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  1. BobPetairUK

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    Yes - pets are flying nicely now. It seems the routes are stable. We are flying pets through Singapore and through Qatar. The issue we have from UK to Australia is that quarantine in Australia is rammed - not quite sure why, but the waiting list is long. So if you want to travel from UK to Australia in 2021, you need to start as early as you can or you will be delayed.
  2. BobPetairUK

    Pet shipping

    Yep they can travel on the same ticket in the same hold, though the airlines do tend to put cats and dog separately. They would have to be in different crates for sure.
  3. BobPetairUK

    Australia quarantine update

    I think the best way forward is that if you are likely to want to travel between 6-12 months away then you are advised to start the process. The downside is that if you dont travel you will have to get a new permit (about £325 per pet). But it is a fine balancing act for sure. if anything changes we will be sure to let you know.
  4. BobPetairUK

    Pet shipping

    Only pets of the same species are allowed to quarantine together. I think I have answered this previously. But I cant remember where!
  5. BobPetairUK

    Australia quarantine update

    Yep. Emirates have stopped Brachy dogs and Qantas are stopped for the time being so trying to get brachy dogs to Australia is super difficult. It is all very difficult at the moment, but we can still help lots of pets and their people.
  6. BobPetairUK

    Australia quarantine update

    Hi Poms in Oz people. We have advised clients of the below update today. Quarantine in Australia is packed and so if you are thinking about going to Australia in 2021 then you need to start making plans soon. "If you are thinking of emigrating to Australia with your pets, then you need to be aware that your pets need a quarantine space booked before we can get a flight booked. The earliest space for new bookings in Melbourne quarantine is early April 2021. So if you are thinking about this move in 2021 then you need to start making plans. Please do contact us for a free quote and advise and have a read of this article to give you some more information: https://www.petairuk.com/.../taking-pets-to.../australia/"
  7. BobPetairUK

    Approved air carrier for 2 cats

    Hi Yes you can fly two cats together, but generally they are better kept apart with a mesh divider and then they have their own separate spaces, but are still "together"
  8. BobPetairUK

    Moving a cavalier King Charles

    Hi Maria and Mike Have a look here for more information. and be warned, it takes at least 7 months from start of the process to flight date - https://www.petairuk.com/destinations/taking-pets-to-australasia/australia/taking-dogs-to-australia/ In terms of your cavalier suffering problems on this journey - some airlines class them as snub nosed, but most dont. As Marisawright said, there are risk, but they are miniscule. As long as your boy is fit, healthy and lean, he has the same minimal risk as anyone. Bob
  9. Hi Anna I dont really know what else to add, other than keeping on going is the main piece of advice. We use a company in Malaysia called Intermovers and they have usually been really good, so contact them. Or look here for other pet shippers in Malaysia - www.ipata.org I hope that may help a bit.
  10. BobPetairUK

    Recommended pet transport please!!

    Hi At the moment options are limited, but they will open up in time. You need to contact shippers in Australia for a journey from Australia to UK and they will be able to help better than we can. Stay safe and wash your hands
  11. BobPetairUK

    Recommended pet transport please!!

    I think the key point is that this is not going to last for ever. People who move to Australia take many years to plan their moves and there are things which can be done to make these moves work better - start the rabies vaccinations and blood samples (they do last for 2 years). Just dont let the coronavirus delays cause the rabies blood samples lapse and then you have to wait another 180 days after the rabies blood sample. If you get another rabies blood sample done before the first one runs out, then the 180 day wait is taken from the date of the first blood sample. Please stay safe and lets look after each other
  12. BobPetairUK

    Recommended pet transport please!!

    Honestly, we are battling hard. Our team are being super amazing. Bookings which we have made we are rebooking and rebooking again as the flights change and then change again. We are still receiving quote requests and we are responding to those. In terms of Australia flights, things are still carrying on. Qantas have brought in their breed restrictions and are not accepting new bookings at the moment, but they will in the future and there will be life after coronavirus. We are temporarily not accepting new clients while we look after the clients we already have signed up with us - this seems the most decent way to proceed. We are trying to proceed as normal and will rebook flights where we can and delay flights where we cannot rebook them. Some clients will have to repeat veterinary work if the blood samples go out of date, but i think the key bit of advice we have is to carry on as normal as you can. Make sure the rabies blood samples will not go out of date (i.e. if they were taken 18 months ago, then repeat them). But, if you want a quote then send in a request, if you are flying at the end of the year then carry on as normal.
  13. BobPetairUK

