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  1. anyone shipped 2 cats?

    Hi Saffy Sorry for the late reply. Have a read of this: https://www.petairuk.com/destinations/australia/taking-cats-australia We can fly them in a double crate with mesh divider or two separate crates - it costs the same. Key things is to get the rabies work done early, it needs starting at least 7 months before you want them to travel.
  2. Pet timeline

    Or have a read of this https://www.petairuk.com/taking-pets-to-australia but yes you need to start the rabies work at least 7 months before you aim to travel with your pets
  3. Pet vaccinations

    Yep the quarantine station keep the crates so the pets can do their onward travel in those crates
  4. Pet vaccinations

    I think snifter has pretty much hit the nail on the head! The only thing i would add is that. Some shippers send out crates in advance all the time (this usually means that you have to transport the pets to the airport and they dont meet you!) but as we tend to get more involved we dont send out the crates. There are two schools of thoughts and we are happy to be guided by the owner. One is to send the crates out so the pets can get used to them, the other is that if the pet "meets" the crate before the flight and remains terrified of it then putting the pet in the crate on the day of the flight is even more stressful. Who know which is right and which is wrong and all the pets are little individuals, so we dont do a blanket rule, we let the owners decide.
  5. Pet vaccinations

    Perfect. So rabies vaccine (and ask your vet to check the microchip) and then 3-4 weeks later to get the blood sample done. Also worth knowing that even if your vet does the booster then it may be the case that the Lepto vaccines will need repeating, but we can only advise on this once we see vaccination cards, but dont worry that part wont delay or affect the travel date for Boo and it is really easy to get correct.
  6. Dog to Australia

    Mainly for Antony really - if you are planning on going in September you need to start the rabies work now as you have to give a rabies vaccine, then rabies blood sample and then wait for 6 months after the rabies blood sample. We see so many families whose pets have to wait in UK for the rabies blood sample timescale to pass and it is so sad. The rabies work is not included in our gold service as vets can do that and it is better/cheaper for you just to deal direct with them for that. It is the Australia specific aspects which get a bit more complex and so we try to supervise that as much as possible.
  7. TransferAnimals vs PerAir

    My email is bob@petairuk.com. Thanks and i hope i can help
  8. TransferAnimals vs PerAir

    Hi Welsh Nicky. I am really sorry your initial engagement with us was not amazing, that is unlike us. If you dont mind pming me your details i will check it out. The hardest thing about comparing quotes is to check who includes what. Petair is often the most expensive because our gold quotes include everything specifically needed for the export. (except the Lepto vaccination if needed as it is mostly already done and if your dog needs sedation for sampling). And we can arrange the internal flight if needs be. Choosing your pet shipper is a big decision and i completely understand that we have blown our chances. There are no bad pet shippers in UK, just people who do different things in different parts of the UK. If I can help then let me know.
  9. Pet vaccinations

    is the appointment you have got for the rabies work? or is that already done?
  10. Pet vaccinations

    Key advice is to get the rabies work done early. Check out this link https://www.petairuk.com/taking-pets-to-australia/dogs-australia And can you pm your email address or real name and i will dig out your quote
  11. Pet vaccinations

    Ideally, your vet needs to be an official veterinarian (OV). If you call your vets and ask them then ask them if the vets can do passports - then if a vet can do passports then they can do the export work for travel to Australia. Or you can get your pet shipper to arrange ti all for you
  12. PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    Hiya You can ask us direct if that is easier We dont normally get updates along the way, but you can use the ticket trackers we give you to get the main points of the journey and some people have watched the flight on flightradar to watch the plane going around the world. You will get an email from quarantine station when the pets have landed and have been checked. I know the quarantine stations have got much less "contactable" over the years, but they will contact you if they are concerned. Merry Christmas and i hope that helps Bob
  13. Shipping pets after quarantine?

    No worries. We can do as much or as little as people want.
  14. Shipping pets after quarantine?

    You can have as much or as little of the journey done by us really. If you want the bill all in one place (for simplicity or just the chance to pay in pounds or to claim it back from a new employer etc etc) then Petair UK can arrange the journey from UK to Melbourne and then on to Cairns or other final destination in Australia. We use an agent in Australia and get a discount from them. OR You can arrange the onward journey yourself with a shipper in Australia OR You can fly down/drive down and collect teh pets yourself and then head back to your new home. Really - whatever you prefer can be arranged
  15. Taking dogs to the uk for 6 months of the year ..

    Hi. We have a client who flies their two dachshunds to New Zealand and back every 6 months, but they are very laid back dogs. 10 days quarantine from UK to Australia, but no quarantine from Australia to UK - as long as all requirements are done. But yes this is possible, but you really do need calm, easy going dogs, and you will need deep pockets, i am afraid!