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  1. Cost to transport to dogs to Perth

    Hi We will send you a formal quote, we are super busy at the mo, so it may be a couple of days. Also ref getting other quotes - go for Transfur and Golden Arrow as well - they are mentioned on here, but Dogtainers are based in Australia. Just read the quotes well as they all include a different amount of stuff. So a cheap quote will mean you need to pay your vets and for permits as well. But it will be obvious from the quotes.
  2. Cost to transport to dogs to Perth

    We need certain details to give you a perfect quote, so if you can measure your dogs and let us know that we can give you a quote.
  3. Cost to transport to dogs to Perth

    Hi. Super off the top of my head, it is going to be around £4000-£5000 plus quarantine fees, but it really does depend on the size of your dogs. Whippetts can be quite big or quite small and the biggest cost is based on the volume of the crate. We get the sizes of your dogs and then build a crate around them so that they have the perfect amount of room - not too much and not to little. Your best bet is to go to www.petairuk.com and you can get a quote for free which gives you lots of good info about timescales. But yes getting the rabies work underway soon is a really sensible thing to do first.
  4. Place for dogs to stay??

    Hi. Most pet shippers will offer some kind of pre travel boarding service (Petair certainly does) but it is generally in kennels. The advantage with this is that the shipper can do all the vet work and bits as the pets are there. You can also find a home boarding service, but then these folk will need to take the pets to the vets and get all that part sorted. If you want a quote then pop over to our website and we can give you a quote https://www.petairuk.com/get-a-quote
  5. Moving dogs to Australia - help

    At the risk of a "kicking" by one side or the other in this post - quite a few people do take pets who only have a working holiday visa. Indeed, we have people who fly their pets for 6 months in Australia and then 6 months back again in UK, and it has been know for cricket players to take their pets over for the length of a tour. It is expensive, but the pets cope with it pretty well. Key thing Cameron - whatever you do - is get the rabies work started soon as that is the thing which holds people up.
  6. Moving dogs to Australia - help

    Hi Cameron Age is just a number! If your dog is fit healthy and well, then 9 is not that old really, but getting an "MOT" from your vets is a good idea. We have flown dogs much older than 9. It also depends on what breed your dog is - 9 is old for a Great Dane, but middle aged for a terrier. You need to start the rabies work now for a flight at the end of the year. Check out our web site www.petairuk.com and click destinations and you will find an article about flying dogs to Australia. Your dog needs a chip and a rabies vaccination and then 3-4 weeks later a rabies blood sample and then they can fly 180 days at least after that. Either you can arrange the vet work pre travel or your pet shipper can help. Petair UK helps a lot, other pet shippers help less - so you get what you pay for! Anything else just let us know
  7. Do you ditch their collar and leads when going to OZ?

    I think most people just buy new when the pets arrive, but if they have a sentimental collar, then you are best to pack that separately. The airlines often lose these things and the quarantine station/most pet shippers have slip leads to walk them.
  8. Cat transfer UK to Australia

    Hi. If you are within the 2 years to go mark, then you can get the rabies work done - microchip, rabies vaccination and then rabies blood sample. This needs to be started at least 7 days before the intended flight date (and maximum time is 24 months). You are best to fly the cats a couple of days before you want to travel, as quarantine is 10 days and the travel is 24 hours, so a couple of days before you fly is best. Anything else just let us know.
  9. anyone shipped 2 cats?

    Hi Saffy Sorry for the late reply. Have a read of this: https://www.petairuk.com/destinations/australia/taking-cats-australia We can fly them in a double crate with mesh divider or two separate crates - it costs the same. Key things is to get the rabies work done early, it needs starting at least 7 months before you want them to travel.
  10. Pet timeline

    Or have a read of this https://www.petairuk.com/taking-pets-to-australia but yes you need to start the rabies work at least 7 months before you aim to travel with your pets
  11. Pet vaccinations

    Yep the quarantine station keep the crates so the pets can do their onward travel in those crates
  12. Pet vaccinations

    I think snifter has pretty much hit the nail on the head! The only thing i would add is that. Some shippers send out crates in advance all the time (this usually means that you have to transport the pets to the airport and they dont meet you!) but as we tend to get more involved we dont send out the crates. There are two schools of thoughts and we are happy to be guided by the owner. One is to send the crates out so the pets can get used to them, the other is that if the pet "meets" the crate before the flight and remains terrified of it then putting the pet in the crate on the day of the flight is even more stressful. Who know which is right and which is wrong and all the pets are little individuals, so we dont do a blanket rule, we let the owners decide.
  13. Pet vaccinations

    Perfect. So rabies vaccine (and ask your vet to check the microchip) and then 3-4 weeks later to get the blood sample done. Also worth knowing that even if your vet does the booster then it may be the case that the Lepto vaccines will need repeating, but we can only advise on this once we see vaccination cards, but dont worry that part wont delay or affect the travel date for Boo and it is really easy to get correct.
  14. Dog to Australia

    Mainly for Antony really - if you are planning on going in September you need to start the rabies work now as you have to give a rabies vaccine, then rabies blood sample and then wait for 6 months after the rabies blood sample. We see so many families whose pets have to wait in UK for the rabies blood sample timescale to pass and it is so sad. The rabies work is not included in our gold service as vets can do that and it is better/cheaper for you just to deal direct with them for that. It is the Australia specific aspects which get a bit more complex and so we try to supervise that as much as possible.
  15. TransferAnimals vs PerAir

    My email is bob@petairuk.com. Thanks and i hope i can help