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  1. Hi Jodie Whereabout NOR are you? We live in Bayswater sort of East Perth but NOR. I have no dog but 2 small children who always need wearing out, and happy im always happy to get a walk in every now and again, especially if its rewarded by a coffee, possibly cake Pm me if you wanna meet up
  2. eweasel

    Tea bags!

    Tetley for us - My OH idn't even drink tea in the UK but loves his cuppa of an evening these days - god that makes us sound old ;-D
  3. eweasel

    Making friends

    I think what has been said is right - friendships develop over time and they cannot be rushed or sort. When we first decided to emigrate our intention was to move to Rockingham/Safety Bay and have a life by the sea. I reality the work my OH does is far more cental and NOR so we have ended up living in Bayswater a city suburb very quiet and so far from what I seen . Now my husband has started work and we wait for the house we will be moving into to be ready I have a sudden feeling of loneliness and wonder if I will be able to find people other then my children for company. Things are not helped with staying somewhere we cannot call a home. I don't feel the need to concentrate on Brits friendships, and to be honest all the ones I have been in contact with are probably living to far away from us for regular meet ups. Its just a case of getting out there, school, the library, toddler groups and hopefully even some adult clubs are going to be the start of things and see where things develop. Back in England I could count my real true friends on one hand and my OH the same, we are a very tight little family, one of the reasons making the move over here easier. I can strike up the conversation easily enough, but at what point do you say to someone you've met in the playgroup, do you want my number? ;-) Give it time it will happen. I hope ...Est :-)
  4. eweasel

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    We had our leaving "do" last night and said goodbye to folks we probably won't seen again. Seem to be either out for lunch or dinner for the next two weeks now - we are going to be broke by the 27th!!! :-D Organised a hire van to farm out all our furniture to unsuspecting family n friends ;-) Decided everthing else is going to charity shop on friday now to begin thinking of actually starting to pack .... 14 days to go - whoop whoop :-D
  5. eweasel

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Let my son skive off school so we could spend the day with his nanna - well there not much tim left now so all moments are precious :-)
  6. eweasel

    Internet shopping ... Useful sites ...

    Hi Peach I have nothing to add as still in the Uk for the next 6 weeks but just wanted to say fab thread :-))))))) Est
  7. eweasel

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Nothing much today. Saw an old friend for lunch, probably for the last time before we fly next month (i can't help it I love saying that :biglaugh:) and of course watched WDU, shame it was NZ but they were a nice family :-) Chandi1 - good luck with your daughters tests but I'm sure it will be just procedure n won't impact on anything Est
  8. eweasel

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    I loved your last post re quitting your job and making your validating trip permenant - fantastic good your you guys. We have car boots sales around here running Saturdays and Sundays at the moment, must be to shift all those unwanted christmas pressies!!! not sure what they are like yet though and we are in Shrewsbury, Shropshire so a bit of a long way to come from Somerset :biggrin: Est
  9. eweasel

    An Emotional Day!

    Hi Sherbet - I'm sorry you had such an emotional day yesterday it is tough. I saw my mum yesterday and you could tell she's been crying even before we arrived. Whatever the subject in a conversation now comes around to us leaving and how much she will miss the children - it is so heart breaking, but she supports the move and we have to give it a go otherwise we may always regret it. We've got just over 6 weeks to go now and like you have been organising nights out and a leaving party - suddenly the weeks are full of visits to family and friends and time seems so short now. On the plus side my son who is four crept into our bed this morning and we just chatted about the flight to Oz and what we'll do when we arrive which was so nice :-D
  10. eweasel

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Ditto that - car boot sales every week now until all the stuff has gone - or else its to the tip we go ...
  11. eweasel

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Fingers crossed for a quick buyer for you Est :biggrin:
  12. eweasel

    Disaster but could have been worse

    Jem I'm soooo glad you have made such a fantastic recovery from such a dreadful illness. I wish you a full and speedy recovery and the best in the future for you and the family whatever you decide to do :wubclub: Take care Est
  13. eweasel

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Result!!!! We have just sold a load of our house contents to the new owners - that a few less bit to have to try and get rid of and a few more $$$ for the pot :laugh: Thats what I've done today :wink: Est
  14. eweasel

    Is it just us?

    Yes we noticed that the poms out numbered the Aussies there - we loved Freemantle but not sure if we could afford it up there - we spent alot of time travelling up the Freemantle while we were there and our son loved the prison (we have to visit twice). Still as you say R & SB are nice areas and a good place to start plus it is familar to us. So pleased you guys are loving the new life so much Est
  15. eweasel

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    watched "Wanted Down Under" ....:GEEK: does that class as research??? Est