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Found 24 results

  1. NowPerth

    Cleaning Public BBQs in parks

    Hi We are going to use the public BBQ in the park. We've only just got here and I'm not sure what happens? Presumably we should clean it after, but it will be really hot. What do people do??? If anyone can offer advice I'd be grateful because I don't want to do the wrong thing.:unsure: Thanks
  2. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me? I'm from Perth and i'm looking for work in the mines as a cleaner. does anyone know how to go about getting a job? or have any information on it please? anything would be helpful Thanks
  3. Yvonne HornbyTurner

    Cleaning carpentry tools for import

    Hi everyone I am moving to Brisbane in 4 weeks and I am taking all my hand and power tools, I know they need to be clean, but how clean do they need to be to pass through Australian quarantine. Does my hammer and chisels need to be gleaming or can I just clean them with jays fluid. Thanks :err:
  4. A casual cleaner is required for 6 hour next Wednesday, 29th May 2013, to start work at 9 am. The job is located in Templestowe, Melbourne and is a home clean service. You will be working as part of a four person team. Looking for someone with a car. Experience in domestic and window cleaning is a plus. This job involves customer service, it is essential that you can communicate and understand English well. You will be responsible for providing a high standard of cleaning in an efficient manner. To achieve this, you must have high attention to details and be able to follow instructions correctly. The right candidate must be prepared to provide photocopy of passport, visa, driver's license and national police check. Will suit students that are studying to complete their degrees or visitors that are on working holiday visas. To apply, please email your application and resume to uhs.boxhill@outlook.com
  5. Does anyone know how stringent AQIS will be about bikes being shipped into Melbourne via sole use container. I've had all 4 of our bikes jet washed and there is no mud or dirt on them other than greasy old chains & cogs. Obviously the grease is a mixture of dirt & grease, so will the AQIS peeps be sending me a cleaning bill? Thanks in advance for any prior knowledge being shared here. Darius
  6. Can anyone help? We are shipping a container load of stuff to Brisbane at the end of October. We are just starting to pack now - we have got a really good deal through a friend for £1900 - he works in shipping. I have no idea about cleaning the stuff before it goes in the container - what are the rules here? And can you take any food stuff (ie. I love a particular chilli sauce in the UK and just wondered if I could take some with me) or not at all? We mostly wondered about cleaning outdoor stuff like chairs, and tools etc. Can anyone help? Ta in advance!
  7. just a quicky whats the name of the cleaning chemical you should use for garden furniture or ornaments you plan on taking to oz. so that they smell clean and to remove all soil. thanks alan
  8. Hi, Can you please suggest anyone or a company in Brisbane which cleans the entire house (including carpets) on moving out/end of lease at a reasonable price? Thank you!!! Cheers B!K3R
  9. Guest

    Car steam cleaning & shipping

    Hi everyone, Just wondering whether any of you know of a place/company in Liverpool where they do car steam cleaning/AC de-gassing/RORO etc. for exporting to Australia? Recently moved to Liverpool, so don't really know the area well... Thanks! :smile:
  10. Hi guys, having a few slight dilemmas with packing our boxes and leave in just over a week! Was just wondering if anyone can help on this one, OH is considering taking some small tools over with him, he wasn't originally but now we have more room than originally expected....The main question is, taking drills etc is it acceptable to just clean them up as much as possible and pack them in the boxes or do they need to be cleaned properly (ie is it going to be a nitemare that end getting them through customs/will they need to still be fumigated etc) If it is ok to give everything a good clean and pack them in the boxes we will but if it is more hassle than it is worth we won't bother. Hope you can help....
  11. hypnodyno

