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  1. Wishful

    Moving back to UK at age of 75 and single!

    Dell, I think you are amazing and I say go for it how wonderful !! You have given me hope here I am at aged 49 thinking im leaving it too long to go back and live. I moved here with my parents who live in sydney, I have two kids aged 18 and 20 and its not the right time for me to move back although I would love to. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures... Im going back with hubby and kids for four weeks next year and am looking forward to that.... can I ask do you have any kids or relatives either here or in England ?, how do they feel ?
  2. My brother had a falling out with them some years ago, its just not an option for him to be involved. Its not an option right now to move back just looking at other options for the next 3-4 years. My kids although adults at 18 and 20 still need me and I probably still need them ..... thanks for everyones answers and feedback x
  3. Hi Marisa , easier said than done parents getting older , brother doesnt speak to parents and my son is only 18 and I couldnt leave at this time. At this time Im trying to work out how to spend more time in UK. Maybe in 3-4 years things may be different but leaving now is not an option.
  4. Morning Everyone , I have posted on here before and then disappeared , Im sorry for that as some people posted really lovely replies. Short version of my story : emigrated to sydney on 1986 with parents and brother , married Aussie had two kids. Got divorced and remarried first boyfriend from UK. Mum and dad in their 70's. They have made the decision to not move back to the UK ( although its still where there heart is ). My kids are 18.5 and 20.5 , my daughter wont move to UK ( although loves going for holiday ) and my son feels English ( even though born here ) so he could end up anywhere. The thought of living in Aus for the rest of my life I actually cant let myself believe ( although I love Aus ). Next May 2019 we are going back for four weeks , the four of us. I am trying to think of a way to be able to spend more time in the UK . Has anyone lived in Aus and found a way ( without been rich ) of spending time each year in the UK ? really appreciate any help.... on a side note I am close to my parents , and hubby loves it here xxx
  5. Hi everyone, Live in the blue mountains and so got very close to wills and kate yesterday and as great an experience as it was for me and my ( Australian born ) daughter it also make me more homesick than normal. I have been thinking about an idea for a while now and would really appreciate any advice from anyone. I yearn to live back in UK some days its unbearable and I find myself getting showers just so I can cry ( I'm truly not depressed though I still work full time and find real joy in spending time with my family ) Financially we are scraping back up the ladder mainly due to trips to UK ( it really is a need not a want ) so my question is assuming my kids don't want to live in UK , I'm thinking a caravan in a park that I can go to every year for various periods of time , to buy I mean , I understand there are site costs BUT if you were going to do this , taking into account this is more than a holiday ( so don't really want a big commercial park ) which specific park have you been to that you would consider buying a van in ??? Or if you have a van what are the costs , has anyone done this ???? What other ways have people found to be able to have a foot in each country ?? Short story of where im at : Moved here 1987 at age 18 with parents and brother , got married had 2 kids( their dad is an Aussie ) divorced now married to an English man ( no kids together ) , have taken kids back to UK twice a third time ( hopefully in next 18 months ). Kids are now 16 and 14. Thank you so much I really appreciate any advice :yes:
  6. So glad to be part of this group ... thanks. I moved here at the age of 18 in 1986 , with my mum dad and 14 yr old brother. I came kicking and screaming with the promise of an airfare after I had given it three months. I gave it three months and then I said thanks dad but no thanks Im off , mum and dad hid my passport and I was not very street savvy so didnt know I could get another one ( they are good parents and thought they were doing whats best for me ) .. any way life went on I went to Uni and I was happy , met an Aussie got married and had my daughter and BANG !!! it suddenly hit me I was now trapped it was no longer a lon long working holiday , got post natal depression worked through that and then had my son. 18 months later the marriage fell apart and I reconnected with my first love in UK ( through friends reunited ) long story short he came here for a holiday and stayed , got married ( to me lol ) and we have been happily married for 10 years in November. My kids are now 16 and 14 and have been back to UK twice they both love it, their dad is in their lives and so until they both reach 18 there is nothing I can do , In 2018 we are going for a minimum of three months and then see !! I ache for "home" at least once a week have a cry and sometimes the despair is soooo bad ( and I don't have depression ) , I don't hate Aus I actually have a lot of affection for it but after 26 years I think ive given it a go !! I hope one day to live in both countries ( if my kids wont go to live ). It really helps knowing others feel " exactly" the same. That you don't have to explain that feeling you get when you have to get on the plane to come back to Aus and how it takes all your courage to not run screaming ...... :wub:
  7. Wishful


