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Found 66 results

  1. Hi, I previously posted a thread on whether good grades matter to get into private schools, and from the majority of replies i get the feeling that they do. So i now need to know if anybody knows of any good Public schools that are able to give extra help to students with special needs? Attention Deficit Disorder and possibly Aspergers Syndrome. Obviously i have to do my own research but reccomendations always help. Its not that he needs a special needs school, its just that he struggles with working alone all of the time. many Thanx Jen x
  2. trHi, My husband is being relocated to Sydney in September and we are faced with the tricky task of finding a school for now four year old from London. I know she is still young but we only plan to be in Sydney for 2/3 years and then move back to the UK. Having already had over 18 months of learning to read and write (as they start earlier with this in the UK) we have been advised to put her into year 1. She adores what she calls 'work' and her teachers in the UK, teachers I know in Sydney and two educational consultants have recommended this would the best move especially since we would prefer her not to be too far behind when we come back to the UK. We wanted to send her to a Public school but they refuse to even asses her for a Year 1 place. Does anyone have any views or experience with this situation? Or found a private school that worked well in this situation? Any thoughts or ideas so appreciated. It seems so daunting with never having been to Sydney and not being able to look around schools before we leave the UK. We were thinking of northern beaches as where we may base ourselves but again this is not set in stone. Thank you!
  3. NowPerth

    Cleaning Public BBQs in parks

    Hi We are going to use the public BBQ in the park. We've only just got here and I'm not sure what happens? Presumably we should clean it after, but it will be really hot. What do people do??? If anyone can offer advice I'd be grateful because I don't want to do the wrong thing.:unsure: Thanks
  4. Finally WA falls into line with the rest of Australia link here
  5. Hi Can anyone in Australia give me an opinion based on experience of private schools VS public schools? Has anyone sent their kids to private school and was it worth the cost? Thanks Karen
  6. I am in a dilemma - If we go to Oz, NSW to be exact my husband & I will have to pay $4500 x 2 for my daughters schooling. (on a 457 visa) This will eat away at our budget, some of the threads I have read is that it could be cheaper to send to a private/catholic school. To be honest a catholic school would be ideal as my oldest has just been confirmed and my other daughter is making her 1st communion here in N ireland in May. I sent an email to a school when I was looking in the glenmore area of sydney, they emailed me back saying fees were $1800 per year but unfortunately there were no positions. I have been looking in other areas for housing as this is our prime hurdle that we need to get over, next would be schooling. But I am wondering will schooling be the 1st. My husband has been offered a sponsorship with a company in south sydney in the CBD. Would it be cheeky to ask them to include the schooling fees with the 'package'? They havent come back to my husband with the 'package'. The main thing at the mo is negotiating the $$ - which at the mo is nowhere near what we could survive on. If someone could guide me - it would be great. Thanks Jo
  7. Hi All, I was just wondering what people's opinions are of having a baby at a public v private hospital in Oz. I've recently found out I'm pregnant and although my husband and I have private health insurance with Medibank which includes obstetrics, I'm not sure whether it's worth having the baby at a private hospital. I work in GP Clinic and my boss is also my Dr - she recommends I go private but I'm not sold. Does anybody have any experience of private / public hospitals and if going private, do you know roughly what the out of pocket expenses are? I know I'm in the very early stages of pregnancy and don't want to get my hopes up too early, but my Dr has told me I need to make a decision about this sooner rather than later. For reference, the private hospital I'm looking at is Peninsula Private and the public ones are Frankston / Sandringham - all in Victoria. Thanks for your help!!
  8. Hi all I am an Ex Firefighter and my wife is a nurse. We have final salary pensions sitting in the UK. I know each case is different but I would be interested in knowing if any ex UK public sector workers have brought over their pension to put into their super? JOHN
  9. woodsy16

    Public transport

    Hey all in Canberra I was wondering what the transport links are like in ACT. We are currently debating the pro's and con's of shipping our car and I wondered if it is possible to manage without one for a while. Assuming that we manage to get rental accommodation close to my place of work, Canberra hospital it is only my other half and son that will need to be entertained and move around! This would hopefully just be until we could afford a used car, I'm assuming that we wouldn't be able to get finance?! Any help would be gratefully received Thanks in advance Kate
  10. Trudiva

    Cost of public school fees.

