaining relative and spouse visa's by ourselves so don't have any info to give them regarding agents! Thank you for your help! Laura
  10. landr

    Doggie dilemma

    My parents took 2 dogs with them and have rented on 2 occassions and we didn't provide any pet references. The owner had their own dog so I think this makes them more understanding sometimes.
  11. Hi everyone, Just after some advice for a friend of mine looking to make the move to Australia. If they use a migration agent will the agent help only with the visa or can they help with all the trades test / vetassess etc. He is an electrician so I have no idea what they need to go through. I have looked at the electricians thread and taken lots to show her but just wondering if this is something an agent could also help her with. Any info would be great!
  12. How exciting!! I can't wait to book flights, that will make it seem more real!
  13. landr

    Cats Outside

    My cat is an outdoor cat. We used to live in Tapping with a vacant block behind our house and my cat would jump over the fence, cross the road (Pinjar) and in head to the scrub/bushes for hours. We were there 3 years and he was always fine, not a stratch on him. Only annoying thing we would have to go round and get him when he was ready to come home as the fence was too high haha. It depends on where you are going to live in Perth. Most places and suburbs are built up and it's rare to get snakes in, having said that my parents neighbours had a snake in their garden and they weren't living near any parks/scrub/bush at the time, just in the middle of a suburb. If your heading to the hills then from what I hear snakes are more prevalent. I was there 5 years, my family have been there 9 years and we have only ever seen 1 snake on Rottnest Island. I think some places in WA have cat curfews but could be wrong on this.
  14. Got our visa!!! Here are the stats i added: Application sent - 09/03/12 Request police check and medicals - 13/03/12 Medical completed - 23/04/12 CO SV and told mid august grant. Emailed MT to ask of possible grant and she did 2 days later! Woohhooooo
  15. Yeah I saw that, just wondered why she was told to call her 1st September. Maybe that's the 5 month mark. Oh i'm just impatient!