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  1. KateofGrace

    Contacting PetAir?

    Just wanted to say thank you to Bob, this issue has now been resolved. Many thanks.
  2. KateofGrace

    Contacting PetAir?

    Thank you, I'll try again after posting this.
  3. KateofGrace

    Contacting PetAir?

    Hi Bob, thank you so much. I've tried to PM you with my details but it seems I'm not allowed, probably because I'm a newbie. Could you PM me and I will reply? Many thanks. Thanks to you Marisa also for tagging Bob, much appreciated!
  4. KateofGrace

    Contacting PetAir?

    Hello, I've just signed up to the forum specifically to ask Bob of PetAir a question. I'm unable to get in touch with PetAir, it seems no one is answering calls or emails. Could Bob please advise? Thank you.