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  1. armandra

    Form 80 quicky!

    You print the PDF file available online, fill it up, sign it and then scan it into PDF (recommended since you can have multiple pages in a single file) or JPEG and send it across. Good luck! armandra!
  2. armandra

    Are we following the right path??

    Well, there is no correlation between being in Australia at the time of applying and getting rejected for that. Nope, absolutely no. Of course, since 175 or 176 being offshore visas as such, the law stipulates that the applicant(s) must be out of Australia when it is granted. Just before the granting the visa, your CO would recommend you (and your family) to go on an overseas trip (even NZ would do) for a week or so and the visa is granted in the meantime. When you enter Australia once the visa comes through, the visa gets activated and hey, you are permanent residents! :wink: Good luck! armandra!
  3. armandra

    Online Passport Photo

    Sorry, what is it that you looking for? :err: armandra!
  4. armandra

    Victoria State Sponsership - Processing Times

    Well, Vic takes the longest and is the toughest to get in! Sorry if that sounds negative but that's what it is. I applied back in Jan '11 and they approved it in June. Here's more info on that: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/99554-new-vic-smp-where-you-now.html Good luck!! armandra!
  5. armandra

    TRN invalid?

  6. armandra

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Congrats!!!!!!!!! :jiggy: armandra!
  7. armandra

    How to get on in Australia? My tips.

    Guess you can't do much about it then, can you? Give it your best and forget the rest as they say!:wink: armandra!
  8. armandra

    How to get on in Australia? My tips.

    No one said about someone being good or for that matter being bad. All that the OP said is since we are making the move taking in so much pains, it would probably be worth the effort if one can be positive and upbeat about the whole thing instead of being reluctant from day one and carrying a pessimistic bent of mind. In other words, the chances of our attitude making a difference are far higher than the person next to us feeling good/bad about it, that is. armandra!
  9. armandra

    How to get on in Australia? My tips.

    I second that! :hug: armandra!
  10. armandra

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Congrats!!!!!!!! :jiggy: armandra!
  11. armandra

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Good luck Justin, I'm pretty sure you guys are gonna do just fine :hug: armandra!
  12. armandra

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jiggy:
  13. armandra

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jiggy: armandra!
  14. armandra

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Congrats Sara! Good luck!! :hug: armandra!
  15. armandra

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    I'm Vic sponsored and so heading to Melbourne and looking at flying sometime in Sep if all goes well, that is. armandra!