    Cleaning the beachside BBQs

    Hey everyone, Bit of a random question! I've been to Australia a couple of times now, but never really got a proper answer to this question: The beachside BBQs that many cities/towns provide, who's responsible for cleaning them? Is there an unwritten rule that you should leave them as you found them or what? I ask because every one I've seen has been *pristine*, and I can't believe it's BBQers that leave them like that! :smile:
  12. Hi All Not been on for a while. Given 60 days notice to leave rental. So went out and found a place and hoping to be out by Xmas eve. Only need to give them 14 days notice, so hopefully give them as big a surprise as we got ! Anyway, looking for carpet cleaners, removalists and maybe house cleaners. We live in Doncaster East 3109. House is 3 bed 2 bath single level. For removals probably just after man with van (well 2 blokes) to move the big stuff and we will probably pack stuff ourselves (anyone got packing boxes !!) Any pointers gratefully received Thanks
  13. I know that there are a few house husbands on here, some through choice and some through circumstance, or there are those that work from home (my particular circumstance through necessity, and YES I do work believe it or not) and do the majority of the household chores. In this enlightened age we seem to merging our definitions of which role male/female play in society. As some of you know I am a full time carer for Ruth and do the vast majority of cooking, cleaning, taxi service, etc, and this respect I think I am turning little 'lady' like. To those of you who are in this position do you find yourself getting all enamored with the latest cleaning spray, the latest super dooper dish cloth. Do you find yourself looking longingly at the latest fab product in the 'cleaning' department of Tesco. Only the other day I was having a conversation with a fellow shopper (female) about the pros and cons of a certain brand of washing up liquid. There I was discussing at great length the disappointment I felt at many modern cleaning materials, and the conversation just went on and on.:embarrassed: I even know the young girl who stacks the said aisle, lovely girl who reminds me where all the specials are. Once I have bought them I rush home to test these products out. Ruth looks at me with bewilderment at times, but in all sincerity fellas do you find yourself becoming a little lady like.:embarrassed::chatterbox::biglaugh: Our kitchen sink cupboard actually looks like an aisle in Tesco, reams and reams of cleaning products, some used, some unopened, and some destined for the rubbish bin. Only the other day a friend of my youngest thought it strange that I was doing the cooking and sewing up a pair of jeans for my eldest at the same time. I tried to explain to him (14 years old) the why's and wherefores of why I do such a thing, but all I got in reply was 'Tony, you should buy an apron',:biglaugh::biglaugh:, the innocence of the young I guess. So come on men, fess up, are you a closet cleaning freak.:cool: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  14. Guest

    taking car cleaning stuff?

    Just clearing through the shed in prep for move. I only realised the amount of spray paint/lacquer/primer that I'm not allowed to ship. I was also then considering the car shampoo, wax, meguiars and other car cleaning products. Silly question (probably) but am I allowed to take all of this or not? I really need to know as I'll bin it all otherwise! cheers!
  15. Guest

    Bin cleaning

    Hi All If any of you guys are having problems with smells,flys and maggots in your wheelie bin!!! I've Just had my bins cleaned !!! had this flyer on the bin and gave a call I'm now having it done every month! He told me he works all of the Moreton Bay Shire ie Caboolture Pine Rivers and Redcliffe and all for very little $$$$ Great, they smell fantastic problem solved!!!! Great Idea there number is 1300 550 523 ps there called Green Cleen
  16. in immigration? As they demonstrated their power, I think we only need to get one Independnet candidate to make them processing the visa or else! :happy_face_outlaw_s What to you think? Are the Independents in any power in solving the issue? The Issue: To process the remaining application regardless of priority and not to let make any new doggy ones!
  17. Hi Everyone, What do we use to clean tools and fishing stuff? No idea where to start! Thanks x
  18. Hi, Has anyone got any advice about starting a cleaning business? I am so fed up of applying for stuff and not getting any replies, even after doing a course here. Advice needed on amount to charge for 4 bedroom standard, cleaning products customers or own, what is expected for the price and is an ABN needed? I have just got my police certificate yesterday, as I know that most want that. Ta. Liz :chatterbox:
  19. Guest

    Cleaning my tool

    Sorry boring question alert! Have spent all day cleaning my work tools. Plumber gas fitter. How clean have these got to be to satisfy oz customs? Its doing my head in. Thanks for any help in advance.
  20. Hi guys urgent question here as the removal guys are packing the stuff now!! I have quite a few car cleaning bits like polish, car wash, leather treatment and bumper restor etc. Can you take these with you or not? does anyone know? thanks in advance
  21. Guest

    Help needed on cleaning bikes

    We've got the shipping company coming Monday so we need to get our bikes (all seven of them!) cleaned. I had it in my mind that we'd hire a pressure washer but I then notied the shipping company have said they need to be steam cleaned. Does it matter? And if so how/where can you get that done? Thanks Jules
  22. Guest

    window cleaning

    hello hello all any one know what its like for starting a window cleaning buisness in oz (perth)as we do it along with painting and decorating thanks
  23. Guest

    Cleaning out PM

    Hi all, not that i've got this many, but Leanne i can't send you a reply because your box is full........... have a clean up, lol KP Nuts
  24. Anyone let us know how clean was their outdoor things. We are in the complete mess of packing for the packers on tuesday and we can't believe we are going to be ready for them!! Unfortunately the great british weather has struck again and its pouring and we are trying to power wash bikes and trampolines and out door furniture and then get it DRIED !! My question is really to do with the following: RUST - do they mined a bit of rust on bikes ?? Also our trampoline has a few tares around the blue edging and although we have powered it and washed down with jeyes, are they going to think because it is a bit tatty, they won't let it in ?? Our out door table is iron and was hand made but again there are some rust bits on it. What does anyone think?? My god I wish we had started the cleaning and packing and dumpping alot sooner!!! Yvonne