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    We're wondering whether to take our cats to oz

    http://www.skydogs.co.uk We used this company. They were recommended to us and I would recommend them to you. Great service and very competitive. Took care of everything, including my stress! I'm so glad we brought them. It really helped us settle. Quarantine was fine - and I think it's shorter these days too. They settled so quickly too. One thing is that we keep them in at night here whereas in the UK they had free rein
  2. nickyc88

    Our Queensland tour

    If you still have time have a look at Undarra - volcanic lava tubes that you can walk in. We were lucky enough to go when the tubes were flooded and swam in them :-)
  3. Books and shoes are great recommendations. Bring all your warm stuff - you will acclimatise quicker than you think. I bought handbags on my last trip back too. Leather was better quality for the price. Good luck with the move!
  4. Hi Stef, I don't know what area of social work you are looking for but the National Disability Insurance Scheme is due to roll out in Queensland between July 2016 and June 2019. It is envisaged to create lots of new jobs. Some will be with the National Disability Insurance Agency and I think you *may* need to be a citizen for those. Many more will be in not for profits delivering services. I bet any UK experience will be well regarded. Good luck!
  5. nickyc88

    Is it really this bad in Queensland . . .

    I have a slightly different perspective to Xenon4017... the government borrowed to build the infrastructure needed for the mining industry to make it's money, and to fund the huge expansion in SEQ as huge numbers of migrants arrived in Brissie/Sunny Coast/Gold Coast. Basically capitalising on opportunities to grow the economy as the rest of the world was being hit hard by the GFC. Then they had to borrow to rebuild after the floods and the cyclone - not cheap and not finished. The new government are scaremongering so that they can cut 20% of the workforce, but it's hitting the private sector in Brisbane too, with many companies suffering as the government cuts contracts. It's pretty unnecessary and very politically driven, but I don't think it will last. The state had tremendous assets and is in a far better state than the rest of the world, but Aussies are very ready to believe the doom and gloom stories. As an example, they are continually told, and believe, that they are the highest taxed country in the world, but I pay about half the amount of tax that I paid in the UK! Worth checking out how Cairns has been affected - I'd read the local paper, but also expect it to bounce back pretty quick.
  6. nickyc88

    coopers plains/brisbane

    We're in Upper Mount Gravatt. The big Westfield shopping centre has got a transport hub so it's really well connected. It's also on a busway to the CBD which means we get into the CBD in 20 mins in rush hour. Perfect for transport. Lots of great restaurants and not too expensive for property. Def worth checking out. In terms of websites http://www.realestate.com.au is all you need!
  7. All that ID plus be prepared to do show and tell with your bank statements and talk up your job prospects and earning potential. We'd heard it would be a nightmare but to be fair when we told the agent my partner was in IT, he couldn't move quick enough to rent us the house even though we had no jobs. Not as bad as we were told it would be for sure. But do read all the advice about taking photos, doing a really thorough job with the inspection report and shouting up early if you don't like any of the terms in the contract. Take no sh*t at the beginning because you'll get plenty from them when you leave! Good luck!
  8. nickyc88

    Queensland health pom nurses

    Hi Gordon, Qld government (including Q Health) are in the process of a major restructure so most recruitment is frozen. They are going to loose 20 000 public sector workers. This won't affect nurses so much but might be affecting those doing the recruiting at the moment. This local website will have up to the minute info on where it's all up to. My department is first up for redundancies and reckon we'll be all straight by Christmas. Hope this helps.
  9. nickyc88

    How long to hear back?

    Agencies here are worse than in the UK :eek:
  10. nickyc88

    feeling really down but cant go home !!

    Hey, sounds like you're having a really rough time. My partner is up and down and from time to time says he wants to go home, but I always tell him it won't be the life he left... the economy is different, we don't have a home there and people move on with their lives. We're also different people, even after such a short space of time. I understand the 'displaced' feeling but I suspect I'd have that in the UK too now. Hope some of the comments you've had on here resonate and help a bit. Good luck x
  11. nickyc88

    Funny How Things Turn Out

    Two years ago our visa application was in, but I think the system had just changed for the tenth time since we started the process and we were very disillusioned with the whole thing and with having our lives on hold. I don't think I thought we would make it. Soon after it all changed and we've been here since Feb 11 and very happy with our move! The job situation has been like a rollercoaster, but I don't regret a minute of it. The cats are all settled into our beautiful house and we've got engaged! Never been happier :biggrin: Hope your move brings everything you're hoping for!
  12. nickyc88

    Sausages and Bacon!

    I found a great pork butcher... great sausages. Supermarket bacon here is better than in the UK, but I do miss my old butchers home cured bacon just a little bit.
  13. nickyc88

    What salary do you need to live in Brisbane?

    I think so! I think $110k is closer to an equivalent salary to what you are used to. Although I do think you can live comfortably on less - especially if you have some decent equity to get your home loan costs down. Push them hard for a better deal! Good luck.
  14. Yes - over the last 6 months. He has lots of the experience that you have, and has sustained his own business for the last 10 years. His experience of a lot of the agencies was different to yours. Lots of fishing and lots of enthusiasm but little effective follow through and some really incompetent practise - briefing him that the interview was informal and for no specific role when that wasn't the case was a favourite. Prince 2 ended up being the deciding factor. I'd agree with all you've said about being proactive - the Aussies are definately more 'up front' and sell themselves better than the average Brit (I say that from recent experience recruiting myself). And contracting is def worth the go. Also get comprehensive references ahead of time from people who are prepared to do swift email or telephone follow up. Good luck to all who are looking.
  15. Lol! As a Brit who shares many of your sentiments, this is a pretty good place to hang out. Not perfect, but feels safer than either of the places we've come from! Are you over here already?