    Terrified my anxious dogs will die if flying to uk

    Hi Lee When is the flight? With some dogs it is helpful to get the crates before hand to get them used to them. but with other dogs getting the crates can do more harm than good as the dogs just hate them , rather than "meeting" the crate on the day of collection and then they dont have time to get worried about it. Pheromones are one thing to use. Xylkene is used as well in UK and i assume they have it in Australia as well. The crate wants too be perfect, not too big and not too small. A bigger crate is not better. If the plane moves then they move inside the crate too much if it is too big. And if it is any consolation, i have never, not once heard of a dog dying on a flight from stress, as long as they are fit and healthy before the flight. They are more tough than we give them credit for.
  14. BobPetairUK

    Recommended pet transport please!!

    Hi Amy If you want to fly at the end of the year then you need to start with the rabies vaccines around now. Have a read of this and it will map out what you need to do. https://www.petairuk.com/destinations/taking-pets-to-australasia/australia/taking-dogs-to-australia/ I am sad you have heard mixed reviews about us. Our reviews are there to read on google and reviews.co.uk and the vast majority are great. Any company with a decent amount of reviews will have the occasional negative one - which we have tried our best to answer. The thing for you to do now is to get quotes from any number of pet shippers, then speak to them and pick your best one. We all offer a slightly different amount of services, for example Petair offers a services which includes vet costs in UK, some include quarantine costs in Australia; so have a good read of them to compare what different companies include and offer. And if there is anything else you need then ask and a thread such as this is super helpful to anyone in the same position as you. And yes, your boy is super cute
  15. BobPetairUK

    Cat travel questions

    Dear Alejandro Thanks for the questions and they are helpful to everyone, so i will answer them as fully as i can. any more, just let us know! I have put my answers in bold. "Hi, We’re posting here as we don’t know our travel dates and therefore can’t submit the quote form on the PetAir website. Sorry about all the questions. You can get a quote from us, even if you dont know the dates, just put one in - it can be super approximate. The quotes not only give you a price but also loads if really good information. https://www.petairuk.com/quote-form/ We have just submitted the applications for PR visas to Australia and the general advice seems to be to arrange the rabies vaccination now if we want to be able to take our cat around the time we are likely to get the visas. Great question. So try to estimated when you will want your cat to travel. Over 2 years, then do nothing. 2 years to 7 months, then get the rabies vaccine and rabies blood sample done. Less than 6 months - get the rabies work done asap and contact us to arrange boarding as your pets cannot travel for 7 months after the rabies vaccine. There is loads of good information here https://www.petairuk.com/destinations/taking-pets-to-australasia/australia/ Our vet admitted they are not knowledgable about this at all, so we’re left to figure everything out on our own. And we want to make sure we do it right! This is very common. Your vets are amazing at what they do every day, and pet shippers are amazing at what we do every day. So contacting a pet shipper like Petair to help you and your vets is the best thing to do. Is it ok to use a local vets to get the rabies vaccination done and only use a government approved vet at the end of the process, before travelling? Really it should be a government approved vet the whole way through. Just ask to see the vet who can issue a passport - the vets who issue passports are government approved vets and most practices have at least one. What forms need to be filled out by the vets when we book our cat in for the rabies vaccine? Just the normal vaccination records? Normal vaccine records are ok, but they need to have the chip number on them and when the chip was implanted. So often we get a history from a vets as it will cover these aspects as well as the vaccination card. Will it be OK to get a blood sample for the titer test done at a local vets? Would the vet normally arrange getting the sample to the testing laboratories or should it be us? Yep, get the rabies blood sample done with your local vets. Yes the vet will send them to the lab. The best lab is the APHA in Surrey, but other vets use Biobest in Edinburgh. Can you recommend a vet in the Manchester-Sheffield-Leeds triangle who is reliable and knowledgeable regarding Australian travel requirements for cats that you or your clients have used before? We realise that you have your own vets but Berkshire is too far away from us. If you let us know exactly where you are we can recommend a vets, you dont want to drive your cat too far. If we wanted to use PetAir, at what stage will we need to book our cat in? We won’t know actual travel dates for a few months still. We’d be interested to know whether you could oversee the whole process from the beginning (i.e. now) and how we’d be able to get a quote from PetAir without having a date of travel yet? After you have had the rabies vaccine and rabies blood sample taken, we can take over from there. We offer our gold service where we get permits, export docs, collection, flight, crate etc and then we send notes to your vets of what to do when (you only then need one single appointment with your local vets). And if you wanted a quote then put in a really rough date - you can just give us the year of travel if that helps you. Thanks