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  1. Grabri

    Outstanding private primaries

    I really think it’s more about the area than a particular school. Public schools in good areas are excellent.
  2. Grabri

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Hi, there are some occupations that grant permanent residency even, for people under 50. You need to go to a remote area though and just certain professions. Just google and have a read. Good luck.
  3. Grabri

    what are you doing right now?

    Thanks The Pom Queen, I am a bit sad as we lived 14 years in that house, however we have already been here 3 and don’t miss England at all. I am Italian anyway and husband is Aussie, we loved the time we spent in England but it was time to move on for us.
  4. Grabri

    what are you doing right now?

    Crying with joy, today contracts were exchanged for the sale of our Uk house. Just so happy as it took 8 months! Completion is next week.
  5. Grabri

    Schools UK to Oz - please help

    Hi, we had a similar situation when we came in 2015. Our daughters birthday is 22/07 so she was the youngest in Uk. Back then she was in year 4, and moving here she was meant to go to y3. However we insisted she'd go to year 4, as she wasn't happy about going to a younger grade. It has worked out ok, she's a bit behind with her results, but socially at the moment she fits well. She's starting y7 in January and is very happy and exited. Just do what your guts tell you, if you want him to stay in year 3 just ask the school
  6. Grabri

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Hi Christina, welcome! You need to be positive. when I got here it took me ages to get registred as my degree is from Italy so I had to sit English tests. I am a high school teacher. 3 months after I registred I got a 1 year contract starting last January and I just got renewed. Most jobs come out between October and now though. when do you arrive? Situation here for work in Sydney is slow compared to the Uk, but with perseverance and a bit of luck you should be fine. Don't expect permanent jobs either.
  7. Grabri

    Aussies should work for $2 a day

    Get better soon!
  8. Grabri

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    In Nsw there seems to be mostly jobs for French. It seems to be the most popular out here in terms of European languages. I am an MFL teacher too, but I teach Italian Spanish (any level) and ks3 French. Have a look on teachers.net a lot of jobs come up there. I am currently looking for a new job too as I am on a contract still December. I think during term 4 there will be more jobs posted, at least I hope. Bonne chance !
  9. Grabri

    PTE Academic ridiculous speaking score

    Oops sorry I am not sure then.. Sounds odd they mark speaking and writing via computer.... Do some research about it to ensure it's safe to dispute.
  10. Grabri

    PTE Academic ridiculous speaking score

    Dispute it, they'll try anything to fail you.. Normally for. Ielts they fail you on speaking or writing as for those there is more space for subject judgement.. I disputed a ielts writing and passed.
  11. Grabri

    Apartment or house?

    Hi Lulu as Marisa and others point out a detached house is the best. I imagine one day you'll have kids and being with a garden and freedom from noise(apartment and terraced even can get very noisy) is totally worth the extra money. Also the freedom to modify house as you please in the future if needed. Concerning the timing we are also hoping to buy soon (waiting to start my teaching in January and hopefully will be ready by then) and it seems as the market has slowed down a bit in Sydney.
  12. Grabri

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Thanks I'll give it a look
  13. Grabri

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Hi guys, can you recommend what Union to join..? I am starting in January with a 0.7 in an independent school in NSW. Thanks for suggestions
  14. Grabri

    Using internet in oz??

    Boost then should be the best as its cheaper than telstra prepaid, you still get the same great network. Win win