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  1. NorthernLights

    Commutable beachside suburb for family?

    You could look bayside ((Redland's), but you'd have to cross the river, so you'd have to leave early. Depending on your budget there are some man made beaches at Raby Bay in Cleveland and a bit closer to the city at Wynnum. Manly also good. Wellington Point has a lovely little beach but you need to take the ferry over to Straddie for the surf. Schools in the Redlands include Ormiston College and Moreton Bay schools which are both excellent. State school in Ormiston is very good, not sure about other areas. All above named areas are served by a train into city centre (about 50 mins from the furthest station in Cleveland). We love living here. Lovely breeze too so doesn't get too hot. 45 mins to Gold Coast. 35 mins to airport. 1 hour including ferry to the beautiful Stradbroke island. 1.5-2hrs to Noosa.
  2. NorthernLights

    Permanent Residency Options

    If your employer wants you to stay then you can apply for a 186 visa to get PR even if your occupation is only on the short term list. Or there is the 190 state sponsored option if your occupation is on the individual state required list. If you're under 45 there are still good options. Over 45 much more tricky. For example this is a link to the QSOL https://migration.qld.gov.au/skilled-occupation-lists/
  3. NorthernLights

    17 and moving to Australia

    You can look on the University of Queensland website for an idea of costs, and entry requirements. The Aussie syllabus is very different to the UK and you won't be able to just slot in to your usual year group. In your situation, if your education is going well in the uk, I would strongly consider staying until next year to get your A levels finished. If your parents don't have PR yet, it may be months anyway before they have approval. You can always activate your visa with a visit and would hopefully then still have time to finish your studies here before moving over. You'd only be apart from family for a few months. I'm not sure what would happen to your visa if you became non dependent and started work in Australia. Your parents may need to speak to a migration agent.
  4. NorthernLights

    17 and moving to Australia

    Wow, that's a big thing for a 17 year old. Are you moving from the uk? Is there no way you could stay and complete your A levels in the uk? Swapping schooling at 17 is not going to be easy. From your date of birth I think you'd be in year 12 this current academic year (runs Jan-dec). It is very common in private schools here to drop back a year, or even 2, so if your family are able to pay for your education, that would definitely be your best bet. I know it's hard dropping back but really, over half my sons class are over a year older than him, so you wouldn't be the odd one out. Also, the cutoff for age is end June so you'd be young in your year anyway. I'm not sure about university costs, but suspect you may have to pay as an international student, which can be astronomically expensive. Are your parents going to have PR? Can they finance your further education?
  5. NorthernLights


    Yes it's only non-migrating members. Previously, if a family of 5 were all emigrating apart from one adult child (who was staying in home country), that adult child would still have required a medical. The rules have changed so it's only those going to live in Australia who need the medical.
  6. NorthernLights

    Advise needed on ielts score

    Very doubtful that it would go up in all 3. My husband only needed 0.5 in one field so we applied for a remark and no change. The remark took 8 weeks and cost almost the same as a new test. Unfortunatley she just needs to resit.
  7. NorthernLights

    Making the decision

    Sorry, Department of Immigration and Border Patrol. i wish you luck! You may want to read the thread about accountants on the next page of visa chat.
  8. NorthernLights


    You can submit as many EOI as you like, so just redo it. I'm sure you know but you can't claim any points for English without having passed one of the specific tests ielts/PTE etc. Being English is of no relevance for a points based visa. What are you basing your points on?
  9. NorthernLights

    Making the decision

    I may be wrong but I was under the impression that accountant jobs are few and far between. There are actually caveats on choosing accountant as your skill with DIBP and from what I've read you may be in for a long wait even with 80 points. i honestly wouldn't give up what you have without a job offer. Sorry.
  10. NorthernLights

    Moreton Bay College

    Hi We live in Wellington Point, which personally I prefer to ormiston as there's a bit more going on, plus a little beach at the point. There are parts of Wellington Point that border ormiston allowing walk to school and walk to restaurants etc at Wellington Point. Manly is also nice, and closer to the city, so depends where you're working. Raby Bay also good, Birkdale. Thornlands doesn't really have a centre, so less village feel, and Alex Hills is on the rougher side. There's a train line to Brissie every 15 mins with stops at Manly, Birkdale, Wellington point and Ormiston. Theyre all good areas ?
  11. NorthernLights

    Child over 18

    Then he's not dependent, he's just unemployed. You can't claim he's dependent unless he's in full time education. Sorry, he'd have to apply for his own visa, which he almost certainly won't get without a trade, experience or a place at college/university. "dependent" in terms of visa is not the same as you feeling you owe it to your son to support him. He's an adult, either he's visa level dependent (in full time education) or he's not eligible as a dependent.
  12. NorthernLights


    You can still apply for hap ids for children online via your account. Can't see why they wouldn't be valid - when front loading you simply put the hap id number in the visa form when your medical is complete. This is what we did but it was for all of us, as a family, not just for a child visa. What you shouldn't do is apply for the visa and then do medicals before you're asked. Either front load or wait to be asked. once the website is back online, there is quite a lot of info available
  13. NorthernLights


    You can generate your own hap id online. First, create your immi account if you don't already have one. Then complete "my health declarations" and this generates a hap id, which you need for booking medicals. Just google how to create hap id - I would link but DIBP seems to be down just now.
  14. NorthernLights

    Moreton Bay College

    We moved to Bayside from UK in December. After much research last year we chose Sheldon college. Then I came over for a flying visit and toured Sheldon and hated it. I enrolled my then 3 and 6 year olds at Ormiston College and we've had no reason to be sorry for the choice. Great pastoral support, excellent communication with parents, good focus on academia without neglecting sports/drama/music, loads of extracurricular stuff to chose from and most importantly a lovely "feel" to the place. Different schools suit different families and if at all possible, visit first. I have colleagues using Sheldon who are very happy there for example, but I know it wouldn't suit my children. We are not religious at all. There is a minor amount of religious stuff at assemblies but no more than any uk state school. It seems pretty inclusive of other faiths. Moreton Bay has a good reputation but I know nothing about it. You may need to apply to both and see where has places. Bear in mind too that holding back a year is very common here. My eldest is the youngest in year 2, with 7th birthday in June, and a large proportion of the class turned 8 several months ago. So if your children are a bit behind at all, or struggling emotionally, consider the advantages of holding back a year. Year for year, Aus is behind the UK academically (in my opinion), less is expected, but they are oceans ahead in terms of developing confidence, resilience etc. Good luck with your choice.
  15. We are onshore and looking at visa options onward from 457. Part of my other half's job (one day per month) is in a rural and remote location as required for the 187 visa, but the majority of his job is not in a rural and remote location. The job is FT overall (all one employer). Does anyone know if the whole job has to be in the rural and remote location to qualify for a 187? Thanks