    My story is different BUT the feelings are the same , that sense of belonging is what I ache for , for what its worht here is what I have come up with and its far from perfect. My story is moved here when 18 , married an aussie had 2 kids ( now aged 14 and 16 ) divorced married childhood sweetheart from UK now happily married for 10 years. SO I have taken kids back twice , plan is to take then back in three years when finished school for 3 months and see what happens , worst case scenario I am going to buy a caravan in uk to give me that sense of permanency and go back every year for as short or long as can afford , I want to live there and plan to spend lot of my time there , hubby will go where I want ... . . . I know I cannot live out my life here. I truly have a lot of affection for Australia I really do its just not home x
  8. thanks for the replys .... my homesickness is so bad that I have to have plans to go back to keep my sanity. My son (14) said he should have been born in England and my daughter Im not sure . In the future I need to spend time each year in the UK and so for me this is my first option but I understand of course that they may not want it and then I will revisit things ...... My dad is 68 years young but longs to go back to UK and at times is a right misery guts ( actually most of the time ) and so I dont want to end up like him ... we will find a way but to believe this is where I will be for the rest of my life is not an option for me and I dont hate Australia I actually think I would miss it if I went home but this is not home and after 26 years Im pretty sure Ive given it a good shot...... what will be will be !
  9. Hello everyone , Has anyone taken their Aussie kids back to UK for a " holiday" to see how they liked it and how did it go ?? My kids are 14 and 16 and in 3+ years planning on taking them for three months ( they have an aussie dad ) and I am remarried to an englishman for 10 years , I was born and bred in yorkshire and have always longed to go home but wont/cant without my kids. People tell me im living in a dreamworld .. maybe I am So has anyone taken kids back to UK for a longer holiday and they have wanted to stay despite having family here ???? If this hasnt worked has anyone successfully left their adult kids ( 20+ ) in Aus and gone back to UK with regular visits to Aus ?
  10. Wishful

    in a pickle

    agree 100% quoll
  11. Wishful

    What do you hate about the UK?

    I hate that we "poms" think everywhere else is better and constantly complain about the weather like its the only thing that matters , I hate we don't realise how great our history is
  12. My mum and dad are going to do this 8 months here and four months in UK for next few years until their health dictates for them to make a choice. They will stay with family over in UK some of the time and cheap digs at other times. They have a unit near Sydney here and wont sell that I don't think. They are just determined to make it work , I shall be doing th same thing but hopefully a lot sooner xx
  13. Wishful

    How do you live your life in two countries ????

    Thank you Sunni, for me money really is the answer , I know money does not buy happiness in all situations but in this it would , If I could go back every year for a period of time ( prob at least a month or two ) I think this would help. But in the end I am one of four people and at the moment this is where I have to be. The kids will both have finished school in four years and they have a good relationship with their dad and family so maybe it will be an option. My plan and I have told them is that when they finish school we all go over for three months and just see and take it form there whether this will happen I dont know. x
  14. Wishful

    How do you live your life in two countries ????

    I am not married to their father and there is a court order inplace with access. I would be arrested in UK and sent back. After they turn 16 the Hague convention doesnot apply and so if they wanted to at that point we could do that but I am 90% sure they wont want to and as I was brought here against my will ( all be it well meaning ) I owuld not do the same to them.