    Hi everyone, i am so glad i came across this website, my hubby and two kids are moving to central coast in January and one of my concerns is getting a good school for the kids. Does anyone knows of a good public kindie in the central coast possibly in and around tuggera, and finally can i have an idea of how much will go into school fees. We are on 457. Regards
  11. Guest

    Help!! Notary public again

    :arghh:Hi. Its me again!! I have just been told by a notary public that as my Birth and Marriage Certificates are Crown Copyright they cannot be photocopied, and therefore need to apply online via the GRO for further certified copies. Also said that my Degree Certificate would need to be verified by her as genuine. So I would need to give her written permission to contact the University records department to verify the document. Is this correct??? It sounds like a lot of hassle to me. I am applying for APHRA registration and going on a 457 visa. Please help!!!! Sian
  12. Guest

    Notary public

    I am a qualified midwife and hoping to migrate to australia soon!!! I am at the beginning of skills assesment and wondered if wnyone can tell me if a solicitor can certify my documents for the nursing and midwifery board of australia or if it has to be a notary?? Any info would be really apreciated. Thanks Sian
  13. Does anyone have recent experience of sending their child(ren) to Darlinghurst Public School in Sydney? Any good?
  14. jodznsez

    Melbourne Public Transport!??

    hi all.. so I moved to sydney 3/4 months ago.. not loving it that much.. Looking at the melbourne option. the wife wants to live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We're looking to work in central Melbourne or in eastern suburbs (retail head offices are all there) can anyone who's also been on sydney public transport, let me know how good/bad the buses/trams/trains are on a day to day basis!?.. clean? dirty? reliable? all the key points.. as we won't have a car for a while. THanks all
  15. Guest

    Would You Go Public?

    Some of us know that Colin and Chris Weir won £161 million in last weeks Euromillions (lucky barstewards,:biglaugh:). Now I could be wrong, but I don't think it is a contractual issue by Camelot to HAVE to go public, so with this in mind would you have kept very quiet or gone public like the couple involved. Good luck to them, but what would you have done. Personally I would have turned up at my place of work in my Aston Martin V8 Vantage (1980's stylee,:yes:) wearing my Rolex Daytona (white) walked into my bosses office, given them the one finger salute, got on the A380 (Singy Airlines Suite) and arrived in Australia, and then set up PIO2 in the middle of the outback where liked minded individuals would gather, and strip naked (not compulsory) and dance around the red desert singing Land Down Under.:biglaugh: No but seriously, I wouldn't have gone public, I would have 'tried' to keep it as quiet as possible and get on with my life, though changed somewhat I guess. And as a side note, can an ';ordinary' person ever have too much money. £161 million is one hell of a wad of cash. By the time you have given to family and friends, and maybe a few charities the amount left over I imagine would be much, much more than would ever be needed. Does this amount of money in some way take away the excitement and the like of having to work for something, to look forward to something. With this amount of money to a degree you can have whatever you want, and personally it 'may' take away a little of life's pleasures when the thought and anticipation of saving for something could be taken away. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  16. Introduction of Public Interest Criterion Relating to Fraud from 2 April 2011 On 2 April 2011, the department is introducing a new Fraud Public Interest Criterion (PIC) that will be applied to certain visa subclasses in Skilled and Employer Sponsored Migration Program. The affected visa subclasses are as follows: Subclass Type of visa Title 175 GSM Skilled – Independent visa 176 GSM Skilled – Sponsored visa 475 GSM Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa 476 GSM Skilled – Skilled – Recognised Graduate 485 GSM Skilled – Graduate 487 GSM Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa 885 GSM Skilled – Independent visa 886 GSM Skilled – Sponsored visa 887 GSM Skilled – Regional 880* GSM Skilled – Independent – Overseas Student 881* GSM Skilled – Australian-sponsored Overseas Student 882* GSM Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored Overseas Student 883* GSM Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored (Residence) 495* GSM Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) 496* GSM Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional) 457 TES Business (Long Stay) 119 PES Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme 121 PES Employer Nomination 856 PES Employer Nomination Scheme 857 PES Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme * While these visas are closed to new applications on 1 September 2007, pending applications remain. GSM – General Skilled Migration PES – Permanent Employer Sponsored visas TES –Temporary Employer Sponsored visas Transitional Arrangements Your application will be subject to assessment under the Fraud PIC if you have lodged an application for a type of visa listed above and that application is yet to be decided as at 2 April 2011 either by the department or is under review. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/fraud-pic.pdf
  17. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a Public Notary in Dublin that doesn't cost a fortune? I contacted one today and he was quoting €50 per document up to €100 and then €20 each after that, it just seems a bit much!! So far i have on my list to get done is birth cert, passport, college degree, college transcript, Ielts exam results. am i missing anything else? pay slips?? Also do i need to get work references done too even if i can get multiple originals of them to send? This is all to apply to ACS to get my skills assessed and then apply for visa. Thanks in advance for any info given :wubclub:
  18. Guest

