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  1. goldyshell

    Jetpets Journey

    Sorry only just read this. Thank you that makes total sense Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. goldyshell

    Jetpets Journey

    Our dog was going to my parents in the uk. And we still had to travel within 5 days, we were anyway in the end so not a problem... BUT Jetpets did say after that that if we travelled after those 5 days then there would be an extra charge. Oh and we also had to give them our flight confirmation Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. goldyshell


    Applied for citizenship in October 2016 in Bunbury online, had automatic acknowledgement but not a peep since!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. goldyshell

    Moving a 16 year old back to the UK.

    Oh I'm so glad it worked out for them. Today, after a couple of weeks of being back and lots of emails and phone calls we have found a secondary school who will take her. They were astounded that the colleges wanted £5000 per year to put her through her courses. They said they will do whatever they can to help her and prep her for her GCSE's. mock tests and lots of prep over the next couple of months for a chance to sit two GCSE's in May [emoji15]to get her on the right track. She's keen and they are keen, they said she will be an asset to their school. I have my fingers and toes crossed that this works out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. goldyshell

    Moving a 16 year old back to the UK.

    Hey BrisPaul, How did you go with your plans last year? We have just done the same. Returned from Perth to Kent, Youngest daughter of 10Yrs has gone straight into school here but our 16 Year old, who should have started Year 11 on 1st Feb in Aus is now having trouble finding somewhere to take her at her age without GCSE's. Ive emailed numberous schools and colleges. The colleges want £5000 per year as shes an international student ( we were in Aus 5 yrs) Just seems like a headache and she is desperate to go back to school and gain an excellent career.
  6. goldyshell

    container vs half container

    Ive been quoted $11488 with Chess removals from Perth to Kent for a 40ft container and Im not going to totally fill it. Thats door to door. Toying with purchasing a 20ft container for 3k and shipping ourselves at a later stage as will be in storage for about a year once it arrives, selling all the larger items here :arghh: Allied pickfords wanted $19950 for a 40ft so you've got yourself a bargain there!!! Go with it
  7. goldyshell

    To buy a container outright?

    Yeah maybe. Im just in no rush and have somewhere to store it here for free. It would be an investment to sell when it finally arrives in the UK. But really need an idea of the shipping cost of an owner container.
  8. We are toying with the idea of purchasing a 20ft container to ship our belongings back to the UK from Perth. Does anyone know rough shipping costs with an owned container? and anything else we need to know In no rush for our belongings as going back to a sick family member, renting our house out in Bunbury but don't think we will ever return full time. Thanks
  9. goldyshell

    Jetpets Journey

    Hi, Can anyone explain to me why if my dog is getting shipped door to door from Perth to my parents in Kent. That we have to travel within 5 days of her leaving Australia? I can't seem to get hold of anyone today to ask so thought I'd try here. Thanks
  10. goldyshell


    Hi Jemma Thank you for your message. Wow yours was quick! We are definately moving back in Feb or even January. So not not sure if we will be here to do our citizenship if it does go through quickly and I think our move to the UK will be a permanent one. None has really settled after 5 years. We are in Bunbury two hour south of Perth Hubby will stay here for a year for work until we are settled over there. Do you know if he can do his citizenship alone if myself and our two daughters are in the UK. We thought that that could be an option. Our PR visa expires in June so we have to renew the travel part anyway. Such a confusing time Thanks and good luck
  11. goldyshell


    Hi All, I applied for our family citizenship on 23rd October 2016, had acknowledgement email but no other contact. Due to family illness we will now be going back to the Uk in Feb for a long period of time. If it hasn't gone through by then... which i doubt very much reading everyones timelines, Will they refund the money if we have no choice but to go back without ? Thanks
  12. goldyshell


    Hi, I applied on the 24th October and we are also Bunbury area. Have you had any luck? Was hoping for Australia Day ceremony
  13. goldyshell

    AAARRRRGGGGHHHH so much info, so confused

    Hi When I started my application 18months ago I didnt have a clue either. I found an agent and gave them a run down of our situation etc etc at the end of the day they want your money and for you to apply through them so everything I asked they answered. They advised me on all the possible routes, before i paid them a penny. I didnt have to go with them after I got all the info BUT I did, they were great from day one they are called www.australia-migration.co.uk please remember though you dont have to go through them as I have now found them expensive. I was non the wiser and didnt know how to shop around. I now know, after applying for a 457 sponsored visa alone, whilst they processed our 176 permanent, that I could have done it myself if I was a little more wiser and clued up. We have been in Perth for 5 weeks on our temporary visa and loving it, although the agent is still processing the permanent visa. It is possible, dont give up, and keep trawling the net! Good luck Michelle
  14. goldyshell

    Experience of quarantine

    Hi Our GSD left the UK at the end of July for Perth. It was heartbreaking watching her go off in her kennel. BUT now I know we have done the right thing. Byford Quarantine in Perth are excellent. They keep in regular contact and they dont mind you calling every day to check on your pet. They are very friendly, and at the end they didnt want to let her go!!!! They feed them on Vet approved food and good quality meat, our dog was also bathed the day before she came home which was a relief! She has settled in very well, although now the Summer is on route we'l see how she copes with the heat. Yes it costs a lot of money and then there is the worry of what she is doing and where she is BUT these people are professionals they do it second nature everyday I havent looked back or regretted any part of it and shes been back with us 3 weeks now. Good luck and best wishes for your new future
  15. goldyshell

    Medicare enrolment for UK 457 visa holders

    Hi, We did ours yesterday, everyone over 15 had to attend. They viewed our visas, passports and also the receipt for our application for our 176 visa which hasnt been granted yet. We have a temporary card and await our originals through the post. No problems at all!