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  1. BobPetairUK

    Can dogs travel together?

    Hiya Dogs can only share a travel crate when a similar size and under 14kgs each. So i am afraid that your two furballs wont qualify for that. But their crates can be kept together so they will know their friend is there. In terms of quarantine, the answer is typically "no" because it's easier to monitor pets when kept separately but owners/agents can fill in the "special care declaration" saying that the pets will pine for each other, not eat etc. if separated. Only with that declaration will PEQ consider putting them in together if they don't do very well without each other. So it is generally a "no" to sharing, but it may be possible if the pets show signs of missing their friend. I hope that helps. Key thing to remember when you do make the move - start and plan early!!!
  2. What is the cost roughly per cat to bring 2 cats from the UK to Perth Western Australia please?

  3. BobPetairUK

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    Hi Russ. Thanks a million. We are happy to have been of service. Enjoy Tassie
  4. BobPetairUK


    Hiya Well done you for planning early. Dont do anything quite yet. Have a read of this page on our website and it will outline things a bit better. When you are in the zone where you are around 18 months out then you need to start the chip/rabies vaccine/rabies blood sample process. But at the moment just investigating and checking the process out is perfect. https://www.petairuk.com/destinations/taking-pets-to-australasia/australia/taking-dogs-to-australia/ Bob
  5. BobPetairUK

    Pet transport emigrating from UK to Oz

    Hello KAG86. The whole process is taking ages. So i think if you know you are going at the end of this year or within 2 years, then get the permit and quarantine space booked and you can change it if needs be. But definitely get the blood sample back and then get the permit ready and set. If you really dont know when you will be going then get the blood sample done and hold tight.
  6. BobPetairUK

    Importing Frenchie to Oz

    Hi Chris Exactly that, we are all waiting for Qantas to start this route again. There are lots of snub nosed dogs unable to travel right now. I think it is a case of wait and see. And keep in touch with your pet shipper as well. Hopefully Qantas will be back helping us out soon Bob
  7. BobPetairUK

    Waiting times

    The timing of the pets' moves is key. Get the rabies vaccine and blood sampel done and this then lasts for 2 years. But the pets cant fly until 180 days after the rabies blood sample, so worth getting started sooner rather than later. Then once you know all this you need an import permit and quarantine space. Quarantine spaces have been as long as 3 months waiting list. Have a read of the Australia page on our website www.petairuk.com and the best advice i can give you is to start sooner rather than later!
  8. Are you asking the exotics department or the import quarantine department - try the import quarantine department and go with how Rusty worked around it. Only other thing i can think is to contact TICA in UK and see if you can get any pedigree papers at all that way.
  9. BobPetairUK

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    Hi Sorry, We cant. We would use Jetpets or have a search around. Safe travels
  10. Hi Jessica The advice from Rusty is really helpful. Open communication with the Australia quarantine department and ask them. It may be that you register your cat as a domestic short hair, but being up front saves so many dramas down the line. Just bear in mind also that if the pets transit in Singapore then they are funny about issuing transit permits for Bengal cats as well!
  11. BobPetairUK

    Flying my cat back again - to Australia

    Hi Jo. Sorry for the late reply. 9 years old is no age for a cat, so as long as he is fit and well then he will fly just fine and do quarantine just fine - he will sulk for sure, but that is the way cats are As long as the vets have said he is fit and healthy. You should read this for some background https://www.petairuk.com/destinations/taking-pets-to-australasia/australia/taking-cats-to-australia/
  12. BobPetairUK

    Pet transport emigrating from UK to Oz

    Hi Nebsy, i think you may have emailed us already. First thing - get your pets a rabies vaccine asap - once that is done you have a bit of time to get everything sorted out, but that is the very first move. Call your vets as soon as you can
  13. BobPetairUK

    Contacting PetAir?

    Hi EmmaG. We cant do flights from Australia to UK. but we can do clearances in UK and then transport from LHR to Wimborne just ask the agent in Australia you use to email us (dean@petairuk.com and Dan@petairuk.com are our imports gurus). We have one of our office just outside Wimborne - so we are perfectly placed to help you. Bob
  14. BobPetairUK

    Contacting PetAir?

    Hi Catmoose. I am really sorry, i dont know what is going on with your particular situation and indeed we are getting clients who cant contact other pet shippers to they come over to us. We are answering a tonne of quote request and phone calls every day. Can you pm me your details and i will check it out. Thanks
  15. BobPetairUK

    Contacting PetAir?

    or you can just email me bob@petairuk.com - simple