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  1. BobPetairUK

    Pet transport emigrating from UK to Oz

    Hi Nebsy, i think you may have emailed us already. First thing - get your pets a rabies vaccine asap - once that is done you have a bit of time to get everything sorted out, but that is the very first move. Call your vets as soon as you can
  2. BobPetairUK

    Contacting PetAir?

    Hi EmmaG. We cant do flights from Australia to UK. but we can do clearances in UK and then transport from LHR to Wimborne just ask the agent in Australia you use to email us (dean@petairuk.com and Dan@petairuk.com are our imports gurus). We have one of our office just outside Wimborne - so we are perfectly placed to help you. Bob
  3. BobPetairUK

    Contacting PetAir?

    Hi Catmoose. I am really sorry, i dont know what is going on with your particular situation and indeed we are getting clients who cant contact other pet shippers to they come over to us. We are answering a tonne of quote request and phone calls every day. Can you pm me your details and i will check it out. Thanks
  4. BobPetairUK

    Contacting PetAir?

    or you can just email me bob@petairuk.com - simple
  5. BobPetairUK

    Contacting PetAir?

    Hi Kate of grace. That does sound odd. We are answering a tonne of calls and even more emails! If you pm me some more details, like a reference number i can find out what has happened Fire away and I can help I certainly will
  6. BobPetairUK

    Anyone bought their boxer dog over?

    Hi. No airlines will fly a boxer from UK to Australia at the moment. There is another thread on this somewhere. Another shipper is getting snub nosed dogs to Australia but the route is dicey and if it goes wrong then the pets are stuck in UAE for 6 months, so we are steering clear of it at the moment. QANTAS is the best bet when they start flying again.
  7. BobPetairUK

    anyone shipped 2 cats?

    Hi. I have not heard of cargolution, but they look like they are based in Canada. we can fly pets to Canada but not from Canada. If you want a journey from Canada then you need to check out www.ipata.org and you ca find a local shipper there.
  8. BobPetairUK

    Australia quarantine update

    Hi. Yes pets are still flying to Australia ok. It is a bit trickier than the "good old days", but still do-able. There is another route for snub nosed dogs to get to Australia, but it is not without its risks, which is why we as a business are trying not to offer it. Other shippers are though. You fly your snub nosed dog to Abu Dhabi with Etihad. They they are cleared here and an agent in UAE prepares docs for them to travel on to Australia. I know some pet shave gone on this route. The risk is that UAE is currently not approved by the Australians, so if anything happens with the flights and/or paperwork then your pets will be there longer than 24 hours which means the Australians wont accept the pets and they may need to return to UK. All in all, at this time of planes and schedules changing, it just seems very worrying to me. But it is being done for sure. The safest way is to wait for QANTAS to start up again and go with them, but who knows when that may be - likely 2022. Get the rabies vaccines done now and get the rabies blood sample done now so it is done and set - both must be done by an OV, so check with your vets. and wait and see how things move over the next 3-6 months.
  9. BobPetairUK

    Australia quarantine update

    Hi You need to get the rabies work done by a government vet, then a different practice vet needs to do the RNATT declaration, then you need to get a permit then you need to book quarantine and you book a flight based on that! And dogs can only fly to Melbourne. Or you can get a pet shipper to do this/help you with all of this
  10. BobPetairUK

    Australia quarantine update

    You should be good for October, but you are right to crack on with this and get it done sooner rather than later. I would say you are best to get a permit, get a quarantine slot booked and then you can move it if needs be. But this level of forward planning is definitely order of the day at the moment. Wouldnt it be nice, if all this covid news was pretty much gone by October.......................................
  11. BobPetairUK

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    Hi Susie First thing is that you need to book quarantine as soon as you can. But it needs tying in with a flight, so you need to engage a pet shipper asap. I understand why you are worried, but the travel is more stable than we think. We have been using Qatar airways or Singapore Airlines. It is not so much about the airline being flexible, it is if the Australians stop travel to Australia then that messes plans very severely. If you are travelling to Australia with someone else (i.e. friend, partner etc) then one of you can go a few days before the dogs and one a few days after, though I am sure you will need to do 14 days in a quarantine hotel. So, enduring that with someone else may be better. You need to engage a pet shipper soon, get a quarantine space booked, then a flight booked, then book your own flights based around that date. God willing, this diminishes by June/July and so you will be ok.
  12. BobPetairUK

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    Hi Lauren The only airline who will fly snub nosed dogs is Qantas and they are not flying this route at the moment. I think there may be another way for these pets, but we are just investigating it for the moment. Sorry not to have better news.
  13. BobPetairUK

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    Yes - pets are flying nicely now. It seems the routes are stable. We are flying pets through Singapore and through Qatar. The issue we have from UK to Australia is that quarantine in Australia is rammed - not quite sure why, but the waiting list is long. So if you want to travel from UK to Australia in 2021, you need to start as early as you can or you will be delayed.
  14. BobPetairUK

    Pet shipping

    Yep they can travel on the same ticket in the same hold, though the airlines do tend to put cats and dog separately. They would have to be in different crates for sure.
  15. BobPetairUK

    Australia quarantine update

    I think the best way forward is that if you are likely to want to travel between 6-12 months away then you are advised to start the process. The downside is that if you dont travel you will have to get a new permit (about £325 per pet). But it is a fine balancing act for sure. if anything changes we will be sure to let you know.