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  1. redditchcouple

    Australian Citizenship

    yes, just comes up with "error" Applicant must supply one complete passport or document for travel record in order to continue
  2. redditchcouple

    Australian Citizenship

    Hi, I'm just wondering if you had any luck with your online application, I have exactly the same issue and it won't let me past page 3. Very frustrating but I've bought this upon myself by letting the passports expire when I could have got this done months ago! Cheers, Scott
  3. redditchcouple

    child benefit and rent assistance in Oz

    Thanks for all your help so far,its put our minds at rest a bit :-)
  4. redditchcouple

    child benefit and rent assistance in Oz

    I put my claim in 3 weeks ago..not heard anything back yet, is it definately valid for any PR visa?? I checking that because I am Family Sponsored and am wondering if that makes a difference when claiming?? Any clarification would be great... Scott and Sally
  5. redditchcouple

    child benefit and rent assistance in Oz

    Thanks Cal, Believe me, anything will be a great help....just wish I had known earlier !! :-)
  6. redditchcouple

    child benefit and rent assistance in Oz

    I know...and there we are been struggling and worrying for no reason....this will be a great help for us...I dont think many people know you can claim..we certainly didnt
  7. redditchcouple

    child benefit and rent assistance in Oz

    Thanks Kev, We will be up there with our boots blacked Monday morning:wink:
  8. redditchcouple

    child benefit and rent assistance in Oz

    thanks for that...I wish I had known earlier, would have made life a lot easier instead of worrying about money all the time...Do you know if they backpay from date of arrival or pay it from time of registration??
  9. I have just been speaking to a guy who came out here 4 years ago and lives on the gold coast.He came out on the same visa we did (176 skilled) and has told me I can claim the Aussie version of child benefit and can claim rent assistance from Centrelink.Does anyone know if this is true?I thought that I could not claim any assistance for anything for 2 years. My wife has found part-time work but I currently am not working(not through lack of trying).Any help would be great thanks, Scott and Sally
  10. redditchcouple

    Can anyone help me?

    Arrived from the UK 5 wks ago, back in england i was a Care Assistent working in a Residential home and also Nursing homes. I'm looking for the same kind of work over here but havent seen many advertised. Have seen jobs for EEN's , can anyone tell me what this position is and what and where i can look for the job I'm trained for? Or if there is a web site I can look for these kind of jobs? Can anyone tell me any the names of any big care companies over here?Thank you
  11. redditchcouple


    found nothing out in brissy so far !!:mad:
  12. redditchcouple

    working in Ipswich... but so many questions?

    we are in Bundamba at the moment..Springfield Lakes is nice but have not seen a house with a decent sized garden there so far!
  13. redditchcouple

    Can you book your plane seats for Singapore Airlines

    Booked our seats with them but theyput us somewhere else on both legs of the journey!!! Food is great though..never ate and drank so much in 22 hours before ! :-)
  14. redditchcouple

    carpenter looking for work

    Hi All, Just arrived in the Ipswich area of Queensland and am looking for work,hopefully as a maintenance carpenter which I have done for 23 years or if not will consider any other work offers.Will travel into Brissy if necessary and the surrounds.Look forward to your replies, Scott
  15. redditchcouple

    anybody going to oz in nov?

    this time next week we will be in the air :-))