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  1. liverpoolloo

    Assurance of support

    Thank for the replies, I shall look on this as savings with interest thanks Ann
  2. liverpoolloo

    Assurance of support

    Can anyone advise me if you can withdraw your AOS earlier than the 10yrs stated on the 143 parent visa if you are returning to the UK Thanks Ann
  3. liverpoolloo

    Contributory Parent Visa 143

    Does the contributory 143 visa need a return visa when leaving Australia after four years. Ann
  4. I migrated to Perth in march 2013, I am travelling back to the uk next Apri, will I need a visitors return visa after being here four years. i will apply for citizenship after march as been here four years but I don't think I will get Australian passport in time for travelling. And if I start the process and don't need a visitors return visa I will wait for citizenship until I come back.otherwise applying sooner will cancel out the visa I have now. cheers annie
  5. Hi Andy, i had to have an Australian police check for the same reasons , and it's didn't require fingerprints, all pretty straight foreward although i had an agent to help. :smile: Ann
  6. Hi Fran, you read my mind as i have just seen your post regarding Alan after posting mine, we all apreciate your free advice on here as mike said Alan, thank you. Great to hear you have settled well in Brisbane Fran and have found work your really happy in, really lovely to hear as it is from previous posters who have gone through the process and loving their new life with family and friends. Can't wait to have my first holiday in Brisbane when i come to see you. Chat soon Ann
  7. So true Alan, without your knowledge and support regarding my AOS i would have certainly lost my visa, if i had done it alone i would not have known about the PTY Limited for doing the AOS. It was a problem i could never have foreseen earlier on. so i am glad i used your agency as i would not be nearing visa grant without you. :smile: Ann
  8. liverpoolloo


    All to do with the Rabies blood testing after having second booster and quarentine, didn't get much of an answer from Transfur but Bob from petair answered my question and also confirmed with Defra that he was right, i just felt more confident in using petair as any query i had was answered right away nothing was to big or small. Ann
  9. liverpoolloo


    I started the process with Transfur but when i hit a problem i found they were of little help, thankfully changed to Petair uk, have to say i was helped assisted and advised every step of the way, nothing was to much trouble. I can highly recomend them. Ann
  10. liverpoolloo

    For the Love of our Pooches

    Some folk thought i was totally mad paying all that money to take my pooch, dog lovers however understood. There was never any question my dog wasn't coming with me, he flew out on the 11th of this month and i have to say i was on pins until he landed on the Monday, Byford quarentine emailed me to say my dog was well and very happy to be out the crate, unfortunately there were bushfires in the area of the quarentine centre and my son phoned me the early hours wednesday from perth to say my dog Bob was being relocated to a safe area away from the bushfires along with all the other pets, unfortunately they can not tell me where he is but he is well and being cared for by their staff. After a week in the kennels quarentine phoned my son to say they would let my Bob out early but my son had a dog and 2 cats so they can't let him out. I am still in the UK but hope to fly out next week and move in a place of my own so my first port of call will be to collect Bob, i can't wait to see him. Even though he has had a bit of a traumatic time i am told by friends whose dogs go into kennels how ressiliant dogs are. I have worried something rotten while he has been away but quarentine have been very good and kept me informed he is well and eating. I don't regret my decision so far and i am sure you won't either. They are worth every penny.:animal-dog:
  11. They only check for HIV in the blood test, and in my medical in Manchester my urine was tested there and then with a dip stick and i was told it was fine, i came away from my medical happy after being told all was ok, i had an operation last year and the consultant kindly wrote me a letter on the result of my op, they were more than happy with this . maybe after having 2 kids and had to give a sample on numerous occasions presenting one is never any trouble.:biggrin: hope all goes well, which i am sure it will. Ann
  12. I set my mind on coming to Australia years ago after my first holiday in Perth, i had to many commitments at the time as i was nursing both my parents and my daughter was still at university, My daughter is now married and settled here and my son became a permanent resident 3yrs ago so i decided it was now my time to live a little after happily and willingly looking after my family. My job in age care with the council will go to the private sector this year and my poor wage will only get worse, my chances of affording to accrue a decent pension are poor and i don't see any improvement in my standard of living at present, I have to say i am not coming to OZ with rose tinted glasses, i do realise i will have to work just as hard over there as i do here for a decent standard of living, but i love the sunshine and lifestyle, i enjoy the simple things in life that mostly come free in the outdoors, my daughter will visit often as will my sister. My son and his wife had a baby boy last september so i now have a new grandson to meet and enjoy time with. I hope to leave for perth in the next 2 wks and i really can't wait to get my rental and enjoy my pooch when he comes out of quarentine in 3wks, had a bit of worry this week as he only landed on Monday and i recieved an email form quarentine to say my dog has been relocated due to the bushfires near Byford where the quarentine centre is. He is safe and well cared for so that is the main thing. I wish everyone good luck going through the process from all the happy posts from previous pio's it's well worth the stress and worry once you finaly get there. Happy days !!!!! Ann:cool:
  13. Yes you do as i had to do this as my stays in Australia over the last 10yrs exceeded 12 months. It's pretty straight forward but i had the help of my agent so can't advice if your doing the 143 yourself. All the best with your process. Ann
  14. Hi it's me..... yes i did apply before my son was resident for the 2yrs because of the criteria you mentioned but i have since heard DIAC have become a bit strict on this now and i remember being worried because of the post mentioned that was refused, i am just waiting for my 2nd vac to be requested then hopefully the visa soon to follow. I would take advice from a migrant agent before putting in the application. I can recommend Alan Collett from Go Matilda he often gives good advice on here. All the very best in your process. Ann
  15. I got sorted with centrelink today can anyone please tell me from their experience how long they waited after that for immigration to ask for payment. Thanks Ann