    public transport???

    Just wondering if thepublic transport around Perth and particularly up in the norhern suburbs is good, have had a look on the transperth website and it looks pretty comprehensive and reasonably priced. We would be aiming to get one car but just thinking of if whoever doesn't have the car needs to gt somewhere how easy it is?
  19. Hey everybody We're about to get my husbands skills assessed as a Construction Project Manager. Can anyone help point us in the right direction of a reasonably priced public notary who might be able to sign all our docs? Also does anyone have any timescales on the skills assessment. I think I read approx 8 weeks on their website - is this accurate? Thanks!:cute:
  20. We're off to the Aus vs England game this weekend but the SCG doesn't seem to be near any train stations, is walking to Central the best bet and can anyone suggest how long it takes? Many Thanks!
  21. Hi guys Back visiting the site after being on he brink of giving up when public relations officer was removed from the list. Have just seen that advertising and pr manager has been added on and wondered whether anyone knew if you still needed a degree to pass the skills test for this and whether this is likely to change next year with the points test review? I haven't got a degree :-( but have got 10 years experience in journalism and pr. Any advice would be much appreciated... I've got my fingers crossed it might be good news but aren't getting my hopes up given I'm sat in a wintery Warwickshire still dreaming about moving to oz 9 years after I started looking into it... Thanks Em x:mask
  22. Just to let you know I have just come back from having gel nails put on. So if I sudddenly start typing in Latvian, it means I have been typing too fast with my new nails on and I haven't got used to them yet.:embarrassed: Sue x PS It took me 30 mins to type this much...flaming heck :cry:
  23. Guest

    Public Holiday On The Books.

    Just been announced on the radio by David Cameron that there may well be a Bank Holiday' for the forthcoming royal wedding. Several people will be involved in making the decision, not least of which will be the royals themselves. I am no anti royalist, far from it. But as a thought I can think of far worthier reasons to announce a bank holiday, Dunkirk, VE Day, or how about the 11th of the 11th every year, I can think of no worthier cause. All well and good that the royals should be noted in some circles, and I do indeed have some time for 'some' of them, but in truth the sacrifice made by many more millions is much more important. Not trying to rain on anyones parade, but I think we 'may' have our morality a little arse about face on this one. Cheers Tony.:wubclub:
  24. Hi, What does a CPA status (full member in Australia) untitles the member to do ? Can he open a public practice ? tax returns ?..... What does financial planning consist in ? Thank you
  25. I have always worked for the council (Local government) in the uk. I am currently working as a Benefits Officer. We are applying under my OH's trade but just wondered what sort of work I should be looking for in Oz. Would be nice to stay in the same line of work or something similar but don't know anything about the Australian Benefits system or what the opportunities are like working for the government etc......Wondered if anyone could give me any info??:smile: